How many animals does the LA/SPCA care for?

The LA/SPCA can care for 350 animals at a time. We help over 20,000 animals annually and approximately 100 animals are available for adoption daily.

How do animals get to the LA/SPCA?

Our Animal Welfare department collects strays and dangerous animals throughout Orleans Parish. We also house any animals involved in cruelty or bite investigations. Animals are often surrendered to us by their owners or strays are brought to us by the general public. We accept all animals.

What types of animals does the LA/SPCA see?

We are an open admission shelter and will take just about any animal that comes through our doors. While we are best equipped to deal with traditional pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.) we have had horses, goats, exotic birds, reptiles and many more in our Animal Care and Rescue Center. We refer cases that we cannot handle on site to facilities that specialize in specific species care. You can find dogs and cats available for adoption daily. We will usually have rabbits available for adoption and occasionally we will have other pocket pets or birds available as well. 

Is the LA/SPCA part of the ASPCA?

The LA/SPCA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dependent on individual donations to the LA/SPCA specifically. The American SPCA is based in New York and while some of their work benefits animal welfare on a national scale they have zero affiliation with other rescue organizations. The LA/SPCA is independent of all other animal welfare organizations. 

 Is the LA/SPCA in charge of all Louisiana animal rescue groups?

 We are not a governing body over other Louisiana animal welfare groups.  The LA/SPCA is independent of all other animal welfare organizations in the state.

How can you get involved in the LA/SPCA?

There are many ways to get involved in our organization. Volunteer, foster, donate or being a member are examples. Check out our Get Involved section to learn more, or email us to let us know how you would like to contribute.

What am I donating to?

When you make a donation to the LA/SPCA you can be assured your donations are going to the betterment of animal welfare in our community. General donations will benefit the programs and services of the LA/SPCA while specific donations can be applied towards particular aspects of our mission. We are currently ranked as a 4-Star nonprofit by the well respected Charity Navigator. Our Programs and Services section breaks down all of the wonderful things we do throughout the year to enrich the lives of our animals, provide community programs to further spay/neuter and the human/animal bond and find forever homes for the homeless animals in our care.









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