This PSA was produced at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, directed and shot by Kayla Elorza, starring Sierra Ducote. Music by Sarah Devlin.

Animal cruelty is defined as acts of violence or neglect committed against animals. As part of our mission the LA/SPCA combats animal cruelty. Our Animal Control officers serve as educators in the field to teach animal owners how to treat their companions and as peace officers in enforcing New Orleans ordinances related to animal cruelty. Our Cruelty Investigations team uses cutting edge technology to close cruelty cases at a more rapid pace.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our team is trained and knowledgeable on cutting edge technology entering the animal cruelty field. With CSI type techniques applied to animal cruelty investigations our officers are able to put the cruelty acts together in a clearer picture. As this field expands our Animal Cruelty team will be paying close attention to new advances. We are committed to being the leader in combating animal cruelty in the Gulf South. Learn more about the advances in this field.

Nationwide Reach

Our animal cruelty work is not limited to Orleans Parish boundaries. For large scale cruelty cases our cruelty team is often called in to assist national organizations with dog fighting busts, puppy mill raids, and investigations.  To report cruelty in your parish click here for a list of contacts. We are a founding member of the Canine CODIS Fighting Dog Combined DNA Index System along with the ASPCA and UC Davis.                                                                                                                                     

Your Impact

You can make a difference in the fight against animal cruelty. Report suspected cruelty: review the animal cruelty ordinances, if you suspect someone is violating these ordinances please report them to our animal cruelty team. Come forward as a witness: without witnesses we are unable to prosecute cruelty crimes. The technology used in animal cruelty investigations still does not guarantee a guilty verdict. We need citizens who are willing to stand up against this senseless act.

New Orleans Animal Cruelty Ordinances




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