ASPCA Mega Match-a-Thon Participating Organizations

We are honored to have an incredible group of rescue organizations and animal shelters joining us on April 1st at the Louisiana SPCA for the ASPCA Mega Match-a-Thon adoption event. Learn more about each group below.

Special Note about Adoptable Animals: Links are provided when possible to adoptable animals from each participating organization. Please be aware that groups will only bring a small number of adoptable animals to this event.

Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO)

Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) is an organization created and dedicated to the rescue and aid of abandoned and homeless animals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi, including responding to the immediate needs of those animals in need of medical care, or who have been neglected, abused and deprived of love. ARNO promotes the foster, adoption and reunion of pets with caretakers, as well as spaying/neutering of all companion animals. View adoptable animals from ARNO..

Gulf South Golden Retriever Rescue

Gulf South Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. (GSGRR) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization run by a small group of volunteers.  We are home based in the Greater New Orleans, LA area, but have volunteers in the Gulf South and Northeast. We take in purebred Golden Retrievers and Golden Retriever mixes from public shelters and accept owner-relinquished Goldens from the Gulf Coastal states (LA, MS, AL, FL).  We provide our dogs with veterinary care including spaying or neutering as necessary, evaluate their temperament, and socialize them by having them live with foster families. Then the dogs are matched with loving, carefully selected adoptive homes. We place our dogs in adoptive homes not only in the Gulf South, but in the Northeast as well.

Louisiana Boxer Rescue

Louisiana Boxer Rescue, located in New Orleans, LA is an all volunteer, non profit, 501C3 organization that provides a safe haven for Boxers surrendered by their owners or that have come to us from an animal shelter. Unlike a shelter, our rescues live with a foster family during their interum for veterinary care, behaviour evaluation and observation that assists us in finding them the best suited permanent homes. Boxers that come to us receive necessary veterinary care, including required vaccinations, spaying/neutering and heartworm treatment. Once care and evaluations are complete, these boxesr are then ready for adoption. View adoptable Boxers from Louisiana Boxer Rescue

Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

PAWS, better known as Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society, is a non profit 501(c)(3), no-kill animal organization located in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.  PAWS goals are to provide the local area with a humane facility in order to care for unwanted, abused and abandoned animals until such animals can be placed in suitable adoptive homes. To impress upon all members of the community the fact that the adoption of a companion animal represents a ten to fifteen year commitment; animals are not disposable commodities. Our goal at PAWS is to educate members of the community in what constitutes responsible pet ownership, emphasizing the benefits of the spaying/neutering of animals and providing information in pet care, training and maintenance. View adoptable animals from PAWS.

St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter (Friends of the Animal Shelter of St. Bernard)

Founded in 1998 as an auxiliary to the St. Bernard Parish Shelter, Friends of the Animal Shelter of St. Bernard (FOAS) is dedicated to improving conditions at the Shelter, improving the quality of life of sheltered animals, and reducing euthanasia of animals in the Parish by increasing spay and neuter, educating the public, providing basic health care for sick or injured shelter animals, increasing adoptions and reuniting lost animals with their families. FOAS is an all volunteer organization and 100% of donations are used to support our efforts. View adoptable animals from St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter.

St. Francis Animal Sanctuary

Our Mission:
•Operate a compassionate, no-kill animal sanctuary for the ill, the un-adoptable and the elderly.
•Provide animal rescue, medical care and temporary haven for adoptable animals until qualified homes/rescues are found.
•Operate as a Hurricane Emergency Response Center for Rescue Organizations.
•Unite with local animal welfare organizations to join forces w/ national organizations to promote S/N.Provide ProvideIt is our mission to end animal overpopulation & euthanasia by teaming to enact spay-neuter laws by 2012. View adoptable animals from SFAS.

St. John Parish Animal Shelter

We are the St John Parish Animal Shelter and our primary job is to take animals off of the streets and give them a safe place to stay until they can be adopted. View adoptable animals from St John Parish Animal Shelter. 

St. Tammany Humane Society

The St. Tammany Humane Society is Louisiana's largest not for profit, no-kill animal welfare organization. Since 1953, the St. Tammany Humane Society has been serving the unwanted, neglected, abandoned, and abused animals of the gulf coast region.   

The Sula Foundation

The Sula Foundation was named after author Ken Foster’s pit bull Sula, who was featured in his popular book The Dogs Who Found Me. Sula’s organization is made of pit bull owners and other fans of the breed and our focus is promoting responsible pit bull ownership throughout New Orleans. We sponsor events, lectures, low-cost vaccination clinics and free spay/neuter services. We also, on a limited basis and as space and funds allow, rescue and rehome abandoned dogs. View adoptable pit bulls from Sula.

Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter

The Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter’s mission is to balance the health, safety, and welfare of the people and animals by:  protecting the rights of people from the dangers and nuisances caused by uncontrolled animals, insuring the protection of animals from mistreatment, and promoting and motivating responsible pet ownership.  Animal Control Officers provide a variety of services including catching stray, lost, or dangerous animals.  The Animal Shelter also houses unwanted pets, has an adoption program, and assists the public in animal related problems. View adoptable animals from Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter.

Used Dogs

USED DOGS is small but consistent, companion animal 501 (c) 3 rescue organization, focused primarily on dogs. USED DOGS is majorly focused on spay/neuter and is committed to improving the experience of being a dog in the New Orleans area. USED DOGS hopes to achieve this through hands on rescue and animal care, spay/neuter and low income spay/neuter outreach, surrender intervention, adoptions, education, and by fostering and encouraging a spirit of community and neighborhood support and participation in this cause. View adoptable dogs from Used Dogs.








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