May 2011

Tail Mail
The Adoption Option
Whenever you are thinking of adding to your family, or better yet, whenever someone you know is thinking of adding to their family, spread the word that adoption is the best option! You'll be saving a life, sometimes from the brink. Here's an excerpt of Greta's success story. Her dog, Ferris, was awaiting a forever home, and had almost given up hope. Read the entire story on our Success Stories blog.
I look down at the one dog that isn’t howling, jumping, competing for my attention.  He’s lying on a thin blanket, head on the floor between his paws, merely looking at me, looking away again with lost hope.  He’s been here for a while, I think.  He’s lost some of his energy to fight.  I wonder how many times before this moment he raced up to the kennel fence, sticking his cold nose through a hole in the wire for a sniff of a hand, a lick of fingers, a chance of GOING HOME.  And when it didn’t happen for him the first time, the second, the hundredth, he finally made up his mind that this time would be his last time, and it was.  Now he lies there, eyes not meeting mine because just like all of those other times, it can’t be him that’s picked this time.

            I pick him.

Read the entire story here. 

Long Distance Adoptions
One could say Louisiana dogs are in high demand, but the reality is supply far outreaches demand for pet adoptions in New Orleans. So, the LA/SPCA found a creative solution to save more lives. Last week 37 homeless puppies and small dogs were transported to Atlanta Humane Society, an adoption guarantee facility in Atlanta, Georgia. These unwanted dogs came from a myriad of backgrounds. Some were surrendered as unwanted litters. Others, were strays brought in by the LA/SPCA Animal Control Officers: lost, abandoned and unwanted. No matter their back story all of them have forever homes in Atlanta to look forward to. The media and online attention that transports bring also have the added benefit of getting more local animals adopted.  Last year, transports like this one helped us save over 300 more lives. The LA/SPCA will continue to employ creative solutions to find more homes for more animals, but not without your help. Donate today to ensure that the LA/SPCA can exercise all adoption options.

Adoptions in the Community
Our off-site adoption team members are adoption ambassadors for the LA/SPCA. Bringing adoptable pets into the community and finding the right forever homes. Their work can be described as tireless, hopeful, and fulfilling. And just when you think they're taking a weekend off, another event pops up! This team will be in the community at three different locations this weekend. Stop by, send a friend to view some of the wonderful adoptable animals they'll bring out, or sponsor an adoptable pet online.

  • Saturday, May 14 with dogs from 11am-3pm at Jefferson Feed, Pet & Garden Center 4421 Jefferson Hwy
  • Saturday, May 14 with dogs from 12pm-2pm at the Neighborhood Pet Market 231 N Carrollton Ave
  • Saturday, May 14 with cats from 12pm-3pm at Mid-City Vet Hospital 3821 Orleans Ave

CEO's Corner

   It feels like we are being inundated with animals right now. I know that it is no different than any other month, or any other year, but for some reason, the first few months of 2011 have been overwhelming. And we're on the brink of kitten season! I am so proud of the adoption efforts we've been executing, and today I'd like to ask you to share our adoption message with your friends.
   When you adopt an animal you are saving two lives. The one of the furry friend you bring home, and the other of an adoptable animal waiting to take his/her place on the adoption floor.
   As we head into our slowest adoption months of the year this sentence hits close to home, because as an animal shelter we know its reality too well.
   So join me in telling everyone you know: Adopt, Don't Buy!
Woofs and Wags,
Ana Zorrilla

Disaster Planning: A Special Note from Ana

We are too familiar with the destructive forces of water in our community and as we watch this slow moving disaster inch its way closer to home I encourage everyone to review your disaster plan and ensure your pets are included. For tips and more information you can log on to

Upcoming Events

May 15
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June 3
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June 16
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Fat Cats: A Blog

Two fat cats were surrendered to the LA/SPCA Animal Rescue and Care Center. They are now the subject of a web blog and online videos. Spot and Mr. T have weekly weigh ins, a special diet, and are exercised each day. Follow their progress online.

Save the Date

June 16 is the second annual LA/SPCA Pause 4 Dinner dine out event. Participating restaurants are revealed every week on Facebook. Each restaurant donates 20% of their night's sales to the LA/SPCA. Stephen Rue, our title artist, will be debuting a brand new print at each restaurant. Make your reservations today.


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