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Dexter: A Diamond in the Rough
Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Once upon a Time, a 1 month old puppy was found on a quiet uptown street all by himself. This Rottweiler mix’s face was swollen and he looked very uncomfortable. The veterinarians at the LA/SPCA determined that his swollen face was caused by juvenile cellulitis. This boy would need some time for treatment and a little TLC, and the LA/SPCA foster care program was created just for that! So off he went into foster care. His foster parents spent the next month giving him the TLC and medicine that he needed and taught him what it was like to live in a real home!

He returned to the LA/SPCA adoption center in early February, and he was feeling and looking much better. His swollen face had subsided and a very handsome boy with soft eyes and floppy ears was left staring eagerly at anyone who gave him attention. His foster parents kissed him goodbye and he now waits in the LA/SPCA adoption room. Since early February he has met, licked, and loved on several potential adopters and volunteers, one of whom will likely never forget him. During a meet and greet, Dexter’s suitor picked him up to hold him, and as she did he laid a big lick on her ear, removing a diamond earring. His potential adopter and an LA/SPCA volunteer searched all around and couldn’t find it. Dexter looked up at them with an innocent gaze as if he hadn’t done a thing, but the answer was clear: Dexter had swallowed the earring. It was time to play the waiting game. The volunteer let the LA/SPCA employees know to keep an eye on Dexter each time he used the bathroom, knowing that it would have to turn up sometime. And sure enough, it did! The earring was cleaned thoroughly and returned to its owner.

Dexter had certainly left his mark with that adopter, but perhaps not in the best way. This young, goofy guy continues to search for the perfect home. Hopefully next time he meets an adopter he’ll just steal their heart.

How will Dexter’s Happily Ever After unfold?

Update: Dexter was adopted on March 4th! Stick to dog food Dexter!

Quincy: His kind eyes search for his forever best friend
Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Once upon a time, Quincy was spotted in Mid City walking tentatively near a busy intersection. He looked frightened by the loud traffic nearby, and he didn’t quite know what to do. A driver saw him and knew that this little 2 year old Dachshund boy could use a hand. Quincy was brought to the Louisiana SPCA one warm December afternoon and it was clear in his kind eyes that he was happy to be in caring hands. Quincy spent his first days at the Animal Rescue and Care Center on stray hold, as all stray animals do, but Quincy didn’t seem to be expecting anyone to come for him. After five days, Quincy moved on to the next stage and his health and behavior were evaluated. Quincy was a star in his behavior check. He was sweet, seemed housebroken, and gazed with caring eyes. But he was nervous around all the new people, and he was slow to trust. He did his best to be brave and always tried his best to follow directions, but he didn’t want to open up and truly be himself; at least not until he knew he had found his forever best friend. During his health evaluation, it was discovered that Quincy was heartworm positive, and would require lots of TLC during his recovery.

Quincy knows that life can be tough, but he has a special place in his heart that knows his forever home is out there somewhere. Quincy may take a moment to warm up to you, but once he does you can expect a lifelong companion. Come take a chance on this wonderful boy and let him steal your heart.

How will Quincy’s Happily Ever After Unfold? 

Updated 1/24/12: Quincy has been adopted! Here's an update from his new owner:

"He is doing just fine!  As soon as he walked in the door, he really made himself at home.  I could not get over how quickly he just cuddled up on the couch like it was his own!  He loves his treks on the bayou, but I am picking him up intermittently so he does not get too overheated (he pulls on the leash pretty hard still!).  Although the new siblings (the younger one for sure) had some reservations, they have not had a fight at all and are playing together so nicely.  So far, no new tricks, but he has perfected the stare at us cutely!  We are just LOVING him!"

And he lived Happily Ever After!

Bernadette: A Purrfectly Brave Girl
Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Once upon a time, Animal Control responded to a call that a cat had been found in the ninth ward with bad injuries to her back. When they arrived, they found a beautiful tortoiseshell girl. Her back injuries were burns; it looked as though someone had poured boiling hot liquid down her back. Much of her back was bare from the injury and the wounds looked incredibly painful. Our Animal Control team rushed her to the LA/SPCA Animal Rescue and Care Center, and when they brought her to the clinic a hush entered the room, and you could hear this little fighter purring!

Bernadette’s positive attitude was amazing, and even though she must’ve been in pain, she cuddled and begged for chin rubs as if nothing was the matter. She would’ve trotted straight into the adoption room if the vet team had let her, but she needed some time to heal first. During her long recovery, Bernadette spent many of her days in the LA/SPCA admin office. She was friendly to everybody she met: people, other felines, and even dogs. Nothing seemed to bother this brave young girl. The purrs continued day in and day out, and as time marched on, this girl’s back began to look better and better. It truly was a happy new year for Bernadette, as she was moved into the adoption room just as 2012 began.

Her fur has partially grown back now, but Bernadette still wears the scars of her ordeal. We may never find out what caused the horrendous burns, but she’s determined never to look back. Instead, she looks forward to a forever home where she can stretch out, enjoy the sunshine on a window ledge, and of course unleash the purrs.

How will Bernadette’s Happily Ever After unfold?

Update 1/24/12:

Bernadette continues to dream of a forever home where she can relax and finish healing. Each day she wakes up, greets the sunshine through the window with a yawn, and then begins to purr and hardly stops until nap time. Her burns are healing very well and each day her back looks a little bit better. Bernadette knows that not everyone can ignore the scars on her back as well as she can, but she just hopes that the right person will come along soon who can see past her minor physical imperfections to greet her brimming personality and her wonderful soul. This beautiful girl is full of life and spunk, and she can't wait to unload a ton of love on her forever family. She is strong, resilient, and beautiful. Come meet her and let Bernadette steal your heart.                             

Update 2/20/12:

Our beautiful Bernie finally found her loving forever home! She finally has the warm and friendly family that she deserves!

Boy: He'll have you at the first look
Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Once upon a time, an 11 year old purebred Pekingese named Boy came through the doors of the Louisiana SPCA Animal Rescue and Care Center. It wasn’t the first time this beautiful tuxedo boy had been to a place like this. He had been adopted from a rescue organization as a young man, and had spent most of his years in a nice home with nice people and animals. But Boy’s owner was in a bind, and couldn’t afford to take Boy when she needed to move. So in marched Boy on that warm November morning, and it was instantly clear that he was very different from many of the dogs that come to the LA/SPCA. He was wise for one, and didn’t need much direction. Boy would sit. Boy would walk nicely on his leash. Boy would even play with the toys he was given as intently as a puppy might, but knew the difference between a chew toy and his bed. During his behavior evaluation, everyone was impressed with Boy. He was so sweet and loving, and would do anything for a treat. Boy’s loving gaze was hard to ignore, and volunteers and staff alike have often become captivated by Boy’s deep, dark eyes. His vision may have dulled a bit over the years, but his beautiful eyes continue to focus on his future forever home. The other dogs in the adoption room could sure learn a lot from Boy, but he’s in his retirement years and needs to settle down in a nice warm home with a soft bed, a few toys, and a faithful companion. Come say hi to Boy. He’ll have you at the first look.

How will Boy's Happily Ever After unfold?

Update 1/2/12: Boy was adopted just in time for the Holidays! Check him out with his new mom!

And he lived Happily Ever After!

Brownie Big Ears
Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Once upon a time, a young, hungry kitten wandered into a feral cat trap in Harvey. When the trapper saw him, it was clear that this kitten was in great need of some love. The little guy was almost completely hairless, except for a small tuft of sable fur on his back. The woman who trapped him knew that he needed some serious TLC and decided to bring him indoors to care for him and foster him back to health. His patch of fur and big ears earned him the name Brownie Big Ears, or Brownie for short. It quickly became apparent that his hair loss could only be attributed to one thing: Ringworm. Though treatable, Ringworm is incredibly contagious and treatment can be very time consuming. Many people might have given up on the poor guy, but his foster mom rolled up her sleeves and worked hard to nurse him back to health. She separated Brownie from the rest of her family (2-legged and 4-legged) and began the lengthy treatment process. After 2 months, Brownie’s fur began to grow in, and as it turns out Brownie was actually black with traces of silver. But Brownie’s name stuck, and would always remind his foster mom of how much he had been through.  During his time in foster care, Brownie came out of his shell, exploring day and night, but always curling up with his foster mom between adventures. Once healthy, he became friendly with both cats and dogs, and played with any toy he could find. After 5 months and lots of love, treatment, and affection, Brownie’s foster mom decided it was time for him to find his forever family. So she brought the little guy to the Louisiana SPCA, where he is now perched in the adoption room searching for his forever home.  Brownie is happy and healthy, and is ready to face the world. Won’t you come meet him?

How will Brownie’s Happily Ever After unfold?

Update 1/2/12:

Brownie Big Ears found his forever home in December!

And he lived Happily Ever After!

Jim: Much more than meets the eye
Tuesday, November 08, 2011
Once upon a time, a timid little Shepherd mix named Jim was brought to the Louisiana SPCA Animal Rescue and Care Center. Jim had spent much of his seven months as a stray, and wasn’t so comfortable around humans. He was shaky and nervous, but deep down Jim had a lot of love to give. During his time at the Rescue and Care Center, Jim has gotten a lot of attention from LA/SPCA staff members. Every time he goes outside, he just lights up. At first he would work hard to extend his stays outside, ducking under leashes and running from volunteers. But Jim has learned quickly to listen, and is a favorite for volunteers to take out. It’s hard not to smile when you see Jim take off after a tennis ball. Jim is still quiet in his kennel, though, and he rarely lets his true personality shine through until he gets outside for a meet and greet. Jim’s trying hard to find that home where he can truly be himself and shine like everyone knows he will. Ask anyone at the LA/SPCA and you’re sure to hear great things about Jim.

How will Jim’s Happily Ever After unfold?  

Update: 11/15/11

Jim was adopted during our 11/11/11 event! Here is an update from his new owner:

"Jim has been renamed Turbo and he is a sweet, well mannered little pup!  He has an old uncle Laddie (an older golden retriever)  And those two enjoy goofing off together.  He's still a bit shy but each day he is coming out of his shell a bit more.  Me and my fiance are working on building up his trust and he's learning to come to us when we ask him to.  We found out that he enjoys tearing up his toys!  When we adopted him we bought him a stuffed owl that was promply gutted of it's fuzz!  He is a great dog and we are looking forward to all the fun adventures we can share.  He loves, LOVES, to run with us on our jogs!  If a dog smiles, he sure does when he's out jogging with us!"

And he lived Happily Ever After!

Luther's Looking, Are You Out There?
Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Once upon a time, Luther was found wandering about on the street enjoying the late summer sun light like any feline would. He was used to being outside, but this time his owners had lost track of him. There was hope, though. As this cat trotted along he jingled. He was wearing a collar and ID! Recognizing that he was not feral, an animal control officer picked him up, hoping he could easily be returned to his owner. Unfortunately for Luther, it didn’t turn out to be so easy. His owners had moved out of state and were not sure if they could afford to come back for him. Luther waited at the shelter, hoping someone would come for him, but to no avail. The LA/SPCA staff decided it was time to give him a second chance at a forever home, so he was moved to adoptions. He doesn’t mind the adoption room so much. There are lots of friendly faces peaking in each day, and he’s got a prime spot by the door so he can keep up on the goings on in the hall. But Luther was born to run and play, and he longs for the home where he can both lounge and run, and roll and stretch in the sun. Does that sound like a place you know?

How will Luther’s Happily Ever After unfold?

Update: Luther was adopted during our 11/11/11 event! We are so happy that Luther has gone to his forever home!

And he lived Happily Ever After!

Starburst: A little pup just bursting with affection
Monday, October 03, 2011

Once upon a time....Starburst, just a month old black and white lab, was left, forgotten, in a parked car in the August heat. A Good Samaritan happened by and rescued this abandoned dog. She was brought to the LA/SPCA with a limp and a dream. Fearing a broken leg, the LA/SPCA shelter clinic team worked quickly to examine her. Luckily, her injuries were nominal and she was nursed back to health quickly. Starburst was a hit on the adoption floor and found her new forever home just three days later.  

Unfortunately, Starburst’s hectic summer wasn’t over yet. Her new brother didn’t take well to her and bullied her at her new home. She tried to keep a bright outlook, but she couldn’t win over her new brother. After a month of adjusting and fearing for her happiness and safety, Starburst’s new family had to bring her back to the LA/SPCA. Starburst patiently waits…again, hoping that someone will look into her kind eyes and see the amazing puppy that she is. At just 3 months old, she’s already known a rough life, now she’s ready to see how great things can be.

Update - 10/11/11

We are so excited that Starburst (Now Dauphine) found her forever home over the weekend! Check out this update from her new owner:

"She is doing great! She is currently working on learning her new name (Dauphine) and is adjusting to life quite well! She spends her days going on long walks in Audubon Park, The Riverbend Levee, and Oak Street, as well as playing in her new backyard. Yesterday she completed her first mile jog in the park, and boy was she tired! But that's okay because she was rewarded by a full hour of watching people feed the ducks on the pond. The LASPCA folks did a great job of crate training her as she mostly sleeps through the night with no issues save for the 3 am potty break. When she is not playing with all of her new toys, she spends her time in the house lounging on one of her three beds: One in the living room, one in the office, and the other in the bedroom. She can't wait to get the rest of her shots next month and begin puppy school!"

And she lived Happily Ever After.


Mocha: Sweet as Sugar
Monday, July 25, 2011

Once upon a time, Mocha noticed her owner packing up lots and lots of boxes. It made her very nervous and she didn’t know what to think. Mocha’s owner was moving, and unfortunately he didn’t have the space in his new home for an animal. Mocha’s owner brought her to shelter to give her a shot at finding a new, wonderful owner. Mocha doesn’t mind the shelter too much. After all, she has lived most of her nine years with 4 brothers and sisters. But Mocha needs a bigger space to match her big personality, and she is anxiously looking for her new home. She’s a spayed, healthy adult cat so she already knows how to be a great addition to your home. Warmth and love included! Come take one look into her deep blue-green eyes and you’ll be addicted to Mocha!

How will Mocha’s Happily Ever After unfold?


Update 8/17/11: Mocha has been adopted!!!!!

Mocha finally found her new lovely home at our Free Adoption Weekend! Now, she has the family warmth and love that she missed here.

And she lived Happily Ever After!


Patty's Dream
Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Once upon a time a fluffy, brown cat named Patty roamed the streets of New Orleans. Until one faithful day, a good samaritan brought Patty to the LA/SPCA to try to give her a chance at a better life.  The caring staff at the shelter got her all ready to go up for adoption and Patty was so excited to search for her new home! Each day Patty sits high in her kennel watching as all the smaller kittens joyfully find loving, new homes. Each day, she waits patiently to see if it will be her day to leave in the loving arms of a family. At night, she dreams about sleeping at the foot of someone’s bed, waking up to cat nip and yarn balls, and cuddling on her mama or daddy’s lap. Patty’s a good cat, who loves to play and cuddle. She’s well-trained and independent, and never too much trouble. Her eyes watch each person pass, and her heart beats just a little faster, but Patty’s day still hasn’t come. Won’t you be the one to make Patty’s dreams come true?



Patty's dreams came true on July 30th when she found her loving forever home!

And she lived Happily Ever After

Mama: A friendly Cocker Spaniel mix looking for a good home after a frightening ordeal!
Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Once Upon a time Mama strayed from her home and went exploring trying to find some friendly faces. She was enjoying a lovely New Orleans spring day when she accidentally wandered into an area that had lots of traffic. Unfortunately the rush hour drivers didn’t see Mama, and she was hit by a car. She managed to limp away from the accident with an injured leg but she couldn’t make it far. A nice bystander stayed with her in a safe spot while calling the LA/SPCA for assistance. An Animal Control Officer arrived quickly and brought Mama back to the shelter for treatment and some much needed TLC. An X-Ray at the shelter revealed a fractured leg. The veterinary staff thought perhaps amputation would be necessary, but Mama had a strong will and wanted to heal her leg. We wanted to give her and her leg every chance to heal so we placed her into a loving foster home. After several months and a lot of care, Mama was able to put weight on her leg and now can walk without pain! She’s now looking for a new home where she can play and enjoy companionship. Mama has soft eyes and a warm demeanor and she’s looking forward to meeting you!

Update 6/13/11: Mama has been adopted!!!!!

This morning Mama was adopted into a lovely new home where she's sure to get the attention and love she's been hoping for! Here's a picture of Mama with her new happy family!

And she lived Happily Ever After!

Update 7/27/11: Message from Mama's (now Winnie's) owner:

Hi everyone!


Mama (now Winnie - we think we've finally decided on a name for her!) is doing extremely well in our home.  We couldn't be happier!  As you may have noticed, she is no longer a mop, which she seems to appreciate because we no longer step on her fur!  She loves to play fetch, to get belly rubs, to play with her siblings, and to snuggle on the bed.  Her interactions with our other pets are even better than we had hoped!  We love her so much; she is the perfect addition!


Thank you for all of your work!


Licorice: A sweet black cat in search of a new happy home with plenty of sunshine
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Licorice spent her first 6 years in a friendly home with 5 other cats. She spent her days laying in the sunshine and snoozing. But unfortunately her family just couldn’t afford to take care of her anymore, and she was surrendered to the Louisiana SPCA in early May, along with her brothers and sisters. Her life was flipped upside down. While Licorice is a very strong and healthy cat, she still has had a very tough time adjusting to her new surroundings. Whereas she was queen of the household before, she now finds herself surrounded by new and unfamiliar kitten friends. And it’s so much noisier at the shelter! It’s hard to get a good afternoon nap in. It’s a tough adjustment for even the most fearless feline. Licorice is hoping that she can find another home soon where she can reign as queen again.

As her name implies, Licorice is a sweet little black cat, with just a hint of white. She’s a sweet, friendly, healthy cat, and she’s incredibly anxious to find a new forever home where she can get back to her routine of cuddling, snoozing, and purring!

Update 6/13/11:

Licorice continues to dream about her forever from her perch in the Cat Adoptions area, gazing out at the activity in the hall way. Why do those dogs have to be so loud, she wonders. Can't they see I'm sleeping? She doesn't mind being woken up from a nap to greet a visitor though. She greets everyone who comes by with her warm, bright green eyes as she rolls over and stretches. She's very comfortable in her warm cat bed, but she is really anxious to find a warm lap for her naps. Come on down and meet her! 

Update 9/27/11:

Licorice was adopted last week! She is happily settling in with her new family. Here's an update from her owner:

"I saw her a couple of months ago on your facebook page and fell in love with her. I was looking
to get another cat. I was looking for specifically an older cat that needed a good home. When I saw her
she stuck with me for some reason. A couple of months later I decided to go ahead and get her. I went to
the SPCA and did an interaction. When I heard I was the first person in 5 months to play with her it shocked me because she was just so sweet. Licorice ended up being perfect and I brought her home! She's been wonderful. She is one of the sweetest cats I've ever encountered. She gives/needs a lot of attention from her time alone but I'm willing with my time. She came into a house with two other cats, both about 1 1/2 old. Beau (my boy cat) was also a SPCA rescue and immediately accepted her.. on the other hand its taken some time for my girl cat Safi (I found her as a stray kitten) to include Licorice into the group.. you know how girls are with their jealousy.. Licorice has been handling everything very well and really doesn't care about Safi's snobbishness, Licorice just flicks her tail at the young-ins. She loves the availability of so many places to sleep! Licorice is constantly purring and sleeps next to me every night!
I love this cat, and i'm so happy I went through and got her!"


And Licorice Lived Happily Ever After.

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