VARDOG - A Dog Playhouse Fit for Royalty

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Valued at $7,000, the VARDOG has been raffled off to support the LA/SPCA.

And the winner is....Nancy Richard! Thank you to everyone for participating.

This incredible artist creation was donated from Connie and Randy Cotita of Studio Abbellire, pronounced (ah-buh-leer'-a), Both are Louisiana decorative designers and muralists. The handcrafted "gypsy" style dog play house has movable wheels and beautiful murals depicting the 1790's painting "Punchinello with Dancing Dogs". The design consisted of many hours of great detail work, down to the functional entrance lanterns.  

Additional details: Max height: 58" - Max length: 72" - Max width: 52" 

The design of this piece is after the "vardo" or "gypsy" wagons of Romania. A vardo is a traditional horse-drawn wagon used by English Romani people (Gypsies). The design of the vardo included large wheels running outside the body of the van, which slopes outwards considerably towards the eaves. We have nicknamed this unit the "VARDOG." Similar pieces have been done for clients that have sold for over $7,000! 

The hand painted exterior motif is an adaption of a collection of works called "Punchinello with Dancing Dogs," by Dominco Tiepolo in the late 1790's. The interior "man in the moon" is designed to represent the "Crescent City" and its festiveness! All design and artwork are copyright 2009 Habitation Associates LLC, dba Studio Abbellire.

This unit is meant to be a stationary piece, and in this case, a dog house. It is not meant to be moved with occupants or rolled around and transported frequently, because the wheels have no bearings and are for decoration only. They have a load rating of 125# each, according to the supplier. Studio Abbellire and the LA/SPCA accept no liability for the use and/or misuse of this artistic piece. WINNER MUST PICK UP DOG HOUSE. 

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