August 2011

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Unchain Your Heart
The Louisiana SPCA responds to hundreds of calls each month for dogs tied to a short chain with no shelter and little access to water. As part of our response our Animal Control team educates pet owners on the perils of tethering and alternatives to using a tether. The local ordinance states that using a tether as a primary means of confinement is illegal. In the worst case scenarios we are forced to charge the pet owner with cruelty and bring the dogs to our shelter.
   We know we cannot combat this issue alone. For every call we receive about a chained dog, we know more are out there. We launched the Unchain your Heart campaign to empower you to help the voiceless. Log on to to download flyers on the dangers of tethering and alternatives to tethering. With this literature you have the tools to educate the community about this dangerous practice.
   We've also launched an event series in the New Orleans area. Our Chips for Chains events encourage dog owners to turn in their chains and tethers. In return, their pet will receive a free microchip. This event is brought to the community via our mobile unit and a partnership with the New Orleans Fire Department. Each Saturday in August we are in a different location encouraging responsible pet ownership. Microchips are offered for $10 for pet owners who do not have a chain or a tether to turn in.
   Microchipping allows animals to be reunited with their owners if they are lost. Pet owners are always encouraged to microchip their pets. We are reminded of their importance during any disaster and especially in New Orleans as the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season approaches. We look forward to the day all pets are included as part of the family, but until then we need you to unchain your heart and help us help them! Meet the dogs who inspired the campaign.

Snip, Snip, Hooray!
Last August the LA/SPCA opened the Community Clinic. While we had been offering low cost spay/neuter surgeries and wellness appointments throughout the year, we finally had a space built for the purpose. Not only did we have a brand new Community Clinic, but our staff also trained with the Humane Alliance, learning specialized techniques for high volume, high efficiency spay/neuter practices. Thus, the LA/SPCA became a high volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinic with a tall order: increase spay/neuter surgeries to put a dent in pet over-population in the New Orleans metro area.
   With the increased capacity our spay/neuter services were expanded, accepting dogs over 75lbs and partnering with area shelters to ensure their clients and adoptable animals had access to this affordable option. We are so excited to report that we are on target to reach our goal of 7,000 surgeries in 2011.
   This goal doubles the amount of surgeries we performed last year. We've performed 4,329 surgeries...and counting. With our continued partnership with various organizations we are steadily working to decrease the population of our pets in the region.
   Our Wellness clinic has also seen a significant increase in clients since the Community Clinic opened. Providing annual visits, affordable vaccination packages, and dental services this program provides access to quality veterinarian care at an affordable price. 3,189 pets have received this preventative care so far this year.
   Our Community Clinic embodies the LA/SPCA's mission to improve the quality for life for all companion animals. As we spread the word about our services, we know we are reaching pets that might not otherwise have access to this quality care. It's because of the support from you that we are able to offer these services. Click here to help us continue our mission.   

Free Cats = More Homes

The last weekend in July the LA/SPCA had an unprecedented event: A Free Feline Weekend. Every Spring and Summer our population swells as pets around the New Orleans area reproduce. We tried promotion after promotion and the cats and kittens just weren't getting into enough good homes. So, as a last ditch effort we tried something we've never done before: we gave them away!
   Studies conducted by the ASPCA show that the biggest fear when giving an animal away: the animal will be devalued in the eyes of the adopter, is unfounded. And with our ranks swelling and no end in sight we had to try it.
   What a success! Our adoption floor was buzzing and we saved 106 more felines in that three day period than we did in the same time last year. As we continue to push the boundaries in our attempts to save more lives we know the New Orleans community will respond. Not a New Orleanian? Help our adoptable animals today by sponsoring one.

CEO's Corner

August in New Orleans is hot! But the excessive heat warnings we've seen over the past few weeks reiterate the need to take precautions within these conditions. It is important to remember our pets in these precautions, too. Keeping ourselves and our loved ones hydrated and cool can be the difference between a lovely summer afternoon and a terrifying trip to the vet's office.
   My dogs love to splash and swim in the Lake. It gives them the best of both worlds: a fun play day outside, but the opportunity to cool off when they need it. Including ice cubes in their water bowls gives them an extra treat when they need to drink.
   Dogs lose heat differently than humans, so take care to know the signs of heat exhaustion. Once your dog starts to pant make sure to offer him plenty of water. If your dog begins to vomit, get dizzy, or become listless, bring him to a vet immediately! Heat exhaustion can be deadly.
   I hope all of your pets are enjoying the modern marvel of air conditioning, but if they must be outside, remember to keep them cool.

Woofs and Wags,
Ana Zorrilla

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New Orleans on Tap & Howling Success

As fall approaches, two premiere events thrown by the LA/SPCA take center stage.
   New Orleans on Tap is in its 2nd year and is of course bigger and better! Mark your calendars, Oct 1 is set to sizzle with performances by Rotary Downs and Flow Tribe and beer tastings starting at $1. Check out more online.

   Get your dancing shoes ready; Nov 5 Howling Success goes Motown! This fabulous foray features New Orleans restaurants, specialty cocktails, and live entertainment. This year's restaurant chair, John Besh, is already planning his dish. Early Bird ticket pricing is still available, so get your tickets now. This annual shindig raises 10% of our annual operating budget and your presence is sure to send tails a waggin' at the LA/SPCA.


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