Each artist was given a blank Mardi Gras Bead Dog (r) to work with. And each amazed us with their vision for the iconic piece. Click on the artist name to see their sketches.

Alexis Kroll
Alex Beard                     
Barbara Shaw
Carmelita Ducote
Ceasar Meadows and Jeannie Detweiler
Charlene Insley
Frankie Demelo
Gerry Claude
Jacques Soulas
John Lamouranne
Jordan Ivanov
Kathy Miller Stone
Kenneth Scott
Kristin Wolfson
Laxman Kewalramani
Lesley Nash
Lisa Tahir
Lori Gomez
Magnolia School
Paulette Lizano
Sara Gothard
Shannon Kelley
Terry Becnel
Theresa Demelo
Tracy Plaisance

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