Be on the look out for your pet in your neighborhood and during your everyday errands.

  • Leave food and water outside for your pet.
  • Leave a comfort item (i.e. a pet bed, blanket, or sweatshirt) that has the pet's and/or family's scent in an area the pet may smell it.
  • Bring the comfort item with you while you actively look around your neighborhood.
  • Actively look around your neighborhood at dawn and dusk (the times lost pets are most active).
  • Take walks in the afternoon, hopefully your pet has been found, and the finder is also looking for you.
  • Check out our Found Pets blog. These pets are NOT at the LA/SPCA Animal Care and Rescue Center.
  • Check out other found pet postings online: at or Also search the pets for sale sites.
  • For lost cats: ask neighbors to open garages or sheds. Sometimes cats are accidentally trapped in inconspicuous places.
  • For lost cats: check under raised houses with a flashlight.




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