We changed Pooh's name to BunZee since he looks like a bunny with zebra markings! He is doing fine and we are so happy to have him. He is such a good bunny; we love the little guy. He loves his cage and even uses the litter box we put in there! He comes out for a little interaction with us at least once a week. A couple of weeks ago he decided that he didn't like the location of his food bin, so he moved it!  It's one of those bins that attaches to the side of the cage on brackets. He just pulled it up and threw it to the other side of the cage. He did this twice before I figured out that he wanted to sit in the spot where the bin was, so I moved it permanently to the other side of the cage and all is well. He knows how to make his feelings known. He sits in that spot now and rests his chin on one of his chew toys that's mounted there.  We also bought a carrying case for him that works out really well. We brought him home in it and we're going to take him to our vet next weekend to get his nails trimmed. Thank you so much. BunZee is a part of the family, along with our dog (Beau), our Katrina rescue cat (Orange Kitty), our 3 birds (Conan O'Brien, Jack and Shamrock). We never did have any human kids; our kids all have furry and feathery souls!

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