Tropical Storm Lee

Stay Updated, local news outlets:

The LA/SPCA will be open for business as usual. Our Animal Control department will be responding to calls on Saturday. There will be a delay in response in the case of flooding. Animal Control and the Animal Rescue and Care Center will be closed as scheduled Monday, September 5 due to the Labor Day holiday.

Update 9/2/11 3:05pm from LA/SPCA: The Louisiana SPCA Animal Control response will be limited to “Emergencies Only” until the threat of severe weather has passed. Please call 504-368-5191 ext 100 to report your emergency in detail. Animal Control trucks will navigate all safe passage ways. Please expect a delay in response for travel obstacles.

Tips from the LA/SPCA:

Tips on for dogs afraid of thunder

Guide to finding a lost dog, or if you've found a dog

Evacuating with your pet

Keep your pets inside. A downed power line, damaged fence, and falling trees are all dangers to your pet during a storm. Keep them out of harms way and safe.

Animal Control

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