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3. Talk to community members about services available.  We are providing free  S/N services in 70117 and are in need of people to help us spread the word.  Talking to the community face to face will reach more people and help keep more dogs in their homes.  Recruit your friends.  We need more smiling faces to help!  Recruit your friends to help with any of the three steps above 

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Izzy is a Lover, not a Fighter
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I work full-time and my four-legged companion, Izzy, has LOTS of energy and gets bored easily during the day, so I recently enrolled her in a local doggie day-care.  The wonderful staff at this doggie Disney Land has installed a live feed camera that doggie parents can visit during the day.  I was not surprised during my spying to see that my Izzy had immediately made friends with every dog she met (consummate social butterfly that she is).  On her second visit to day-care, however, she seemed to have an extra special connection with a piebald cutie named Travis.  They wrestled and chased all morning and were generally inseparable.  I also noticed on this day another dog (young and not yet neutered) that seemed intent on establishing his alpha status and was mounting every dog he could.  The staff was very quick to correct this and kept a close eye on him, however, the worst eventually happened.  The alpha dog became very agitated and began to attack Travis.  Izzy immediately put herself between the aggressor and Travis, lying over him to protect him.  The alpha dog then directed his aggression to Izzy, and punctured her face with two different bites.  I am so proud to say that Izzy never once retaliated against the big alpha dog.  She just continued to lie on her friend until staff could control the situation. 

Now…would you believe that the aggressive dog in this story is a Golden Retriever, and that the two friendly, non-reactive dogs are pit bulls?  True story!

I am constantly disheartened by the negative and sensational media coverage of pit bulls.  Why aren’t ALL dog “attacks” reported in the same manner?  Folks weren’t terrified of pit bulls 30 years ago (at that time I think the villain of the day was the Doberman).  The dogs haven’t changed.  So, what’s the story?  Anyone willing to spend just a small amount of time investigating this question should easily discover that the common fears and myths surrounding pit bulls are the direct result of decades of poor and unethical media coverage.

MY pibble is a lover, not a fighter.  Let’s perpetuate positive stories about pitties and their true loyal, loving nature.

Thank you, Pit Crew, for all you do to enlighten the world about this wonderful but mostly maligned breed!

my 1st pit mix - Whiskey
Monday, January 30, 2012

I adopted a pit/lab mix on Christmas Eve from Dog's of the 9th Ward.  I have had big dogs my entire life ~ my german shepard/rot/chow mix passed away in August and it has just been Max and Lady and three cats.  Max & Lady are Rhodesian Ridgeback/Akita mix 6 year olds and I figured that a pit/lab mix would work with them.  OMG!  I adore this dog, as does his brother and sister!  They wrestle, eat, and sleep together.  Wiskey is very curious of the cats, however, has never gone after them aggressively...a good chase..yes!  He is loving and crazy gentle..I will never not have one in my family.

Peace and Love,

Beth, Max, Lady, Whiskey (and the cats too)

Baby Steps
Wednesday, January 25, 2012
My Daughter and I have each rescued a Pit Bull in the past year.
Both of our dogs were left tied to a fence, when their owners were arrested.
Hers (Becham) came from the 9th Ward in NOLA and and mine (Beau)
came from BR.
While I must admit being very hesitant 1) because of the Pit Bulls reputation, and 2) because of we have 2 much older/smaller dogs, 2 cats and a Flying squirrel in our home already...but things couldn't have worked out any better.
I tell Beau everyday that he is the one who rescued me, not the other way
around. While it has definitely been baby steps...I have watched him grow by leaps and bounds over the past 1 1/2 year into a remarkable member of the family. Mind you he still has a way to go, but I have no doubt that we are well on our way to the finish line.

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