Youth humane education reinforces character development skills such as kindness, compassion, empathy and responsibility.  From caring for their families' animal companions to taking action to prevent animal suffering, students become active participants in helping animals and others.  Enhancing a student's understanding that animals are living, feeling beings to be treated with respect and compassion is a very important lesson in empathy and respect for others. 

Birthday Pawties

What better way to celebrate your child's birthday than at the LA/SPCA Animal Rescue and Care Center!  A unique and fun setting will leave a lasting impression with your child and their friends.

Camps for Kids 

We offer educational day camps to various ages throughout the year. Campers learn proper care and handling of animals, responsible pet guardianship, animal behavior and training, and much more. Give your child a once-in-a-lifetime camp experience, or provide a scholarship for another child to experience our camp.

Critter Cinema

Critter Cinema at the LA/SPCA is great fun for animal-loving, pizza-eating, movie-watching kids!

Field Trips

Tours of the LA/SPCA's Animal Rescue and Care Center are available by appointment.  Students will learn about the LA/SPCA's history and many services, the responsibilities of pet guardianship, and how to treat animals humanely.  An age-appropriate presentation and tour of the facilities is included.

Project Humane

Students participating in this school program are given the opportunity to train shelter dogs, learn about animal welfare issues, and the responsibilities of pet guardianship. The program aims to improve at-risk youth's sense of personal worth as they share trust and build rapport with the animals at the LA/SPCA.  The program can be adapted to fit the needs and schedule of the sponsoring school and students.

Resources for Educators

The LA/SPCA's Humane Education department has developed a comprehensive list of resources for teachers.   These resources can help teachers incorporate humane concepts into their own program curriculum.  It is vital for all children to learn thet they share a world with other living beings who have basic needs comparable to their own.  This understanding further develops the child's self-confidence, empathy and respect for others - both with animals and with classmates.

School Presentations

Our "Show and Tail" educational presentations are availability at no cost to all educators and classrooms in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.  Each presentation is given by a volunteer and their personal pet. 

Animal Control

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