Joplin, MO

A deadly tornado devastated the town of Joplin, MO in May. The LA/SPCA could empathize with what the residents of that devastated town were going through and we knew it was going to get worse before it got better. At the request of the ASPCA we sent three teams of employees to Joplin, MO to aid in an operation to safely house, reunite, or adopt out over 700 now homeless pets. Without missing a beat in our own operations we sent three teams to assist animal rescuers from across the country culminating in an adoption event to be rivaled.

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Asia Strong, our clinic supervisor, had the opportunity to go to Joplin from June 13th – June 20th to assist with disaster relief due to the recent tornado. She was assigned as a technician to medicate cats in the cat warehouse. During that week she witnessed the devastation and tragedy first hand. After driving through the disaster site with her team each morning, she watched daily as owners walked through the warehouse in an attempt to find pets that had been displaced by the storm. Though it was heartbreaking to think about how many animals wouldn’t be found, she found it inspiring to think of the many companions who had been, and would be, reunited with their owners due to the relief efforts. By the time she’d arrived in Joplin there were over 800 animals on site; the ASPCA and those involved had already reunited over 400 pets with their owners.  On her last day, since she’d spent an entire week becoming acquainted with all of the cats, her area supervisor asked her to look over some of the lost reports which had been filed. In a very short time she was able to find several accurate matches which lead to reuniting even more cats with their owners. The week after she left for New Orleans the ASPCA sponsored a huge adoption event in which all of the animals who were not placed with their owners were adopted, gaining loving forever homes. Through the tragedy of the situation she was able to take in a wealth of knowledge. She feels as though she’s gained invaluable experience in disaster preparedness and management. She is confident she can apply the many things she learned to benefit the LA/SPCA should we ever experience our own unfortunate circumstances. 

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