April 2011

Tail Mail

D-Man: A Blind Dog's Journey
   D-Man and his owner were regulars in our Community Clinic. As we guided them through D-Man's multiple health issues and two eye removal surgeries our hearts melted for this special Shih Tzu. As his problems compounded his owner found herself frustrated. She was unable to give D-Man the attention she knew he deserved and ultimately surrendered D-Man to the LA/SPCA. Our staff swung into action and next week D-Man will find a second chance at an attentive home through a Shih Tzu rescue program. This sweet, blind, 2-year-old Shih Tzu has touched us in that special way all of the animals who've lost hope touch us. It is our privilege to bring that hope back into their lives. Through diligence and patience we are able to find loving homes for dogs and cats like D-Man. Donate Now to help more animals like D-Man find hope.

Coyotes and Their Urban Habitats

   Coyotes are usually associated with rural settings and open plains, but there has been an uptick in coyote sightings over the past month in the New Orleans area. Coyotes are no stranger to urban settings. To protect ourselves and our pets it is important to know why the coyotes frequent our neighborhoods. The answer is simple: food.
   To discourage the coyote from returning to your neighborhood start by removing any possible food source including: pet food stored or fed outside, accessible garbage bins and composts, fruit fallen from trees left to rot on the ground, and rat or mouse habitats (wood piles, long grass, birdseed). Additionally, coyotes fed by humans will lose his fear of humans and become aggressive. We also don't know the best diet for coyotes, so feeding him will endanger his health.
   Coyotes are a threat to small animals and humans. Small animals can become the coyote's prey, so be sure to keep all pets inside especially during dusk. Humans are at risk because like any wild animal, the threat of disease is imminent.
   If you live in Orleans Parish and would like to report a coyote sighting please call 504-368-5191 ext 100. Animal Control Officers are trained to handle these wild dogs, but they are often elusive and cannot be caught in one attempt. LA/SPCA Animal Control Officers will set a trap to catch the coyote in order to create a manageable situation. A community partner will need to monitor the trap and alert Animal Control when an animal has been captured. Do not attempt to engage the coyote in any way. Do not feed, entrap, or try to shoo the animal away. Coyotes will continue to interact within urban environments, but with education we can keep this threat at bay.

Palm Sunday Rabies Drive
   The annual Palm Sunday Rabies Drive is being held this Sunday from 1-5pm at 12 locations throughout Orleans Parish and has been expanded to six locations in Jefferson Parish. Bring your dog on a leash, or cat in a carrier to receive the Rabies vaccine, license and tag for $15. Cash only.

Engine 1 2920 Magazine St
Engine 4 6900 Downman Rd
Engine 12 5600 Franklin Ave
Engine 17 4115 Woodland Dr
Engine 18 778 Harrison Ave
Engine 24 1040 Poland Ave
Engine 25 2430 S Carrollton Ave
Engine 27 2118 Elysian Fields Ave
Engine 35 964 N Carrollton Ave
Engine 36 5403 Read Blvd
Engine 40 2500 General deGaulle Dr
Common Ground Relief 1800 Deslonde St.
Fire Station #11 3535 Jefferson Hwy (Old Jefferson)
Lakeshore Playground 1125 Rosa Ave (Metairie)
Bright Playground 3401 Cleary Ave (Metairie)
Delta Playground 8301 W Metairie Ave (Metairie)
Belle Terre Playground 5600 Bell Terre Rd (Marrero)
Avondale Playground 709 Jame Blvd (Avondale)

CEO's Corner

During this time of year I am reminded of Burr, a favorite bunny in the shelter, who was surrendered by his owner who could no longer care for him. I wonder if Burr's daddy knew what he was in for when he took Burr home. Rabbits are terrific pets, but they do require a special home. They need regular veterinary check ups, a rabbit proof space to live in, and a big enough area to run and play. Rabbits can live between 8-10 years and can be badly injured if handled incorrectly. We do not recommend having a rabbit in a home with small children.
   If you are thinking about bringing a rabbit into your home, check out your local shelters before you go to a pet store. At the LA/SPCA we usually have one or two waiting for a forever home, like Burr who found his forever home with one of our volunteers.

Woofs and Wags,
Ana Zorrilla

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April 15-17
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April 16
An Adoption Option

April 21
Semolina's Pasta With a Purpose

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Pause for Dinner

June 16 is our second annual Pause for Dinner Dine Out Event. On this night participating restaurants will donate 20% of their proceeds to the LA/SPCA. We're signing restaurants up now, so let us know where you love to eat. Email Lisa at lisa@la-spca.org.

Hoppy Easter,
From a very special shelter resident (Hint, rhymes with Easter Hunny!)

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