Pause 4 Dinner and Lunch is now Pause 4 Paws, scheduled on June 12, 2014.  More information on participating restaurants and businesses coming soon!


Pause 4 Dinner
(and Lunch!)

JUNE 13, 2013  

Participating in this event is SIMPLE - just eat lunch and/or dinner at one of the listed restaurants.  Every participating restaurant donates 20% of their dining proceeds to the Louisiana SPCA!

Know a restaurant that wants to participate ? 
Contact Marisa Collins,
LA/SPCA Event Coordinator, or 504-762-3307 

"Pause 4 Dinner and Lunch," our annual dine-out restaurant event, takes place on Thursday, June 13, 2013 during regular lunch and dinner hours. Highly recognized restaurants from around Greater New Orleans partnered to raise money for animal welfare in our region while attracting patrons and new clients to their business.

Want to help spread the word about the event? Print the official poster and hang it up at work & around town!


 Dine out. Help animals. Visit any of these locations June 13th!
If you can't make it out for lunch or dinner, you can still support the event by donating here.
Please see the complete restaurant address list here.

L = Lunch      D=Dinner


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