November 2011
Tail Mail

Senior Pets Make Great Pets
When a senior pet, a dog or cat older than seven years, comes into the Louisiana SPCA Animal Rescue and Care center our hearts sink. We know this pet has known a home for the majority of his life, but for one reason or another he was brought to us. While we offer top notch care, comfort, and love to all of our animals, nothing is better than a warm home and an owner to call your own. And because of that, our staff and volunteers take extra care in finding new homes for these loving pets.
   Often, though, these pets are our hardest to place. So this month we’d like to point out some can’t be beat traits older pets can offer potential adopters. If you know someone looking for a pet, forward this on and let them know adopting a senior pet is the best gift you can give these guys, a loving home to spend the rest of his years. And check out our current senior residents looking for a forever home: Malcolm and Beanie.

  • No surprises here! Older pets are full-grown and display their personality traits like an open book. No guessing what kind of dog or cat he’ll grow up to be.
  • Housetrained? Check! Older dogs usually come into a shelter from a home, so they know where to go, and it’s not on your hard wood floors.
  • Destructive behaviors are a thing of the past. With teething behind them and exercise a fleeting thought, older pets will be less likely to turn their boredom into destructive behavior.
  • Couch potato. Need a pal to catch the latest line up or the new flick? Older pets love to lounge.

Check out all of our adoptables today. And don't forget to share with your friends.

Beanie is a ten year old, declawed, male cat in need of a forever home. His long neck makes him look extra regal and he is looking forward to curling up in your home. Share his story today or sponsor his stay with us at

Macolm, a ten year old Maltese mix, was abandoned by owners who could no longer afford his care. He is  a calm and loving lap dog and would be a great friend to anyone wanting to provide comfort to him in his last years. Share his story today or sponsor his stay with us.

Influencing the Next Generation
Reaching the youth of our community is something the Louisiana SPCA takes great pride in. With these efforts we can be confident that our next generation will understand humane care, compassion, and what it means to treat animals with respect. Each year the Louisiana SPCA has the opportunity to expand our Youth Program offerings. Last year, we added an Animal Celebration Winter camp where students in 3rd or 4th grade have an opportunity to spend part of their winter break learning about the Louisiana SPCA and companion animals (space still available for this year’s camp; fill out an application online at      This year, we are adding birthday parties and critter cinema to our offerings.
   Our Birthday Pawties offer a fun and unique setting for your child’s birthday. Each Pawty includes activities, decorations, an educational presentation, a tour, and plenty of puppy or kitty play time. Our Pawty Fee is a direct donation to the Louisiana SPCA helping us help the homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals of New Orleans and tax deductable. To find out what else a Louisiana SPCA Birthday Pawty entails click here To book your pawty email Stephanie at
   Critter Cinema kicks off January 13, 2012. Offering an animal themed movie, pizza, and Louisiana SPCA pets to catch the flick with, our Critter Cinema aims to provide a fun night out for 5-10 year olds. Every second Friday of the month from 6:30-9:30pm movie-goers will enjoy spending time with each other and our four legged friends and parents will enjoy a few hours of ‘me-time.’ Space is limited and ticket prices are $25 per person. Reserve your seat today by emailing Stephanie at
   Louisiana SPCA animals will attend these events, so please leave yours at home. Our animals will get some hands on time with loving fingers and your little one will receive a chance to bond with an animal.

CEO's Corner

I always enjoy reflecting on what I am thankful for in each November Tail Mail and this year is no different. I am thankful another hurricane season has passed us by without incident!
   Last Friday our special 11/11/11 adoption event resulted in almost 80 new homes for dogs, cats, and one cockatiel in just one day and I am thankful the Louisiana SPCA staff and volunteers stress the importance of these events in the community and so effortlessly make them happen!
   And I am thankful for you! Without your support whether through time, donations, or spreading the word we are able to do more because you take the time to help us. Thank you for your help and thank you for loving our pets.

Woofs and Wags,

Ana Zorrilla

Upcoming Events

Once the dust settled from the 11/11/11 adoption extravaganza we realized all of our black animals were left behind! Black pets are the hardest to place, but deserve the best chance possible at finding new homes. So, to celebrate the New Orleans Saints Bye Week all of our BLACK ANIMALS ONLY will be available for a $25 adoption fee. *Standard adoption procedures apply.

November 19

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December 3
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Howling Success Results

It was a fantastic night of food, drinks, dancing, and football! The entire ballroom cheered the LSU Tigers on to victory; but unfortunately the LSU Tigers big game resulted in a big miss for the animals of New Orleans. We did raise $165,000 and it's not too late to help us reach our goal of $220,000. Donate towards our Howling Success goal today.

Animal Lovers Gift Guide

Don't forget to give the gift that keeps giving to anyone on your gift list this holiday season. Simply shop our online store. Our 2012 LA/SPCA Calendar: Happy Tails shares touching stories of our LA/SPCA Alum. Our Mardi Gras Bed Dog ornaments are sure to be a hit in your holiday decor!


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