What is the weight or age requirement?

Animals must weigh a minimum of 2 lbs to undergo sterilization. Most kittens and puppies can be sterilized after 8 weeks of age.You do NOT need to wait for your female cat or dog to have their first menstruation cycle. Female cats and dogs can be spayed while in heat or early in their pregnancy.

Are there any special instructions prior to surgery?

All animals must have an empty stomach prior to surgery. We recommend picking up food and water bowls at 10pm the night before your pet is scheduled for surgery. For example, if you are scheduled for a Monday appointment, start fasting your pet at 10pm on Sunday night.

What time should I drop my pet off?

Pets should be dropped of between 7:30-8:30am. Surgeries begin at 9am. You will receive a call from us in the early afternoon when your pet is ready for pick up. All animals must be picked up by 4:30pm on the day of their surgery.

Does my animal need a vaccinations before the spay/neuter surgery?

Animals do not need vaccinations prior to surgery. If you would like to have your pet vaccinated or microchipped while they are in our spay/neuter clinic, we can provide these services on the day of surgery for an additional fee.

Should my pet be restrained when I drop him off?

All dogs must be on a leash or in a pet carrier upon arrival. All cats must be in a pet carrier or a humane trap (if a feral cat).

Are there any special instructions for after surgery?

As part of our surgical procedure, your pet receives a 24 hour pain injection which may cause extra drowsiness into the evening of the surgery. We recommend keeping your pet in a calm, quiet, indoor environment until the morning after their surgery. Your pet can have a small meal after 6pm on the day of their surgery. Some animals experience nausea as a side effect of the medicine they receive during surgery; therefore offering a small meal of their normal food should help prevent stomach upset. The stitches do not require a post operation appointment because they are internal and dissolvable. Your pet cannot have a bath for 10 days after surgery. You will also receive written post-op instructions when you pick up your pet.

Need directions?

If you are traveling from the east bank, as you come across the Crescent City Connection bridge take the first exit onto General DeGaulle. The exit will fork, stay to the right and keep curving to the right as you come off of the exit ramp. The ramp will force you to take a right onto General DeGaulle. Drive a ½  block until you reach a traffic light. Take a RIGHT at the light onto L.B. Landry. Continue on L.B. Landry for approximately 6 blocks. At the 4-way stop, continue straight on L.B. Landry. The 4 way stop is the intersection of L.B. Landry and Mardi Gras Blvd. You will see a big blue building on your RIGHT, that is the LA/SPCA. Take a RIGHT into our parking lot.

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