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Have Fun

Make a difference in the lives of animals in our community by getting involved in our programs and events. 

Critter Cinema

Critter Cinema at the Louisiana SPCA is great fun for animal-loving,louisiana spca laspca spca new orleans kids children classroom teacher resources dog cat pets animal sleepover critter cinema pizza-eating movie-watching kids! What better way to end the school week than getting cozy with kitties and canines, enjoying great G - rated critter movies, making friends with other young animal lover and snacking on pizza and popcorn at the Louisiana SPCA. This is a purrrrrfect, fun-filled night for children and an opportunity for parents to enjoy an evening out by themselves.In addition to normal Critter Cinemas, we also host sleepovers throughout the year.



  • Critter Cinema normally takes place once per month from 6 - 9:30 pm. If it's a special sleepover night, the hours are 6 p.m. - 9 a.m. the next day. See our upcoming dates below. 

  • Kids ages 5 - 10

  • Please bring sleeping bag and pillow (PJ's are welcome)

  • Cost is $35 or $55 for overnight and advance registration is required by 12 pm on the Thursday prior (prices may vary for special events). 

2016 Dates

  • January 16

  • February 13

  • March 12

  • April 9

  • May 7

  • July 16

  • September 10

  • October 22

  • November 19

  • December 17

  • December 21 (Daytime Matinee Critter Cinema at 11 a.m.)

If you don't see a date you like, contact us about scheduling your own private Critter Cinema event. To contact us or to register, call 504.762.3321 or email party@la-spca.org


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