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Faith Louise--Love at First Lick

About 21 years ago, I found the love of my life on Japonica St.  Maggie was a young lab who was my constant companion for 17 years until canine cancer forced me to make a horrible decision to send her on across the Rainbow Bridge.  I was crushed and said never again would I love a dog,  which for a pet lover was seven weeks.  I the had never been dog less that long in my adult life.  I began scanning web sites for dogs and while in San  Antonio on vacation, I did a Google search on the  SPCA site.  I fell in love.  I saw a cute chocolate lab, Faith, sitting on a chair, just waiting. 

After I went home in July 2010  I thought I  am going to look to see what is at the SPCA.  There had been  a big adoption event and she had been one of the featured animals so  I just knew she was gone.  As I entered the kennel area, I rounded the corner and I saw this tiny shivering lab in the back of the kennel.  She saw me and came running as if to say, 'what took you so long'.  She had been at the SPCA for over a month. The volunteer was shocked at her response.  It seems that over the weekend, no one had expressed an interest in her because she had cowered at the back of the kennel and did not respond to anyone.  She was about 12 weeks old so she should have been one to go quickly.  For me it was confirmation and love at first lick.

She took great to being home.  She is a lab and loves water.  Rule #1, Never leave her in a room with a running bath tub.  She assumes that it is for her and will climb in.  She loves to go for rides in the car and walks.  She has a few bad habits and thinks she is supposed to reach anything on the kitchen counter and sit anywhere in the house.  At night she is the first one in bed, my bed!   She is great to snuggle with and listens to all of my concerns.

She is queen of the house that she shares with Senior Miguel, a Katrina stray tuxedo cat, and Spike Lee, a small black stray dog that showed up  wearing a yellow sweater one cold night.  Since he had no tags or chip, he became mine....I have never had a small dog, but he stole my heart. MORAL OF STORY, MICRO CHIP  AND TAG YOUR DOG IF YOU WANT HIM HOME!!!! Even though he is less than 1/3 of Faith Louise's size, he still is full of love.  Many days all three are found on one pet bed snuggling.

If you want to enrich your life, get a dog.  Yes, there is expense.  Yes, there is commitment. Yes, there is responsibility. Mostly, there is love and a better life for both of you.


I adopted Audrey today.  She is the sweetest, most polite, gentle, smart and cute little girl you could ever imagine.  She has incredible manners and is respectful of everything in the home we share.  In case you are wondering, she is housebroken!  Audrey and Toffee (my 14 year old dachshund) have become fast friends. We are already the three muskateers.  It is as if Audrey has been with us forever!  Thank you for bringing us together!

We Love Jersey!

After losing my Irish Terrier a couple of years ago, I thought it was time this past holiday

season to get another dog.  I read the stories of how many animals needed good homes who

were at the SPCA.  This time I decided to adopt and I'm glad I did.  As soon as I saw Jersey's picture on the adoptable animal website, I just knew he was the dog for me.  He attached himself to me as soon as I saw him.  He is the sweetest dog and fully house trained.  He practically tells you when he needs to go outside!  We adopted him right around Thanksgiving time.  He has now been with us a little over two months and he is a wonderful dog.  Loves to run and play and wants all the attention.  We love having him.  He's gotten over his initial nervousness and now he knows he's part of the family and going nowhere!

He's a great dog and I encourage anyone out there thinking of getting a dog to adopt.  These poor animals need a home.  He was the perfect dog for us.  Thanks SPCA. 



My wife and I adopted Toby after losing our 17 year old poodle. We went to pet fest and saw this beauty different looking puppy. We fell in love from the moment we saw him.


Toby has filled the void in our lives. Toby is part poodle/shizu. He has the cutest under bite. He adjusted to his new home with no problem. As  I have a white beard, so does Toby.

He is a wonderful puppy and he is very smart. Some time to smart.


Toby is a very loving and caring puppy. We had no problem with house training him. Every weekend, we take him to the dog park and he just loves it. We have made new friends at the park and so has Tody.

I fell that everyone should adopt a pet. There is no better way to save dog or cat that really needs and desires a good home.


Thanks for everyone help. 

We Love Kermit


I got Kermit for my 10yr old who had been asking for a Kitten. She got him as a Christmas gift. When I brought him home he went and checked out the whole house, every room. He's very cute and loves to run through the house after he's woken up! My daughter can't stay away from him. If he's sleep she's right there. She really loves him.

Pax (formerly known as Hazel) takes a newsworthy adventure

The first day home, Pax is bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Pax Pax

A week in, she's almost gotten the hang of hide and seek.

A month in, I took Pax home with me to Chicago for the holidays, where we both got stranded on the side of the road in negative twenty degree weather.  The nice folks at the American Red Cross took us in, and Pax wound up on the local news.



And after we got out of the emergency shelter and into a hotel, she took a well deserved nap.

So glad to have met her, she's my purfect companion!


Tyson adopted us on Nov. 8th.  He had some pretty big shoes to fill following the loss of our Anna in early October.   He marched right into the house, happily greeted everyone and made himself at home.  He has been a blessing and is a great addition to the family. 




Dixie (FKA: Cindy) Loving her new life

Dixie, formally known as Cindy, was adopted during the Mega Adoption Event back in October. She has been the most delightful dog and amazing addition to our family. Everytime I come home from work, she makes sure that her smiling face is the first thing I see. She is the princess of this house and knows it. Words cannot say how grateful our family is for Dixie, her constant love and happiness has made the past couple of months amazing. Her new brother Rocky could not be happier to have someone to run the yard with and share his bed at night. We love Dixie so very much!

Dixie Dixie

Dixie loves taking every pillow
available on the bed!

She loves hopping into the bath,
and being pampered!


Rocky and Dixie have become the very best of friends!

Thank you LA-SPCA for giving us Dixie, we could not have found a better fit with out family!

Princess Lily

We adopted Lily (formerly known as Patches) and have had our lives completely changed! She is still somewhat timid around new people but has come a long way in the last two months and is the center of our world. She is the sweetest, most goofy, loudest snoring, most picky about which surfaces she'll lay on, smartest, most adorable girl we could have found but in reality she found us by walking up to us on the sidewalk with her foster mom and laying by my feet. It was fate! And as she lays here next to me hiding her nose, which always seems to be cold and burried under soft things, I think about how grateful I am for the SPCA and the foster homes. Happy holidays!!!

Tabasco - Formerly Captain Kirk

We adopted Tobasco at the end of November. We put our 13 year old cocker spaniel to sleep after a long battle with cancer. My daughter and I grieved over the summer and were ready to find a new baby to love. He has quickly adjusted to his new home and we easily fell in love with him. We can't wait to spend our first Christmas together! Here is our family Christmas card.

We got ourselves a Gibbs

My fiance and I recently relocated to New Orleans from Houston and knew when we moved that we were ready to expand our family by four legs (no, not twins -- sorry, family.)

We found ourselves at the LA/SPCA about a month after moving and immediately fell in love with this guy.


Although our hearts sank when he was intitally taken to the yard to interact with another couple, they left without him -- something we knew we could never do.


After taking him home, our first order of business was to give our guy a more proper name. "Lazy" would now be "Gibbs," who, while definitely a cuddle bug, we soon learned had PLENTY of energy. Luckily, we live just across the street from Coliseum Square Park, where Gibbs can run, play, fetch, and best of all, unleash his inner water dog!


Over the Thanksgiving holidays, he joined us on our first family road trip to visit the future in-laws in St. Louis. There, he got in his first lake and enjoyed his first taste of fall.


Now we are looking forward to Christmas in Texas, where we're sure this handsome boy will clean up thanks to his adoring new extended family. We can't imagine life before him. It's going to be a very happy holdays, indeed.



My kitten is adorable. She loves is when I play with strings with her, She would chases around the room. She got this cute little meows. :) I adore her so much! She in my bed lying down asleep right next to me. She seems to getting along with my other cat, Holly. Holly use to be shy, now she coming out a little more each day. Beautiful is just a cutie. She my happiness! I love her so much!  :) 

P.s. She just moved to another part of my bed, and she back to sleeping already :) 

Beautiful the Kitten


C.C. (Candy Cane)

Candy Cane

Little C.C. (Candy Cane) has joined our family with much enthusiasm this Christmas.  This is our first adoption of a beautiful angel from LA/SPCA.  C.C. has filed our hearts with joy, she is so playful, adorable and loving!  We are so happy to give her a home.  Thank you to everyone at the shelter for taking such great care of her.

Abra and Cloud


Abra and Cloud Abra

 I adopted Abra last Saturday,Nov. 9. She is happy, and a joyful, intelligent,house trained well behaved little girl.Her and cloud have bonded well, and he is very protective of her. Cloud lost his brother ,deuce, and was sad. Abra is the perfect match for cloud, and he is happy again. Thanks to you all for Abra.

Beautiful the kitten

I adopted her this week. She so cute she would sleeps with me she playful she follows me most of the times.  I adore her a lot. She really brightens up my day when I walk in a room she comes to me running to me . She would get on my laptop keys to hey my attention  as I was typing she sleeping on my lap.  I love her so much ! 

Our wonderful girl!

Meet Veda!  Previously known as "Cookie". We adopted her in the summer of 2012 and she has been a wonderful addition to our family.  She enjoys rides in the car, chasing squirrels and playing in her huge backyard on the Northshore. She has the best personality and is a great snuggler!

Jax (fka: O'Malley)

Jax is loving his new name, home, and siblings. He so loves to play but is a little clumsy and will fall over his over feet when he is excited.

He is so sweet and just wants to be loved. I come home and is so excited to see me that when I let him out of his kennel, he jumps up on his hind legs and loves to lick me. we love him so much and so does the other dogs, Saint and Gumbo (except when he want to rough play with them). He thinks he is as small as they are and try to bump him with them with his nose.

We couldn't have asked for a better dog. He is still learning new tricks and being trained on how to sit and lay down. He knows how to sit on command and will lay down to get his belly rub.

thank you for allowing us to adopt him.

Jax Jax
Reggie (AKA Sir Reginald)

On November 3, 2013, my brother and were sitting at home, doing homework, when my mom, dad, and sister walked through the front door with a big box. I heard meowing and saw little paws trying to get through the holes. I couldn't believe we finally got our first pet. Reggie has done his exploring and is now comfortably settled in at his new home. He's a curious cat and loves to follow us where he goes. Although he loves to play, we all agree sleeping is his all-time favorite. I'm sad to know that he has a cold and a very stuffy nose - lots of sneezing and sniffling. We try our best to make him comfortable, but we know he'll make it ;).

Reggie taking a catnap a few days after we adopted him 


Cooper! (formerly Myron)


Cooper has been a blessing to our family! We have enjoyed every minute from running around the backyard, teaching him tricks, camping, going for walks and cuddling together. Thank you LASPCA!

black rain

I  am loving my new rain...she helps n healing with all her little love ...she blends in with the family ...we all are happy .. 

Black Rain Black Rain Black Rain
shavur n black rain.....we love her so nee baby Playing with her toys on a rainy day me n my baby rain... 
Black Rain Black Rain Black Rain
Black Rain Black Rain  Black Rain
yes I'm besutiful.....almost 4 months on da 11th....  she loves me.... <3 my nap time..... 
A great kitty!


It was a hard choice at first when I walked into the shelter and saw all of the adorable and friendly kittens that I would have to choose from. But when I played with Rue, formally known as "Precious" I knew she was the gal for me! She immediately began purring and nussleing her head into my arm. That was it; I adopted her a few hours later!

   From the second I brought Rue home, she has been nothing but the best. She is so good, kind, and loving. Not to mention extremmmmly playful and smart! Her favorite game is trying to sneak up on me and scare me. ( I usualIy look down just in time to see her flying through the air with all fours outsreatched haha). She really is the best compay and so amusing! Also, I'd like to note that she is GREAT at traveling! I've flown to Texas with her and taken her with on a short road trip and she actually seems to enjoy it.

Bottom line is I'm infinitely greatful to be able to give Rue a home, and I highly encourage anyone thinking about adopting a kitten to do so!

Another SPCA success story.

I adopted my cat, Clio who was a year old in July from the Humane Society. I started thinking that she was bored with just me and wanted her to have a friend. Then, I adopted Gracie, my kitten, from you wonderful people last week. They are exactly a year apart. Clio was born last July and Gracie was born this July. The first few days were really scary. But little Gracie is so cute and gutsy that by the fourth day together, they are now eating, sleeping and playing together. Clio is no longer bored and I enjoy many hours watching them frolic. Thank you so much for giving me Gracie. I'd like to post a picture as well, but I can't figure out how to.


Arya (formerly Baby-Bop) was adopted three weeks ago. Since the day she was brought home, she has been playful, sweet, and a wonderful joy in our house. She charms every single person she meets from the moment she purrs and cuddles with anyone in need of a hug. Spoiled rotten, Arya enjoys her toys and sleeping in her big, comfy bed every single night with her favorite ball of paper (that she carries around the house at all times). 

We are overjoyed with Arya and cannot wait to see how this playful bundle of fun grows up to be an even more spectacular addition to our lives. 

Baby Bop Baby Bop
Queen Cora

Queen Cora

My husband and I adopted Cora (formerly Layla) from the LA-SPCA in February of this year.  The first time I saw her in the 'cat room', she melted my heart.  Those big blue eyes and her calm demeanor instantly won me over.  As I was adopting her, one of the girls working at the LA-SPCA said, "Aw, I'm so glad Layla is getting adopted.. she's the only cat who lets me dress her up in costumes."  Which, of course, made me fall even more in love with her.  

Upon bringing her home, she got along extremely well with our 90 lb Rottie/Boxer mix, Indiana.  She is graceful, playful, and sweet as honey.  She makes my day brighter each and every day.

This past May, just a few months after bringing Cora home, my father lost his battle with Stage IV melanoma.  Cora has been such a blessing throughout this hard time.  She makes me smile, laugh, and generously lets me bury my face in her bunny-soft fur when I'm missing my dad the most.  

I will be forever grateful to the LA-SPCA for the incredible gift they have given me.  Thank you.


Queen Cora Queen Cora
Chewy and Pig!
Chewy and Pig Chewy and Pig
Chewy and Pig Chewy and Pig
 Chewy and Pig  

Meet Chewy and Pig! Both of these lovely ladies were adopted at The Louisiana SPCA! Chewy was adopted on September 15, 2012, the day after my husband and I closed on our first home. We knew that a home wasn't a home unless you are greeted with puppy kisses :) We have had weenie dogs in the past and went in initially looking for a weenie dog or another small dog and we ended up with our hyper-active, loving, silly Chesapeke Bay Retriever, appropriately named Chewy! A few months later in early December, we decided that Chewy needed a friend! We looked online and saw a little cutie named Pig who is a Chiuaua/Min Pin mix. We went to the shelter to adopt Pig but didn't see her where all the other dogs were being held. I asked an employee and they told me that her foster dad had just arrived to pick her up so she was in the back being prepared to go home with him but that I could meet her and if I wanted, I could still adopt her. Chewy and Pig had their meet and greet that day. Chewy is a ta obnoxious and Pig was very nervous and shy; the two were worlds apart. We decided to take a chance and bring Pig home with us. Today the two are the best of friends, daddy's girls and mommy's princesses! I am so glad I chose to bring these little furballs into our home, lives and hearts. Thank you so much for caring for my sweet babies in their time with you. Adoption is definitely the way to go! <3

Happy Birthday


Here is Roscoe, (formerly Roland) bonding with his new dad at bedtime. Roscoe is slowly being introduced to the resident cat, but is already on goo terms with our dog, a mixed breed terrier.

Portia "Po'grrl"


I brought Po home about 3 weeks ago. If has been a love affair from day one.

not only are we getting along like long lost best friends, she is an ambassador for her breed. Being a pit mix of some sort, she has a temperament that is unparalleled and a face that could launch a thousand ships!

everywhere we go, people and dogs of all ages want to meet Po. Cars pull over off the street to pet and love her. And if course i take her everywhere with me. She also just got her first Brees jersey yesterday and wears it proudly!!!

i could not imagine my life without this sweet girl, I thank the SPCA for bringing us together :)

Phoebe And Ella Kate Nixon-Olsen

Introducing our newest member of our family: Eleanore Kathleen a.k.a "Ella Kate"! (Formerly "Kelly".) We adopted her this past weekend and she has become such a great addition to our home. We adopted her big sister Phoebe (Formerly "Short") at the LASPCA in May 2013. So much happiness and furry fun in our home! 

Irwin, the gentleman dog.


Irwin was in a foster home just a few doors down.   We met many times and each time, Irwin would come to accepted me a bit more.  On our last meeting he ran up the stairs onto the porch and let me rub his belly.  That's when his foster mom told me Irwin was up for adoption. TWO hours later, I was at the SPCA filling out the paperwork to make Irwin mine.   It has only been 5 weeks and we have  learned so much about each other. I know Irwin once had a family, he knows "sit", "stay" and rides in the car.  I learned a dog with 3 inch legs has a 5 foot verticle jump; just ask the squirrel walking along the top of that fence.   I wake up every morning to kisses from Irwin.  He is a pleasure to have in my home and in my life and our memories are just beginning!


 I just want to say "Thanks" for allowing BamBam to be a part of our family.  My daughter came their in hopes of getting another dog to fill the void from our previous dog we had to put to rest over a year ago. As well as finding a play mate and companionship for our current dog who was getting lonely. I must say that BamBam is truly an asset to our family. He's so well behaved and very well trained, he loves to give you kisses on your hand. He's just so adorable and get along well with the other dog in the house.  We were told that the family gave him up because the kids didn't want to take care of him anymore but let me reassure you that he's in good hands.  He blended in so well with our family as if he had been apart of the family already.  He loves to play and take his daily walks while getting nothing but compliments for everyone about how cute he is.  So thanks again for allow BamBam to be a part of our family and thank you SPCA for allowing us to adopt him. 

Richard Parker

We adopted Richard Parker (then Casper) from you three years ago.  He's brought us nothing but joy since then.  I went in looking for a cuddly cat, and boy did I get one.  He's quite talkative.  He's been known to follow my partner and I around our house until there's a lap to sit in.  I do not honestly know what my days would be like without his cross-eyed stare.

He's a darling and a wonderful companion.  I'm glad to be his forever home, and I'm thankful to LASPCA for bringing him into my life.

I named him before I met him.  I'd decided that I would name my cat after the tiger in Life of Pi.  His shelter name was Casper, and the LASPCA worker who had fostered him told us it was a name he'd earned.  She warned us that he was a hider.  Sure enough, the first week I brought him home I lost him.  At least, I thought I had.  I tore the house apart looking for him.  Hours later, I found him curled up in an empty kitchen drawer that he had managed to open, enter, and close behind him.  He was fast asleep.

Over the years, he and I have reached an understanding.  He's the most affectionate cat I've ever known, but most of my friends have never met him. He's shy and very particular about his affections.

Thanks for letting me meet my little friend, LASPCA.  I promise to take care of him for the rest of his life. 

Richard Parker

Tank Finds a Home

When my 4 year old son and I moved to New Orleans a few months ago, we were sad to leave our beagle mix behind. I'm a graduate student, and my son and I had been living in my parents' home while I finished coursework for my PhD. Our rescue dog, Dodger, was accustomed to 53 acres of open land; he'd also become attached to my parents' 11 year old dog during the time we lived there. My son understood why Dodger needed to stay in Mississippi, and he was comforted by the fact that Dodger would always be there when he went to visit his grandparents.

But over the past few months, we've missed having a pup around. My fiancee also missed having an animal around, as his 12 year old cat passed away in December. We'd all settled into our routine, but something was missing from our little family, so we made the decision that it was time to adopt. We looked around at a few shelters, but initially we couldn't find just the right dog for our family. We met plenty of wonderful dogs, and would've loved to give them all homes, but funds and space demanded that we find just one: And then we returned to the shelter to meet Tank (shelter name Tankian), a terrier/border collie mix who was an owner surrender. We all took to each other immediately, and Tank came to live with us the next day.

Tank has only been here a week and a half, but already we all belong to each other. Tank is housetrained, doesn't chew on toys that aren't his, walks well on a leash, and fetches. He also absolutely loves to cuddle. His last owner must've treated him very well, which is why I can't imagine how he ended up in a shelter. Howeer it happened, I'm glad we were able to get him out. Last night, Colin (my son) said "that's the most adorable face I've ever seen." And with their two little faces right next to each other, I had to agree on both counts. 


Wallflower (now named "Eena") the kitten

I adopted Wallflower who in now called "Eena" on Tuesday for my son's 8th birthday gift && they love each other already. She follows him everywhere he goes && waits on his bed for him to get home from school. I've tried to play with her while he's gone but if I take her form his room, she runs back in so I have to play with her there. She is super sweet, ablolutely gorgeous with her wild cat-like coat && she && my son make each other very happy. My other kitty, Inka, is ready to play with her but Eena is still a little wary but this morning, they were playing with each other through the crack under a door so I figure it will just be a few more days until they are running wild through the house && sleeping all curled up together. She is certainly an excellent addition to our family && it's obvious to me why she was the favorite of one of the workers there. 

Wallflower (Now Eena) Wallflower (Now Eena)
Wallflower (Now Eena)  
Along Came Ethel (Formally Known As Candy)

Ethel and Fred are hitting it off even better than we had hoped.

They both did their "business" in the backyard. A first for Fred as he usually requires a leash in order to produce anything.

Ethel walks well on a leash, eats like anyone named Ethel would be expected.

All In All, 100% Success in the Chaput-Gallagher, Fred and Ethel Household.

Pogeaux and Diamond!

Pogeaux and Diamond 

These bad boys here are Pogeaux and Diamond. We adopted Diamond about a year ago from the SPCA when my husband and I bought our first home and wanted to start our family with a pet. Diamond, our black lab, was well trained, loving, and felt right at home. He gets a little excited when people come over, and we aren't quite sure that he understands he weighs 100 pounds. After having Diamond for a year, we decided he needed a friend to run around the house and yard with. After meeting a few different pets, we saw Pogeaux on the website. We decided that the three of us just had to go meet Pogeaux; his bio sounded perfect for our wacky little family unit. At the shelter, poor Pogeaux didn't seem interested in playing with anyone, but he seemed very friendly and didn't mind Diamond trying to play with him. We figured we could give it a try. At first we were worried because from the moment we took Pogeaux from his foster mommy's arms he began to whine. We shouldn't have been worried at all because the moment we hit the Chalmette line, he seemed like he knew he was home! We opened the door to our house and after a little exploring our new sweet pup and Diamond started up running and playing all through the house. Occasionally they try to compete for attention but they love each other and are the biggest, most playful sweethearts we could ever hope for. I can't imagine waking up without them smooshing me!


We adopted Wyatt from the SPCA in April. He was a very sweet boy then, but could be skittish and hypervigilant, which was not surprising given that he'd supposedly been living on the streets for some time. Several months and an obedience class later, he's settled into our family with his big brother, Hank. He is a darling little guy and we're grateful to have the opportunity to welcome him home and to support the great work of the LASPCA.

Wyatt Wyatt
Miss Coco Chanel

Our family adopted Coco Chanel (formerly known as Coconut) about two weeks ago. She is a very sweet addition to the family and we all love her! She is going on 7 years old and so loving! She gives hugs and loves to talk... So happy we can be her furever home! 

Our Adorable and Lovable Smokey


We had been looking on and off for about a year for a dog to bring home and love.  And, when I saw that the SPCA was going to have dogs to adopt at a festival in City Park, we checked it out.  Without a doubt, when we met Smokey we knew he was our dog!  He had a great, calm demeanor and let us pet him.  He wasn't too shy nor too hyper....just right.  After adopting him and bringing him home, we fell in love with our adorable, lovable Smokey!  And, being that he is 6 years old, we figured he would be set in his ways.  And, thank God his ways were just what we were looking for.  He is sweet, loves being pet, loves his baths, loves walks and rides and is the perfect lap dog.  Oh, and he rarely barks, unless someone knocks at our door.  We love him so much and thank God and the SPCA that we found him! 

Lambchop (formerly CC)
Lambchop Lambchop Lambchop

Lambchop has been the perfect addition to our family.  Before Lamb arrived our other two pooches barely acknowledged each other, let alone played together.  Once Lamb arrived with his fun loving spirit and energy, the three boys began to form a brotherly bond and became inseparable.  They love playing with each other and "protecting the yard."  Lamb came into our house as a foster, but we knew from the day he first arrived we would never let him go.  He has brought endless smiles to our face and has quickly become a huge part of our family and lives.  WE LOVE YOU LAMBCHOP!!!

Brock the Manx
Brock the Manx
My husband and I had been considering adopting a cat, and after an errand on the West Bank, he suggested that we stop at the LASPCA "just to look." We immediately fell in love with a little tabby kitten named "Tuck." "Tuck" was a manx kitten, meaning he had long back legs and no tail. He purred all the way home from the shelter (even from inside his little cardboard box), and, on that first day, he chased a ping pong ball around the house for hours. We named him Brock.
That was five years ago in August. Brock brings us joy every single day. He is so excited to see us when we come home that he follows us around and purrs for an hour, putting himself in the way of anything else we want to do. He likes to hang on our shoulders while we carry him around hands-free. He knows several tricks, including "roll over," and is so smart that recognizes his favorite food, treats, and toys just from the word or from look of the packaging. Brock has never met a person, dog, or cat that he didn't like. We are so grateful for the way that Brock has enriched our lives.
Sometimes, our friends and family will comment, "I didn't know a cat could be like this." There are lots of great cats out there. Adopt a shelter cat.
What we thought were pit bull puppies...

turned out to be Plott Hounds!

I agreed to foster what everyone thought were two 8-week-old pit pups.  Of course, we couldn't stand to let them go!  They are now 5 months old and are working on becoming 50 lb. dogs.  Plott Hounds are used to hunt bear, boar, and raccoons, but I don't think we'll be doing any of that.

One-Eyed Jack

My husband and I adopted Jack (then Licorice) in November of 2010. I only wanted to visit the SPCA "just to  go pet some puppies" after a bad morning and we did see several excellent dogs that day. But as we were about to leave, this pathetic little gremlin was shivering in his kennel in the puppy room and broke my heart. He was raggidy, thin, and shaved due to severe matting. He also still had stitches where his right eye used to be. There was no way that I could just leave him there looking so sad and lonesome.

One Eyed Jack One Eyed Jack

We brought him home the next day and now we can't imagine life without our little One-Eyed Jack. He was abused and neglected for the first half of his life but he took no time at all to settle in as the center of attention. He is a daddy's boy who loves to cuddle. He was also a star pupil at obedience school. With time and patience and training, he's become a happy and sociable pup who loves to go with us to the coffee shop on Sunday mornings for breakfast to visit with the neighbors. He always brings his stuffed pink dinosaur to bed.

A year later we took in a stray, Pixel. We hoped that having a buddy would help Jack with his separation anxiety. I think he gets annoyed that he has to share attention with Pixel but he also likes having his adopted brother around to keep him company when we are not at home. Occasionally, if he thinks no one is watching, we'll catch Jack playing with Pixel in the living room like puppies. He has definitely come a long way from the scared & scrawny little pup we brought home almost three years ago!

One Eyed Jack One Eyed Jack

We love our little muttling rescue dogs!

Ada Louise Thomas

Ada Louise is the light of our lives. Everyone, including friends, family, co-workers and complete strangers love her. 

Dempsey (formerly Bogart)

Dempsey (formerly Bogart) has been a wonderful addition to our family.  From the day we met, I was instantly drawn to him.  He has the most beautiful coat with the most interesting colored eyes.  We took him out to play and I loved his energy.  He is a big guy (65lbs), but he has the heart of a lap dog.  When we first brought him home, he was a little nervous.  However, as time goes on we discover new personality traits that add to his charm.  He loves snacks and long walks.  He also loves shoes so we had to make some closet adjustments. :)  Dempsey is the most lovable, playful and in my opinion, the most handsome dog I have seen.  I love him more everyday and I hope for him to be a happy member of our family for the rest of his life.

Jay and Nique

Dempsey Dempsey
Dempsey Dempsey
Sasha (formally Holly)

I adopted this beautiful little girl after loosing my best friend and dog Jude. I walked into the SPCA hoping to find a little puppy i could take with me to work. I nanny for two small children, one with autism and it seemed to me that it was time to get a new dog, plus the kids would be great at helping me give it enough exercise! My mom and i had looked and played with several of the puppies before deciding on a beautiful yellow pit bull mix 5 month old puppy. We went to the counter to set up a home visit when my mom looked across the room, pointing at a dog that was laying on the ground next to a volunteer. To me it looked like an older dog, she was already as big as she was going to get, but she had the most gorgeous eyes we both had ever seen. I knew right then and there she was the right one for me. The volunteers of course took me out to see how she played, but i was already convinced i was going to go home as this dogs owner.

Sasha is 1 year and 5 months old. She was found as a stray and had been in the shelter for 3 months prior to me visiting. She is very good at staying by me and warning me if someone new is approaching. She loves to run in the yard and fetching the ball.

I cannot thank you all at the LASPCA enough!! I never thought I could love another dog the way I did with Jude.Sasha and I are still figuring each other out, but I have to say, i cannot imagine my life today if I would have walked out of your building without her. She has been nothing but joyful and loving. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Sasha Sasha
Sasha Sasha
Mardi Gras (formally known as Buzz)

Buzz (now Known as Mardi Gras) is a very Special Dog. She has quickly become the Queen of the house. We are truely lucky to have her in our lives. The Kids love her and she has Daddy wrapped around her little paw. Thank you to everyone at the LA/SPCA for giving us this precious Gift. she is truly loved and will Spend the rest of her life happy and very spoiled. 

Titus (formerly Carlos)

I love dogs, and I thought that I was ready to own one. Instead of looking on craigslist/classified section, I decided that I want to adopt a dog from the animal shelter and give it a loving home that it deserves. I went to the LA SPCA and saw several pets that I'd like to take home but once I laid my eyes on Titus, I instantly fell in love! He's such a handsome puppy and those ears! 

He didn't show his loving and affectionate personality until the next day, after he realized that he now has a forever home. I am so glad that I brought Titus into my life and able to provide him a happy home. I feel that he is the perfect match for me! Thank you LA SPCA!


HONEY <3 (formerly known as Noodle)
Honey I'm so happy to have my little red miss! I decided to change her name to Honey when I realized she wasn't so into Noodle and I must say it's a perfect fit. I can never look at her without smiling, just look at those ears! She gives lots of kisses and is the sweetest most playful girl and I love her for it. She is enjoying her new home and trips to the dog park amd has made so many new friends! She has learned to sit and how to play fetch and has come a long way with training, if only I could teach her to enjoy baths, haha.

She has been such a joy to have from the moment I seen her I knew I just had to have her she is learning new things evey day and loves playing with my three kids she is loving life!


Geraldine, my constant companion.

I have been a foster parent for nearly 6 years, holding tightly to my role as an interim between an animal's life in the shelter and their forever home. I've had many pets pass through my doors, and it wasn't until meeting Geraldine (originally Brenna) that I realized it would be impossible for me to let her pass through. Since adopting her on February 24th, she has been my constant and greatest companion. From hiking swamp trails, to canoeing, to road trips, to long French Quarter strolls....I couldn't imagine my world without her by my side. She brings me such joy, and a higher quality of life than I could have imagined. I can't thank the LASPCA enough for their commitment and dedication to partnering pets with their human companions.


On 3/13/13 i adopted my new boxer mix puppy named sophie (originally chrissy). i got her for my son who is 2 and needs a companion. we first looked at her sister which didnt take to well to my son so they brought out sophie she walked right up to my son and put her head in his lap. she chose him. shes the best dog super sweet and laid back im so glad we picked the second choice because she was the best choice. she follows my son everywhere he goes and refuses to leave his side. they are best friends. thanks a million LASPCA im glad i was able to find my son a forever friend and sophie and forever home.


Natalie and Gage

Introducing Sir Beckham! Best Dog Ever!!!!

On March 7, 2013, I checked the (laspca) website and found one dog that stood out. His name was Beckham. His intake showed as February 16 which was my birthday. That day was rather rough for me considering my 93 year old father and friend had passed on the 13th. Over the past month, I made several statements aloud before I checked this site. My wish list was as follows: retriever, pitbull, or shepherd mix, male, reddish brown, not too large and not too small, healthy, loves kids, loves other dogs, housebroken, and walks without a leash. I just had to have a closer look and urged my husband to take me to the shelter. Upon my arrival to the dog area, I noticed Beckham immediately (handsome guy). He caught my eye and began wagging his tail, panting heavily, and doing a little dance for me. I fell in love. None of the other animals did this. I even watched Beckham with other prospective parents, and he didn't even give them a second look. I checked out a few other possibilities while keeping my eye on my new best friend. I believe we got to the building at 12:30. He had a hold until 1:15 for another family and I was next in line at 1:00pm. I filled out the paperwork very slowly just in case the other family decided to show up. At 1:15, with an all clear, I was able to adopt Beckham. He was so excited to see me waiting for him in the lobby. I knew he would fit into my family.

Beckham who had trouble with getting into a vehicle, no longer has a fear of car rides. He also enjoys a good bath. Beckham loves our daily Esplanade Ave walks. He's very quiet and obedient. He can sit, stay, come, shake hands, go poop, and jump in (car) on command. He loves my children and every other kid he comes into contact with. He visits the dog park (Dauphine and Barracks) once a day and has met a few new friends. I got everything I asked for and more. He is irreplacable. We love Beckham! Thanks LASPCA!!!!

A Turbo Update

I’m writing this because I want to thank the LASPCA for giving my fiancé and I a wonderful addition to our young family.  In November 2011 the two of us found our K-9 companion sitting quietly at the shelter waiting for his forever home.  Turbo, then called Jim, was 8 months old and very shy, but  we knew there was something special to be seen in him.  Now as Turbo’s 2nd birthday, comes around in mid March, my fiancé and I are proud of how much our little boy has grown!  The once shy Turbo, has turned into a very happy, silly, and outgoing dog.  He’s brought us many smiles and always manages to brighten our days!

I’m happy to say that Turbo’s grown in many ways!  Slowly, my fiancé and I have brought this little shepherd mix out of his shell with constant encouragement, basic obedience training, and plenty of socialization.  We take him on new adventures all the time.  (We even took him with us on a family vacation to Wisconsin where he saw snow for the first time in his life!)  And, best of all he loves it!  Whenever Turbo sees his leash, he gets very excited, spinning in circles and bouncing up and down.  We take Turbo on long walks in the various parks around the city, let him play with other dogs in the dog park, take him shopping with us or exploring the French Quarter.  He enjoys it all, plus  it is cute because he has a habit of bumping us with his nose whenever he is happy.  And don’t even get me started on how much he loves going to the pet store; he always seems to convince me to buy him a new toy every time we go!

It’s hard to imagine how our Turbo was when we first adopted him!  He’s really blossomed into a wonderfully happy dog who’s brought my fiancé and I a lot of joy in our lives.  It makes us happy to watch him grow and we are very excited to see him through many, many more birthdays! 

I just have to say, thank you LASPCA for letting us adopt the timid Jim and shape him into the outgoing Turbo he is now!  Because of Turbo, I recommend adoption to anybody who is looking to add a new pet into their family!

He Rescued His Human :)

A new job had me relocating to New Orleans. I was excited to make the move with my constant companion of 11 yrs at my side, my rescue boxer Murphy (picture right). Murphy helped me discover fun new places, trips to The Fly and City Bark to meet new friends, and listening to live music at local restaurants. Four months after moving to the Crescent City Murphy had his first seizure and two weeks later he was gone. The hole he left in my life I thought would never heal. It took me eight weeks to gather the courage to pack up Murphy's toys, blankets, food and dishes and decide to donate them to the LA-SPCA. 

I knew that being a rescue himself Murphy would want dogs looking for their forever home to have his favorite items. Walking into the SPCA I knew I was doing the right thing; it felt good. I dropped off my donations and a volunteer asked if I would like to look at the animals up for adoption. I told her my story and that I didn't think I was ready to adopt again just yet but I wouldn't mind looking at the dogs. I walked around and said hello to many smiling faces and wagging tails, taking time to scratch some ears and get some kisses along the way. 

When I saw "Dasher" (picture below) there was another woman in front of his cage and he was in the back looking nervous and worried. I continued around the room and stopped back by when I came around. "Dasher" came to the front of his cage, lowered his head and wiggled his entire body. I knew he had picked me whether I was ready or not. 

"Dasher" has now become "Caboose" and is a wonderful, amazing addition to my family. He hasn't filled the hole that Murphy left, but he has helped heal the pain. Thank you LA-SPCA for taking care of my little Caboose until he could rescue his human! 


2 rescued Chihuahuas

4 1/2 years ago, I adopted 9 year old Chi-Chi, an 8 pound Chihuahua with arthritis and one eye, who immediately became my special dear princess!  Then recently,  I accidentally came upon a Chihuahua adoption day and took in a 3 year old tiny Chihuahua weighing less than 4 pounds.  These 2 rescues mean more to me than I ever dreamed possible!  I recommend adoption any day!  It helps so much~  And gives back even more....

Perfection on four legs

I adopted my Italian Labrador (Italian Greyhound/ Lab mix) in July of 2009.  Since the first day she couldn't have been more perfect.  She is a rare dog when even a 4 year old child can pull on her tail and you can see the smile across her face from the loving attention.  At parties at home she is so social and anyone who starts to pet her is in for hours of hassle for more. She loves every dog she runs into. Chloe is more than apart of my family, she is the center of our family.  She is waiting by the door starting at 4:30 waiting for everyone to get home from work and won't leave till all of her people are home.  I couldn't imagine a more perfect dog and I thank the SPCA enough for bringing her into my life.  She has changed my life in so many ways.  Adopt a shelter animal, you will not regret it. 


I brought Peanut home today but it's as if he's been a part of my family forever. Everyone loves him. Calm cool and collected he fell right into the family groove. Very sweet, and easy going. Just take a look, he's so at home.

Mardi (once known as Cary)

We've had Mardi (Cary) for 5 years now and have been grateful for every moment. He was brought to Maine September 2007 from the LA SPCA by a group of volunteers. They drove him along with 5 other dogs to the ASPCA in Rockland, Maine due to overcrowding in southern shelters. Mardi was shy and nervous, expected after spending 3 days in a van. We could see the kindness in his eyes though and are so glad we took a chance on him.

He's grown from a gangly 50 lb puppy (it was estimated he was 7 months old) to a beautiful strong 80 lb dog. He's amazingly gentle and sweet. His best friend is Gobi the cat and the wood stove. For a southern dog he LOVES the snow. Bounding through and tunneling with his ever sniffing nose, heaven! He's a bit of a worrier but we attribute it to his past. We know he loves us and wants to make sure we're safe and close. We want the same for him and are so glad we found him. We couldn't imagine these past years without our constant bellowing fuzz ball.

We gave him a birthday, January 24th. So Mardi, Mr Pants, Buddy, Mardi Mooba, Fuzzface, Senior Pantalones, Happy 6th Birthday! We love you so much!






We cannot thank the LA-SPCA enough for giving us such a precious gift. Natalie was adopted in June of 2011 and has been at our side ever since. She brings joy to us every day with her bright smile, warm nature, and unconditional love. We have always loved pitbulls because they are so opposite of the bad reputation that they have been given. Natalie, like so many others, will hopefully continue to prove wrong what is said about pitbulls. Her high-spirited personality and sweet-tempered nature have captured the hearts of many that have met her. We look forward to many, many more happy, healthy doggie years. Thank you so much again for all that you do for animals in need in our community. 


Charles and Emily Greer

Penelope - The Care Cadet Graduate

Dear Hollie & the LA/SPCA Care Cadets,

Penelope has become such a part of our lives that we think we have had her for months. She has become the center of attention to everybody that comes to visit, and we had many friends and family that came to welcome her home from the LA/SPCA. She is such a well behaved lady. She has not forgotten her commands that the Care Cadets, Anna and Zora taught her. When we say sit, stay, come, she does them all so well. They did such a fantastic job with her. They should be very proud. When its walk time each morning and evening she hears me get her harness and she is ready. Thank you all for trusting her to our care. She is well loved. Oh, yes tell the girls, they were right....she does not like when we walk we watch closely to make sure we keep our distance.

Thanks again to the LA/SPCA and their Care Cadets for the fantastic job you all did with Penelope and continue to do for the animals of Louisiana.

Sincerely, Linda and the Brown Family (now including Penelope)

Thanks From Aslan

Hi, it's Aslan here. I'm just dropping a line to thank you all for taking such good care of me and finding me the best parents ever. They give me the tastiest organic food available (only the best for me). I have plenty of toys and they play with me for as long as I like. I've been to the beauty shop (groom) and now all my tangles are gone. I have my own bed that I sleep in often, but at night I do prefer to climb in my parents bed and snuggle between them. My parents scratch my belly for me and give me hugs and kisses all the time. I am such a happy kitty now. Thank you all so much for being there and being patient with me while you nursed me back to health. I love you guys!

Update on Callie (once Polly)

I know everyone thinks this about their dog, but Callie (originally Polly) really IS the best dog in the world! We adopted her last September, aged 7 months. We celebrated her 1st birthday last month at an outside table at Rum House, having a few mojitos in her honour, while she chewed on a juicy bone from Petcetera, and Magazine Street shoppers constantly stopped to stroke/admire her!

My fiance and I had just moved to Nola when we got Callie - him from Masschusetts, and me from London, UK. We've explored the city as a family, and are all equally in love with the place! She made our new home complete, and gave us the perfect excuse to endlessy wander the streets of this crazy, amazing town.

Callie was a little under the weather when we first go her, but it seems it wasn't just the kennel cough keeping her quiet - she is one chilled out lady! An average day for her involves around 21 hours of sleep, and 3 hours of playing. In those 3 hours she can be found flirting with her various & many admirers in the parks of the Irish Channel/Uptown district. Before dinner is trick-learning time, and we've successfully taught her Sit, Lie Down, Come here, Paw & Roll over! She has very few bad habits, apart from snoring and occasionally trying to dig a tunnel from our garden to the center of the earth.

We could not have asked for a more gentle, affectionate dog. Callie loves to give kisses and will nestle her nose into the chest of whoever she is sharing a sofa with. She has made a place 5000 miles away from my family feel like home for me, and has made my fiance giggle like a little girl after the most exhausting of days at Med School! Thank you, LA/SPCA for finding this amazing puppy and bringing her into our lives. 

An Update on Kobe (Now Gambit)


I wanted to send in an update on Kobe, a dog that was adopted out in July of last year. Kobe is now named Gambit, and he responds very well to the name. He's also put on a few more pounds and is a healthy dog.

The transition when we first got him was easy. His main problem was using the bathroom in the house. However, after patience, we were able to eliminate that behavior. We've also had him trained, so he knows how to do some tricks, which is always fun to do with him. He's a very lovable dog, and we are very blessed to have him in our lives.

We also just recently adopted another shelter dog, and her name is Rogue (going with the X-Men theme). She's older than Gambit (3), and it took a while for them to mesh, but now they are pretty much best friends.

Now Gambit has a playmate! Thanks again for letting us adopt Kobe -- now known as Gambit. It's been a huge change in our lives, and it was the first major decision we made together since moving to Louisiana.

Otis to the Rescue

After loosing our dog back in November. My family and I were undecided if we would ever get another dog.  But as time went on, I began to realize that our home was not the same. On Saturday morning, January 21st, I had been browsing Craig's List when I saw that the SPCA had posted some of their pets for adoptions.  My kids, my nephew and I had gone, with the understanding that we were just going to look but not make a decision, but once we got there, everything else went out of the window.  We looked at a couple of dogs and while looking my youngest daughter happened to spot the cutest but shy 2month old Welsh Terrier Mix, by the name of Otis.  We were allowed to take Otis out to try and scope out his character.  I knew that, "he was the one." We didn't get him that particular day but was able to put him on hold for 24hrs.  When I got home I was thinking to myself just how blessed this puppy would be and we had never had a puppy before.  We woke up on Sunday morning and "Otis" was the first thing we thought about.  We did the paper work and I'm not sure why I was so emotional, but when they announced over the intercom, that "Otis has just been adopted!"  I was overcome with joy.  It was like some good deed had been accomplished.  When they brought him out, I actually cried!! Well, you have to know me to understand.  Otis came home with us on Sunday, January 22nd.  It was weird calling him Otis at first, but his name has stuck and he fits in well with everyone,including his gramma.  Otis is still learning, but he is happy to be here and we love him. The staff was excellent!! They gave us a lot of infomation as far as care, training, etc .One of the things a staff member mentioned is to make sure that we would teach Otis to play with toys and we have .Not only does he know how to play with them, but also knows how to fetch them. Thank You SPCA!!!


Found my best friend

My girlfriend and I were looking to adopt a dog to take our relationship to the next level.  We did weeks of research and took trips to different breeders and looked at many dogs.  We started giving up cause we weren't having any luck connecting with a dog or the prices were just too high.  One day we decided to look up dogs on the la-spca website.  There were several dogs we were interested so we decided to take a trip to the shelter.  One dog in particular caught our eye. They were labeled as lab mixes. (after some research on the web, we decided he was a lab/ rhodesian ridgeback mix).  All were eager to come see us except one in the back.  He sat there looking tired.  We decided to ask to see him and he was just the cutest thing ever.  Small and fluffy, he was laid back and very calm.   After playing with him some in the outside play pin, we decided that this was the dog for us.

Almost a year later (and 80+ lbs!!!), Rocky (we changed his name to Dexter) is all grown up.  He is just a laid back and calm as when he was a puppy.  My girlfriend and I are just as happy as the day we got him and he has only made our relationship better.  Dexter has become the perfect dog for us and what made it even better was that we got him from the shelter.

Praline the Pit Queen of New Orleans!

The minute I read the story in Gambit regarding the pit bull overpopulation and abuse in New Orleans, something touched me that I couldn't ignore.  The next morning I drove to the LASPCA, and as soon as I walked in I saw Praline (then Kelly) looking up at me with her sweet brown eyes and fell in love!  I adopted her the very next day and have never felt better about a decision I've made.  She is the light of my life, and I can't imagine my day to day with out her.  Now I get to see the sunrise in Audubon Park every morning when we run, and I've found myself appreciating all the small things! Truly stopping to smell the roses - because she loves flowers!  Thank you so much for your help, I'm a proud Mama.

magnificant malcolm!
I adopted malcolm nov 27th. I have only been in new orleans since aug. and i was looking for friend. i wanted a small mature dog. i saw malcolm on the website and knew he was for me. he has surpassed any expectations !I think we fall more in love with each other more everyday!  i feel bad for the people that have past him up previously beacause of age ect. he is extremely active and well behaved and extremely smart! I am so lucky to have found him , we are looking forward to the new year and many more!! THANKYOU to who sadley gave him up so  I could have him and to  the LA/SPCA!!  yay!! maureen  & MALCOLM collins {it was fate we have the same initials!!}
The Shaggy Story

In August, I went to adoption day at the mall one weekend because I was feeling blue just wanted to come hang out and play with the adoptables.  As soon as I walked through the door, Shaggy greeted me and I immediately fell in love!  I couldn’t believe that a dog like him ended up in a shelter…and unfathomable that he had already been adopted once 8 months previously and then abandoned to walk the streets a mere 6-7 months later.  And I was even more shocked that he had been at the shelter for 5 weeks without anyone adopting him!  Poor baby was recently tested positive for heartworm and due to the recent Imiticide shortage, he won’t be able to be definitively treated even if he were adopted…and that he would require daily antibiotics 1 out of every three months until there is enough Imiticide to get around to him.  His future at the shelter looked meek.  I was initially concerned about the level commitment, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him after I left.  After doing all the research about heartworm treatments, I returned a week later and brought my baby home!   He was named “Shaggy” at the shelter because of the long unkempt hair full of matting.   As soon as we got home, he got a couple of haircuts and a couple of showers just to get him clean enough to be in the house…followed by a professional grooming the next day.  Since he didn’t respond to “Shaggy” and after grooming, the moniker no longer applied so he was renamed “Riley”.   The first sign of his intelligence was that it only took about three days before he learned his name.   And he marked once when he first got home, but he is completely house trained.  He is also extremely sweet and loving and playful and friendly.  He is loved and adored by EVERYONE he meets.   He’s traveled on cross country flights with me and had won the hearts of flight attendants and TSA personnel!   My 68 yr old mother stayed with me when she had surgery and he was so loving toward her and escorted her from room to room and really “looked” after her when I was at work.  She thinks he’s the best dog she’s ever met! He is in every way the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.  I think he rescued me as much as I did him!   As you can see in the pictures, his two favorite activities are playing fetch in the park and snuggling with his mommy. I feel so blessed that what the LA/SPCA does had enabled Riley to come into my life!  We are both extremely happy!  Thank you!!! Eliza & Riley


I had to put down, Abby,  one of my beloved dogs last month and my other dog Kenny, was grieving and sleeping a lot.  I thought a new friend was what he needed.  Boy was I ever right!  They are best friends, play most of the day and get along great. Kenny is blind and Rico brings toys to him, by shoving them in his face to play tug-war.  Rico turned out to be a joy, he goes to the back door to go potty, doesn't chew on anything but his toys, sleeps in a kennel at night and is a pleasure to have around, as he gives kisses free;ly and loves to be in your lap.  I have no idea how such a sweet puppy  ended up at your shelter but I am glad he did.

Thanks to the LA/SPCA for all the hard work they do and for having somewhere for them to wait  for that someone to give them a  home.

I was told that if it didn't work out, I could bring him back within 2 weeks, NOT A CHANCE !!!  He has found his forever home. And he is deeply loved by my husband, myself and Kenny.

Thanks for making this adoption a pleasure.

Rosalyn and Lonie Mayeux and Kenny 

Great News from Casey

I adopted a boxer from the LA/SPCA a few months back and wanted to send you all an update. Casey is doing fantastic. I couldn't imagine my life being the same without her in it. She and our other pets get along great, and we have had no issues with her since adoption. Thanks so much to all the wonderful people at the shelter for caring for her. She is a wonderful dog and a much loved part of our little family.

- Krista McCormick


Forever Gus

Gus is still Gus and wouldn’t be called by any other name. He loves running in his back yard and going for walks in the neighborhood. He loves to play with other dogs and easily makes friends when amongst them. He has a wonderful disposition which makes him easy to handle in social situations and he loves all the attention he gets. For his first few days at his new home he was a bit timid. He would seemingly ask for permission to lie on the couch. Well that’s over with now and he is a lap dog that loves to just melt into the couch next to any person. For Gus’s first day at the house, he had a lot of visitors from his new friends and family and he was so excited that it seems as though his excitement has yet to go away.


Sabu Bourgeois
My husband and I adopted a 2 month old catahoula/terrier mix puppy in Febuary of 2011.  We adopted him from the SPCA on the westbank.  Sabu is a amazing companion, he loves to swim, boat rides, camping, vacations, playing fetch, and anything that he can do outside.  He has grown to be 55pds and is very strong, and he continues to grow more everyday.  Sabu has made our life amazing, adopting a puppy was the best thing I could have ever done.  Thank you SPCA for your beautiful new facility and for a healthy and loving companion.  
Rocko and Kaci with a "K"

My husband and I wandered in to LA/SPCA last Friday hoping to find a new pal for our jack russell terrier, Cutter. Little did we know that we would fall in love with two, that's right TWO, dogs!! A two month old boxer pup named Kaci and a four year old catahoula named Rocko. We knew almost immediately that we would take them both. We brought them home Friday night and they fit into our family like they were always meant to be here. Cutter has never been happier to have two new siblings and I believe Rocko enjoys the big soft bed we got him. We like to call Rocko "Papa Bear" because he seems to take care of everyone. He lets my two yr old son roll all over him and he likes to sleep in front of my daughters crib during her naps. He is definitely the leader of the house already! We couldn't be happier with our new furry family members and are ecstatic with how well they fit in :)







Reesey Marie - from the streets of Algiers a year ago ...

As you can see from these photos, Reesey Marie rules the roost!  Her name given by the SPCA was Storm.  She was feisty and active, with lots of spunk.  In the visiting room, she wasn't the friendliest girl, but I was bound and determined that would change.  Her & I would challenge each other for the next four months. 

We named her for the color of Reese's Pieces!  Reesey came from the streets of Algiers as a feral kitten.  She was four months old and had to learn to fend for herself.  During her first winter with us (2010), she caught four mice coming up in the stove (continued Katrina construction in St. Bernard Parish).  She brings in lizards (and her share of birds) on a regular basis through the kitty/doggie door to our huge back yard.  And don't leave your glass of water or milk sitting around - Reesey drinks it with her paws!! Dip/lick, dip/lick, dip/lick!!! 

Ree-Ree still challenges us with her antics, she will push the limits, but is quick to understand commands are for her own safety.  She has four other adopted siblings (not by blood) to share the household, but she acts like she's in charge.  I have to show her who's the queen bee, and who are the worker bees!! (That's kind of funny, cuz she's two of five that actually hunts. My three oldest just lounge and live the Life of Riley!)

Anyway, she has grown into a sweet, loving, affectionate cat, who can hold her own.  She has her own fave spot, on the top back of the chaisse lounge chair for sleeping, and a window perch for morning viewing.  Once in awhile, when she's feeling especially affectionate, she'll snuggle with me in my bed late on Saturday mornings.

Reesey has been a blessing to our family.  She's fun to watch, and loves to play.  Anyone who adopts a baby from the streets of Algiers will have a jewel on hand - a real participant in the family.  We love her more now than ever!

A New Home and New Name for Mama

Once Upon a time Mama strayed from her home and went exploring trying to find some friendly faces. She was enjoying a lovely New Orleans spring day when she accidentally wandered into an area that had lots of traffic. Unfortunately the rush hour drivers didn’t see Mama, and she was hit by a car. She managed to limp away from the accident with an injured leg but she couldn’t make it far. A nice bystander stayed with her in a safe spot while calling the LA/SPCA for assistance. An Animal Control Officer arrived quickly and brought Mama back to the shelter for treatment and some much needed TLC. An X-Ray at the shelter revealed a fractured leg. The veterinary staff thought perhaps amputation would be necessary, but Mama had a strong will and wanted to heal her leg. We wanted to give her and her leg every chance to heal so we placed her into a loving foster home. After several months and a lot of care, Mama was able to put weight on her leg and now can walk without pain! She’s now looking for a new home where she can play and enjoy companionship. Mama has soft eyes and a warm demeanor and she’s looking forward to meeting you!


Update 6/13/11: Mama has been adopted!!!!!

This morning Mama was adopted into a lovely new home where she's sure to get the attention and love she's been hoping for! Here's a picture of Mama with her new happy family!

And she lived Happily Ever After!



Update 7/27/11: Message from Mama's (now Winnie's) owner:

Hi everyone!


Mama (now Winnie - we think we've finally decided on a name for her!) is doing extremely well in our home.  We couldn't be happier!  As you may have noticed, she is no longer a mop, which she seems to appreciate because we no longer step on her fur!  She loves to play fetch, to get belly rubs, to play with her siblings, and to snuggle on the bed.  Her interactions with our other pets are even better than we had hoped!  We love her so much; she is the perfect addition!


Thank you for all of your work!


A Foster Mom's Story

By: Irma Landry

On April 29, 2011, two, precious, four-legged, little lives came into my life. Two little "throw away" pups that were dropped off at the shelter were in a sad, deplorable condition. They were so fragile and scared. In the nine shorts months of existence I don't think they were bathed or groomed, much less given any attention of affection. It looked like a case of neglect with a capital N. They needed to be fostered in the worst way.

When I saw them for the first time, my thoughts were; "This is God's handiwork, how could anyone let these two innocent little creatures get in this condition?" They were so terrified of humans; they huddled together and would not even come out of their kennel. They were also so dirty and their hair was so long and matted, I don't think they could see too well either. Some people at the shelter had almost given up hope.

I took them home and within 48 hours, there was a big change in them. The more attention and TLC they received, the faster they progressed. Then, after they were calm enough to get bathed and groomed, they looked like two different, little dogs. That was six weeks ago. They --Sonny and Cher (formerly Canine and Sasha) -- have blossomed into two, happy and playful puppies. They have just been thriving on love and attention. They love to greet me and all the visitors at my house with kisses and wagging tails.

Today is the big day! Sonny and Cher are going to be adopted today. Actually, I'm the one who is being adopted today by them. I know, I know, people adopt dogs, not the other way around, but in this case, I think they had me the first time I saw them. To me all the dogs and cats in shelters everywhere are precious little lives just trying to survive. I just wish I could help all of them.

My name is Julie & we adopted Dixie, a blue/white Pit Bull about a month ago & we couldn't be happier! She is the best, and we couldn't imagine not having her here now. This is my 1st adopted puppy, and comes just after losing my 12 year old Pit Bull Sadie. I have always fought ignorance aginst this amazing breed of dogs & look forward to continuing my fight with sweet Dixie! She loves to play, potty training has gone great, she loves all of her late big sisters toys, and my favorite pictures to snap of her are when she is asleep because some of those positions make us laugh and just do not look too comfy :) She is loved by everyone in the family, her new grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles, and of course her Daddy & I :) It is very clear that soon after her 1st day, she had settled in nicely, and she couldn't be more loved!! We want to thank the laspca for everything you do! We are forever grateful & will likely always adopt in the future!
Thank you again!!
Julie, Mike, & Dixie

While our decision to go to the SPCA could be called impulsive, the thought behind it was not. My husband and I decided long ago to add a new addition to our family, not only as a companion to our dog, Charlie, (a rambunctious terrier mix) but also as an additional security during the weeks he had to be away for work. Ok, and mostly, we love dogs. We knew we wanted a larger dog, and he had an idea of a lab mix for their loyalty and his history with the breed. I was just hoping I wouldn’t be dragged out, pleading for every animal I saw. We both are animal lovers and thought we would be able to explore our options like the impartial adults we attempt to be. Not so.

Pharoah was one of the first dogs we saw, he had a goofy and solitary air to him, and was extremely large for a 6 month old puppy at 60 lbs. He was a St. Bernard and Lab mix that was an “owner surrender”-supposedly the previous owner hadn’t anticipated his size.

The woman who helped us allowed us to take him out into the little gravel yard, and I tried not to fall in love while he chased a wounded pigeon. No, I thought, I’m not so sure, he is very large. The woman assured us that he was a lot like a prematurely tall 12 year old, the expectation was for him to act more mature, but he was really just tripping over his own feet. This stuck with me. She seemed to know Pharoah. What an accurate perception of this particular dog. His aloofness changed slightly as he went back into his kennel, mourning the freedom. We took the time to look at the other dogs, playing with an affectionate Doberman and checking out all of the kennels, still leaning and yearning towards Pharoah. Needless to say, we filled out adoption paperwork that day. There were extensive questions regarding living conditions, hurricane evacuations, and heartworm medication. I was impressed at the quality of life the Louisiana SPCA demanded for these animals, and I was grateful for it as well.

The following morning, we returned with Charlie, panting in our backseat, to meet his future friend. After some play and jumping, they seemed to get along famously, with a little bit of attempting to dominate, but nothing more than adolesant male dog shenanigans. Pharoah was brought up to date on all shots, and we were given the rundown from the helpful staff on what was expected of us, and they seemed genuinely pleased to see him go to a good home. As they announced on the loud speaker that Pharoah was going home, I felt like this was exactly the right dog for us.

Even today, minus the corners of our coffee table, and amidst the rubble that is puppy hood, I still feel this way. He has been a quirky and sweet companion to all of us. He is a snoring, face-planting, and happy dog who wants nothing more than to lie in the grass, sunning his pink, spotted skin. He is a good walker on a leash, tells me when he has to go out, and can sit and lay down. He now comes to us for affection and it warms my heart when I see Charlie and Pharoah, limbs entangled, sharing a bed at night.

 I couldn’t have been more pleased with the SPCA and the attention to detail they pay to all their pets, mostly on a personal level, recognizing the pets’ personality and celebrating the success of finding them a home. I would recommend them to anyone looking to adopt.


We first saw Casey while walking through the shelter after bringing in a stray we found. We had been talking about adopting another dog as a companion for our springer spaniel puppy, Abbey, but couldn't find one to fit our family. We looked at many differentdogs in the shelter, but decided that we wanted to meet Casey, an eight month old solid white boxer, that was surrendered by her owner. We took her out and played with her for a while. We went home and thought about it, and decided we wanted to adopt her. We took all the necessary steps to complete the adoption, including bringing our existing dog to meet her. We adopted Casey over a month ago and have NO regrets. She was kind of skiddish when we first got her home, but after a few weeks with our family she blossomed and started showingher true colors. She is such a fantastic dog. She and Abbey accent each other so well, they just balance each other out. They spend their days swimming and romping around a huge backyard, taking trips to pet stores, dogparks, fishing, and pretty much everywhere we go. At night they come inside, get cleaned up, and crawl in bed with my fiance and I. Casey has brought so much joy to our lives, I couldn't imagine spending a night without her. She is a companion to both Abbey, and myself. She has made a fantastic addition to our family.
Jerrica and Lexis

When I walked into the shelter that day in January, I was looking for a specific type of dog. I had wanted an aussie/catahoula mix that I had found on petfinder, but when I looked the morning we left, the 3 puppies had already been adopted from their shelter. There was another puppy I was interested in, a rough collie mix that would do well with my lifestyle. I wanted a puppy that I could teach to stay out of the hooves of my horses, one that could keep up on a trail ride, would love to hike, and could get along with a lot of other animals. The puppy's name was Popcorn, and, to be honest, my mother was pushing for me to adopt her.

We arrived at the N.O. SPCA and were met by a friendly volunteer who took us to see the puppies. Popcorn was as adorable as her picture had suggested, but she wasn't for me. She instantly bonded with my mother, and I knew she wouldn't ever be my dog. Mom said that Popcorn was coming home one way or another and the volunteer must have seen a chance to adopt out two puppies rather than just one. I had explained to the volunteer what I was looking for and she directed my attention to some fluffy Golden Retriever mixes I had noticed in the kennel next to Popcorn. Out of all the breeds I had considered, I hadn't really wanted a Golden Retriever because I had heard they were like fluffy labs. I'm glad that the volunteer convinced me to look at them.

The larger puppy was more active and I nearly took her with me because I couldn't wake up the other puppy. It was a hard choice though because they were so cute. The volunteer suggested taking them out to the puppy yards. When we put the puppies down, Lexis (then Lexus) was instantly awake. The other puppy wanted nothing to do with me and was playing with an older man who had come with his wife to look at the puppies. Lex went from sleep mode to play mode and started running and playing with me. I knew that she was the one that I wanted to come home with. The volunteer suggested that I hurry up to start the paperwork because closing was getting nearer and the lady wanted Lexis while her husband wanted the other puppy. While I was doing paperwork, Lexis was vet checked and then my dad wound up holding her. She whined and wiggled in my direction until Dad handed her to me. She settled in my lap until she had to potty and then when she was returned to me, she fell asleep in my lap. On the way home, this 4 lb ball of fluffy fur fell asleep snuggled against me. That was the start of a deep bond that I can't imagine my life without.

Lexis has turned into the perfect mix of dog for me. She has gotten larger than I ever thought she would and still looks like she has more growing to do, but that is fine with me. She and my other dog Silverbell butted heads for quite a while. Bell is a  6 year old puppy mill rescue long-haired chihuahua, and Lex doesn't realize she's not a 4 lb baby anymore. Now that Lexis is older and a little less hyper, she and Silverbell get along great. They play together occasionally and both love to hike even though Bell usually has to be carried home on the way back from longer hikes. They do still butt heads when Silverbell has enough of Lexis's rough housing, but they've learned to share me. Lexis still manages to fold herself into my lap when we're riding in the car or relaxing on the couch or bed.

Lexis is incredibly smart. She's a quick learner now that her attention span is longer than a few seconds. She has never made in the bed and is usually pretty good about going outside. The only times she makes in the house is when we don't catch that she needs to go. We had a bit of a problem with chewing on hands when she was teething but she's pretty much stopped that behavior since her adult teeth have come in. She's learned to fetch and to sit and is really proud of herself when she does sit. She rarely chews on things she isn't supposed to and has never gone after shoes.

She learned to jump into the vehicle on command with 3 tries. I started saying "Load up" when I would get her to jump in the car. She knew we were going somewhere and would see Silverbell jump in the car, so she'd follow. The third time I gave the command, she ran all around the car looking for an open door and jumped in immediately when I opened the door. Since then, she gets excited when I give the command or say "road trip." She gets mopey when we don't take her.

Lexis loves to run. She has learned to stay out of the hooves of my horses. It only took one stern reprimand when she tried to "play" with my mare who hates dogs with a passion. My other horses are fine, but Tilley hates being herded and saw Lexis's behavior as herding because Lex was going near her legs. Lexis didn't understand why Tilley didn't want to play with her, but she knows to stay away now. She doesn't chase my chickens and she typically leaves my geese alone but there's a love-hate relationship with them. Lex loves the geese, the geese dislike her. She just wants to play but she doesn't chase them. Lexis has even learned to herd the geese and the chickens back into our yard when they stray. She watched me chase them back into the yard a few times and now she does it on her own or I'll tell her to bring them back in the yard and she goes running.

She's one of the happiest dogs I've ever seen. She loves people but she always comes to me or my boyfriend when she wants something. She does warn us when there is someone there that she doesn't recognize, but she's never been aggressive or stand offish towards anyone. She just loves people and attracts attention wherever we go. I actually have to hold her leash tight when we walk in public because she just wants to love up on everyone. Most people love her. This dog is a constant source of entertainment and love. She cries to go outside in the mornings and then if we're still sleeping, she'll cry at the door to come in. She loves to cuddle and has a habit of sleeping against my feet if she can. She absolutely loves to hike and will actually cry and dance around when we are inside and she wants to go run. She's incredibly fast and looks quite beautiful when she runs, but I just might be a little biased.

I'm thankful every day for the fact that the SPCA took the time to take her in and put her up for adoption. My family isn't complete without her.

I have a video of her running around in the yard from when she was 5 months old. She's a lot larger now and a bit more graceful.

Jerrica and Lexis

A New Member of the Family

Erica is an adorable 3 year old miniature poodle / shih tzu mix who was recently transported to the Houston SPCA. Her big bright eyes were too cute to be ignored, and she was recently adopted. She is pictured here with her new loving family: Saul, Patricia, Alba, and Eliel. The family decided to adopt her because of her playful attitude and because the kids just loved her. As the family's only pet, she will be sure to get lots of attention and love!

Amber Heads to Texas!

Amber is a small Jack Russell Terrier mix who was transported to Houston last week as part of the LA/SPCA’s preparation for the historic Mississippi River flooding. It didn't take long for this little cutie to get snatched up. Amber was featured on Friday's KHOU Channel 11 Pet of the Week and was adopted quickly. Amber was very excited to go home with her new owner, Louise. They are both excited to start their new life together!


Greta and Ferris

Those of us who write always find it difficult to write about our pets, I think.Those relationships, so important to us, can look ridiculous to outsiders who do not have pets of their own, while risking the “same old, same old” reaction from fellow pet lovers.  In either case, there is a difficulty in portraying deep relationships that, nevertheless, exist between pets and their humans.

I’m sure you’ll all know what I’m talking about.

            After spending a week in my native Ohio visiting family, I arrived at a half-realization that I wanted (needed?) some company, a companion, a best friend.  I’d had dogs in the past: a Greyhound mix, the best friend of a gangly seven year old girl who was being raised in the country, tearing through the woods on a four-wheeler while the dog ran close beside; a Humane Society rescue mix, the companion that guarded all the secrets of a sixteen year old who petted the dog absentmindedly during the day but whispered secrets to her while falling asleep at night; a chocolate lab, bought as a present by the boyfriend who was really the one that wanted a dog, but ended up being more fiercely loved than the boyfriend.  And now, at 31, I could feel it was time again.  The past pets had each broken my heart, in one way or another, but that is the deal we all make when putting our hearts on the line for our pets.  And my heart, mended, was ready to be filled again.

           Now enter the part that all adopters know: the timid entrance into the building, the meeting of a volunteer, the walk in the back to see the dogs that are “up for adoption,” the heartbreak when you realize that you can’t – you can’t, you CAN’T, YOU CAN”T! – take all of them home with you; walking up and down cement floors, flanked by kennels left and right, all the eyes staring up at you, naked longing for a home, a caretaker, a friend in them; howls and barks and whimpers and cries, defining in their desperation – I WANT TO GO HOME!

            And then I stop.

            I look down at the one dog that isn’t howling, jumping, competing for my attention.  He’s lying on a thin blanket, head on the floor between his paws, merely looking at me, looking away again with lost hope.  He’s been here for a while, I think.  He’s lost some of his energy to fight.  I wonder how many times before this moment he raced up to the kennel fence, sticking his cold nose through a hole in the wire for a sniff of a hand, a lick of fingers, a chance of GOING HOME.  And when it didn’t happen for him the first time, the second, the hundredth, he finally made up his mind that this time would be his last time, and it was.  Now he lies there, eyes not meeting mine because just like all of those other times, it can’t be him that’s picked this time.

            I pick him.

            He has heartworm, and I almost walk away.  After all, I wanted this dog for me, for my companion, for my laughter, for my love, for my best friend.  I hear the story of countless people that have walked away from him for this reason, a few people that brought families and pets and children to visit him then walked away for this reason, two people that brought him into their homes then walked away for this reason.  I start to wonder if maybe his need just a bit more desperate then mine, and I look again at his blank eyes. 

Do you have a leash for him that I can take with me? I ask the volunteer.


 The next three months are difficult.  His coughing gets worse day by day, and I finally see blood in what he’s been coughing up.  We go back to the vet; I must keep him still until the heartworm treatments begin.  It’s not too hard to do that; he’s tired and scared and getting used to my home.  I cannot take out the garbage without him howling; he thinks I’m going to leave him alone forever.  It wouldn’t be his first time, so he is hard at trusting me.  He is kind and forgiving though, and I try to be as well; we take this first month to feel each other out, to start to love with no restrictions again.  My animal loves have broken my heart in the past, so I’m afraid to get too close to him, afraid that this heartworm will not be easily mended and I’ll lose too much of my love if he does not make it through.  He, on the other hand, has loved before and been left to rot on the streets of New Orleans, and he does not know if that will happen again.  We are learning, timidly, that each of us must put a stake in the ground to build this trust.

The heartworm treatments hurt him, hurt me to watch him.  He is shaky on his feet when I pick him up.  His tummy is upset constantly, and we spend the majority of each first night home walking back and forth from him using the bathroom.  He wants to be in bed with me, next to me, underfoot, so I lift him on and off the bed, up and down from the couch, walk slowly so he can catch up.  His injection site itches and he cannot scratch it himself.  I scratch it for him.  I feed him pill after pill after pill.  I build hope after hope after hope.  He sleeps; I worry.

We do this for three months.


 The day arrives on my calendar; he is cleared to play.  Cleared to run.  Cleared to do all of those things that make him a dog.

We drive to City Bark.  I clutch the gate card that I bought two months ago; it is soaked with nervous palm sweat in seconds.

When we arrive, he sits patiently in the backseat, waiting for me to open the door.  I do; he jumps out.  Sniffs.  Runs to the gate, where unleashed dogs and open fields call to him.

I unleash him and take a breath.  He looks up at me, expectantly; eyes now full of life and love.  I feel sentimental and teary.  I open the gate and watch him take off, watch him bound away happily into a world that he had given up on.

That, maybe, I had given up on a little, too.

He looks back, gives me a little tail wag, and plunges into the sand pit.

I think to myself, Ferris, what would I ever do without you? 

And then I hear him howl, a happy dog answer to my question of love.

BIG Louie "Stylez"

Louie's story begins on Tchoupitoulas Thanksgiving Day. Since it was the holidays I kept him at my house until SPCA opened back up. I noticed that he was weezing and coughing pretty bad and was extremely underweight. I would hold him on my chest and rock him to sleep. After the first night I knew he had my heart. I dropped him off to the SPCA and would frequently call and visit him while he was being treated for pneumonia. I had been wanting another dog since I moved to New Orleans a couple years ago but never found the right one. Fast forward to New Years Eve and I received the call that Stylez's owner had not claimed him and I was free to come adopt him. As soon as he saw me his little furry tail started wagging and I knew he wouldn't leave my side. Since his 2011 New Years Eve adoption Stylez became Louie, his matted curls are now a nice poodle cut, and he is a happy socialized camper at Camp Bow Wow. I was the lucky one finding this little guy. Louie is one of the smartest dogs I've ever had. He loves to wake me up in the mornings with kisses and tail wags. He loves riding in the car with his ears flopping and he'd eat treats for meals if you let him! I'm so thankful for the SPCA healing my little man and all the others they take in!



I adopted Reedie (on the left, formerly Marissa) from the LA SPCA last June, and I wanted to give an update on her.

In May, my dog Chevelle died. That was hard enough, but on top of that, she had been a companion to my other dog, Tucker, who had very bad separation anxiety when I got him 6 years ago. I didn't realize that at first because I already had Chevelle, and he was fine with another dog around. It turned out that Tucker couldn't be left alone, though. After she was gone, I tried leaving him alone for short periods of time, and he did ok, but it seemed like he would do best with a companion.

I looked at the LA SPCA website and found a little border collie puppy without a name. She had the same spots on her nose as Tucker, and it seemed like a sign.  By the time I came to see her, she was called Marissa.  She was tiny, and apparently hadn't really showed her personality yet.  I brought her home, and though Tucker initially found her to be extremely annoying, she has come to be a great companion for him.  She loves to play with any dog she meets, and she adores every person she meets.   She is crazy enough to prove she is a border collie, but she is terribly sweet.  


What's amazing is how similar their markings are and how different their sizes are. Tucker may be the world's largest border collie and Reedie is tiny.

I have been meaning to send a photo of them with my thanks.





Our Layla Dawn
We would always bring our kids to the animal shelter, just to look at the animals and visit them. They love it! Plus it just feels good to spend at least a little time with the helpless little creatures who don't have a home and people to spend time with. I tell my husband all the time, if I could I would bring them all home with me. It breaks my heart for all these animals to sit there with no family. I can't even watch the commercials on T.V. without crying. So we came in one day and decided it was time to add a new member to our family. We walked around the shelter, played with some of the puppies, and then one of the ladies brought out a puppy from the back. The moment she walked around the corner with this sweet little puppy in her hand, my husband and myself both gasped. The lady said, "I think this is your puppy!" And was she ever right! We brought her home and she has been a great addition to our family. She loves our kids. Our other dog and cat have become her BEST friends. She is an awesome little dog and has such a great personality. She plays tag with our kids. She chases the kids around and catches them right on the butt of their pants and I swear it looks just like the old coppertone sunscreen commercials! The kids just laugh!! And as soon as she lets them go, they take off running in cirlces again. She definately has a family that loves her and she is a true blessing to us. It's just like having another kid. And we have LASPCA to thank for that! So from the bottom of our hearts thank you! The Steele Family
Eleanor, our Biggest Loser

When Eleanor was found wandering the streets of New Orleans, she weighed a whopping 115 lbs!  She was so overweight that she could hardly walk and had difficulty breathing. 



Luckily, the LA/SPCA picked her up and kept her for over a month, trying to find her a home.  My husband and I came to the shelter looking for a dog, and as soon as we saw Eleanor, we fell in love with her sweet personality.  We brought her home and started on her weight loss.  At first she had difficulty walking around the block, and needed to stop at every corner to rest.  Every two weeks we made a trip to Maple Street Veterinary Clinic for a weigh in, and she quickly became a clinic favorite.  After 9 months of slow and steady diet and exercise, Eleanor now weighs a slim and trim 65 pounds!


 Eleanor still has some health problems related to her previous weight such as arthritis in her knees and elbows, but she has a much easier time getting around, and enjoys long walks in the park and swimming.  We are so proud of her progress, and are glad that the LA/SPCA found her and gave her a chance at a new life. 


Elle nee Emmie
I don't know if the people at the LA/SPCA or at The Cat Practice who knew Elle would even recognize her today.  She's vivacious and no longer as shy or fearful as she was when I first met her.  She has warmed up to our dog, a Shih-Tzu, although she still bats him on the head every now and again when he gets too close.  She loves to watch birds playing in the trees outside and paws at the little tree frogs stuck to the windows.  Charging up and down the stairs with abandon, she's often excited just to be able to run around. I still can't understand how anyone could do what was done to Elle (cover her in paint and leave her to die), and I'm incredibly thankful for the whoever rescued her and the LA/SPCA, without whom Elle would likely not be alive today.  The tireless effort of everyone at the LA/SPCA and The Cat Practice saved yet another companion and because of the video posted on Facebook, brought her into my life.  My first cat, Taz, who I adopted as a kitten when someone was going to throw him out on the street, passed away in 2009 just before he turned 9 years old, and I miss him dearly.  Having Elle come into my life helped to repair a void that was left when I lost Taz, and I'm grateful for her presence. I have attached a pictures taken of Elle over the past few months, as I'm sure people at The Cat Practice and the LA/SPCA would like to know how she's doing. 
Misty Lou!

We adopted the most wonderful, beautiful Lab mix this January and we are more and more delighted with her every day.  Charlene and Linda worked with us until we found just the right mix for our family.  We came back several times and finally we met Misty!  She is gentle and yet loves to run and play fetch.  She is sooo cuddly and sticks to you like velcro.  She is intelligent and wonderful with my three very active boys.  Even my husband is incredibly attached. 

We lost two of our animals around Christmas and Misty has helped ease our heartbreak.  She is such a fantastic addition to our family.  I was especially grateful that they worked with us to find the right dog.  Now we can adore her and she can adore us.  It's a match made in heaven!


Thank you so much,


The Marsiglia Family

Sugar is home and doing well!!!

I picked up Sugar at the Clearview Mall LA/SPCA center, during an adopt a pet week in September 2010.  When we first got her, it was clear that her previous owners were very abusive.  She spent her first few weeks walking around with her tail between her legs and having a submissive urination problem.  I was worried for a while that her previous abuse was too much for her to overcome. 

After a few weeks of love an attention, Sugar started coming out of her shell.  She loves the back yard and you can tell it's "her yard" now.  She always seems pretty excited now and happy with her tail in the air.  She has some issues related to being abused but we are slowly working those out.  One strange thing she does is she will only eat outside.  She will grab a bite of food from inside and walk through her doggie door and eat it outside, then she'll come back in, grab another bite and eat it outside.  She'll repeat this back and forth for 15-20 minutes.  She also prefers staying outside and  we have to make her come in out of the rain, even when she has the doggie door she is comfy using it.  I even got her a dog house just because she seems to enjoy staying outside more than inside.  She doesn't use the dog house and sleeps on the ground.   But she still seems pretty happy. 

She's become a good member of the family.  My daughter just adores Sugar.  I think she's a good dog and just needed some TLC to come out of her shell.  She seems protective of the house and the back yard.  If anyone (stranger) comes near she instantly perks up and keeps an eye on the stranger.  We're pretty happy to have Sugar and the LA/SPCA for the opportunity to adopt her into our family. 

Look what you're missing out on when you don't adopt at the LA/SPCA

A friend of mine found a dog on Esplanade Avenue on her way home from work. She scooped him up, took several adorable pictures and then dropped him off at the LA/SPCA. The very next thing she did was tell me how sad and pathetic he was and showed me picture after picture. At first I was mad at her. HOW COULD SHE?!? I went to go meet him the next day and let them know I was interested in adopting him. It was hard to wait the ten days of quarantine but when I finally went to go pick up my Pizza Pies I realized that they do wonderful work. He had gained ten desperately needed pounds in that time and was neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped all for the $60 adoption fee. If I would have taken him from the street it would have cost me several hundred dollars to get him the care he needed. He wasn't mistreated in anyway and recieved attention and wonderful care and came home a sweet sweet boy that I couldn't live without now.  If you find a dog on the street that you can't take care of or find a home for right away please bring them here. And if you have just a little bit of money you can spare from time to time, please help them. Even a few bucks can buy a bag of food...or a treat or a toy to help out somebody's pet they havent met yet. The LA/SPCA is a program that really works.

I love my baby Luna Marie!

I adopted Luna in Feb. 2010 and I couldn't imagine my life without her. She is the coolest cat around. She knows when I am happy, sick, or sad. We have such a routine. Every time I get out of the shower she licks my feet and jumps on me. Yes, EVERY SINGLE She sleeps with me every night in the same position. She knows everything. She is my best friend and she loves everyone. She is not scared of anything except the vacuum But I love her and couldn't imagine life without her. She is 1 1/2 now and hope she is around for a very long time. I love my Luna Marie Joseph!

-Malana 12/15/2010

My Mr. Darcy

I've adopted a second kitty this year from the LA/SPCA.  I found my Mr. Darcy (formerly known as "Vincent") after receiving a voucher in October for a 'Free Buddy Cat/Kitten,' to keep my Petite Pierrette-Cosette company.  He is a beautiful Lynx-Point Siamese Mix with HUGE pale blue eyes and loves to play play play!  He brings me toys to play with him and he loves the water.  He likes to jump to the highest perches, especially to places where he is not supposed to be...Mr. Mischief!!  He puts "play" into overdrive a bit with Pierrette, but he loves giving her kisses and cuddling with her at nap time.  Now I have 2 best friends, thanks to LA/SPCA! 

Isn't he a beautiful boy!

Teddy's Forever Family/ Tail of two adoptions


This story goes back to 10 years ago when my parents were watching Channel 4 news and saw a young boy on Channel 4’s “Home of My Own” segment. His name was Johnathan and he had a tracheotomy and other special needs. Johnathan needed to be adopted and in particular by a family that could handle his special needs. There were a few things that everyone had to adjust to when Johnathan came to live with us. That was ok with everyone because in the end we were Johnathan’s FOREVER FAMILY.

            Fast forward to August 28th, 2010 my family had gone to Clearview Mall to do some shopping. My mom went to Target to go pick up a prescription but it wasn’t ready so she decided to walk around the mall. That is when she stumbled upon the La-SPCA’s satellite adoption center. That is where my parents and my brothers met TEDDY and fell in love. When I arrived at the adoption center to meet Teddy my brother, Justin, was squatting next to Teddy’s crate and letting people that looked slightly interested in Teddy know that we were adopting Teddy so they could just keep moving. Teddy was not just an ordinary puppy he is a Pit-Terrier mix and had already been returned once. Teddy also had some problems with house training and would require lots of extra attention and most of all patience. I couldn’t help but notice that Teddy and Johnathan were very similar both had some special needs that require extra attention and patience. So when my family adopted Teddy we knew that we were his FOREVER FAMILY.

            Now Johnathan is a thriving young adult who attends Louisiana Technical College and is an assistant equipment manager for Holy Cross Football team. Teddy fits in with our family so perfectly and is thriving! Everyone loves Teddy but in different ways. My mom loves bringing him the car to go run errands with her and Teddy loves it too. My dad loves walking Teddy and bringing Teddy to our lake house. Teddy loves the lake house because he can run free. My brother, Justin, loves seeing Teddy after his football games and Teddy’s bed is in Justin’s room. My brother Johnathan loves that Teddy likes to play football. I love bringing Teddy to the dog park and teaching him new tricks. My 6 year old son, Edward loves to play baseball with Teddy. Teddy loves to chase the balls. Teddy has brought lots of happiness to my family and I think my 6 year old said it best, “I really loved Teddy yesterday but I love him even more today.”



Princess Pinki
 I adopted Pinki in Sept 2007 and I have been in love for nearly 3 years now. I couldnt imagine my life without her, she is more then my best friend/companion.
Joanie found her new forever home!

The Offsite Team is pleased to report that boxer/mix puppy, Joanie, found her new forever home at our Jeff Feed event on 8-14-2010. Congratulations to Joanie and the K family!


Happy 18th Birthday, Lucy!

Seventeen years ago, I accompanied a friend to the LA-SPCA shelter on Japonica Avenue in New Orleans to help her look for a cat.  While there, I fell in love with a little white dog. 

Here's my blog post in honor of her 18th birthday. And here's a photo of her now:


When I first met Lucy, she was one year old.  Her shelter name was "Snowball" but she had been found on Toulouse Street, so we named her Toulousa, or "Lucy" for short.  She was considerably smaller than any of the other dogs at the shelter, and she sat in her huge kennel shaking like a leaf.  When I brought her home, she was scared of rain and could not fathom what stairs were for, so my then-boyfriend (now husband of 15 years) and I concluded that she had perhaps lived in a shotgun house and had been left out too often or abandoned in a storm.

Within a few weeks, Lucy got comfortable and her true personality surfaced.  She showed herself to be a determined chaser of squirrels and tennis balls and a devoted companion.  So devoted that she would follow us from room to room and up and down the stairs she finally mastered, refusing to let us out of her sight.  When we took her along on day trips, she would repeatedly paddle out to wherever we were swimming, trying to rescue us.  Lucy is also 100% New Orleanian.  She proudly marched in the Krewe of Barkus, once as Carmen Mirandog and once as a Devil Dog (the dessert, that is), and had to be restrained whenever we were at crawfish boils. 

When we moved out of New Orleans, Lucy went with us.  She was the proud and protective big sister when we had our first child and again when we had our second.  Lucy has given us nothing but joy and love for the past seventeen years.  So I wanted to take this opportunity on her 18th birthday (observed, as we do not know the actual date of her birth) to thank the LA-SPCA for the wonderful work you do to rescue dogs like Lucy and connect them with forever homes like ours.  It was a gift to her, but an even bigger gift to us.  In honor of her birthday, I'm sending a donation so y'all can keep up the good work!


My Maya
I have always had two dogs growing up in my house. I recently got engaged and moved away from my house where I grew up and lived with my family, all of my family, the two dogs included. I grew very sad coming home everyday and not having them wag their tails and licking my face. I've always been all about helping animals, bringing them home if I saw them on the streets and they didn't have any ID tags on them. It sometimes got me in trouble with my parents when I was young, bringing birds,stray dogs,cats,injured squirrels, you name it, I tried to save it. I was really lonely one day, and I knew I needed a dog companion to come home to each day, and I knew there were tons of animals who desperately needed a family and a home. I went to the LA/SPCA adoption day at the closest shelter with my mother and father. They said they had to approve of the breed of dog in order to pay for the spay or neutering of the dog. My mom has always been afraid of pit bull breeds because she was attacked when she was young. Anyway, I immediately saw the LA/SPCA truck pull up and I locked eyes with this gorgeous soul, and fell instantly in love with her and she wasn't even taken out of the cage in the truck yet. She was three months old, and pretty emaciated looking because she had been neglected and abandoned by her previous owners. I held her close to me and she accidentally clawed my nose and I ran up to my parents with a bloody nose and said "she's mine, she's mine I'm not leaving without my Maya!" My mom and dad could not separate the two of us, even though she was a Pitt bull and rat Terrier mixed. Maya is blossoming and we all could not be happier together, she has made our family whole. I count my blessings everyday for this miracle of life I was able to be a part of. Thank you so much for giving my Maya a new start in life, LA/SPCA!

A Happy Ending for Olivia

When my husband and I lost our precious Booboo, we knew we needed another dog.  We intended on getting a small dog because we have 3 cats.  The only small dogs available were puppies that would not stay small for long.  We were almost about to leave the shelter when we decided to take one more look around and we saw Olivia.  She looked at us with her head kind of cocked off to the side and we immediately knew she was a good candidate for us.  While she was not a small dog, we figured it would not be a problem because our cats were used to being around our other dog.  She seemed to be gentle enough to be a good fit for us.  My husband fell in love with her before we even left the LA/SPCA.  When we took Olivia home 3 days ago, it was a little rough at first.  The cats were not happy at all, but they are slowly coming around.  Thank goodness Olivia is as gentle as she is.  She has been very patient with the cats.  We have come to love Olivia very much and are glad we made her a part of our family.  Nothing will ever replace our beloved Booboo, but she makes us laugh and smile and makes us remember the good times we had with Booboo and she makes us forget the bad.  For as bad as the end of an animal's life can be, we wouldn't have traded a single day with our Booboo.  Now Olivia can continue in his footsteps as a beloved member of our family.



I'd been considering adopting a dog and decided on a whim to go visit the LA/SPCA to get an idea of what types of dogs were available, little did I know but this visit would turn out to be the best day of my life.  Nola (formerly known as Shelby), with a broken leg and a little purple cast that she liked to gnaw on, was laying there patiently until I came over to visit her.  I looked past her initially because she was a Pit Bull and I knew very little other than what the media portrayed of these misunderstood babies-thank God I did my own research!  There was something about her that connected with me and I knew instantly that her place was with me forever.  Nola has been a part of the family for just over a year now and she continues to grow and amaze me everyday, she is the most loving and sensitive dog that I have ever known.  She knows NO STRANGERS and loves to be the center of attention wherever she goes. 

If you've ever thought of adopting please consider a Pit Bull, I promise that you will not be save these beautiful creatures because they are dying because of misinformation. 

The words "thank you" don't seem to convey the gratitude that I have for the LA/SPCA and volunteers.  You have improved my life immeasurably all because you rescued a Pit Bull named Nola.



On January 2nd I had to make the terrible choice to put my baby, Cairo, to sleep.  He was born in August of 1993, and I adopted him from the LA/SPCA's adoptables at The Cat Practice in Uptown New Orleans when he was just 8 weeks old.  We had a wonderful life together.  He was always there for me.  He was a beautiful champagne beige with white markings, pink-nosed little prince.  The last 5-6 months of his life were tough as my Vet finally determined that he was suffering from intestinal cancer.  I knew I would be lost without him; and that I had to find another baby a.s.a.p., just to stop from crying.  That afternoon a dear friend drove me to the LA/SPCA where we looked at several kitties - one of whom would not leave me alone - she kept standing up on her hind legs, beating her little paws against the glass, as if to say "Look at ME!!!! Pick ME!!!!!"  I had my mind set on another long hair; this little short haired, barely 4-month old calico with an asymmetrical  face was not what I had set out for.  But she picked me!  When she was given to me by the technician to hold, she curled up in the bend of my elbow, and purred herself into a little nap.  When she woke up from her short little dream, she started giving me non-stop kisses!  I had wished for a kitty with a strong personality, much like Cairo, independent but still a love bug, who rarely would me out of her sight and that's exactly what Pierrette has turned out to be.  My new best friend.  I think that Cairo definitely had a hand in choosing her just for his mommy, from Heaven! :)

 Over the summer of 2009 I had been going through a tough time stemming from a D.W.I I had received right when I got home from college for the summer.  After an unsuccessful court date which had once again been pushed back I decided to stop by the LA/SPCA and take a look at the dogs.  One puppy caught my eye in the front right before you walk into the main area where the dogs are kept.  She was this little black Lab looking puppy that I just had to look at.  The lady took her out of the holding cage and she ran right up to me and something inside just told me this is THE ONE, the puppy I had kept going back for every time but never found her.  I made the decision right there I was taking her home.  She has honestly been the best dog I have ever owned.  I have never had to potty train her (she knew that outside was where she goes to the bathroom) and she is a HUGE cuddle monster, she always has to sleep by me no matter what.  She is the sunshine in any bad day I have, I always know that when I get back from class or home from something Chloe will always be there for me.  After bringing her to my regular vet we came to the conclusion she is a Boxer/ Lab mix.  She is now 8 months old and everyone will agree she is adorable and they can't believe I adopted her from the shelter.  She has the sweetest personality and is just the happiest puppy in the world no matter what.

Magnolia, aka Maggie, was found under water and chained to a dog house in Algiers Parish on October 13th, 2005. She was emaciated, had worms and abscesses on her paws and legs, and suffered from a back injury, likely an animal bite. The neighbors stopped the LA/SPCA on patrol; her family had gone to Texas. Thank God she was taken to the LA/SPCA on Thayer St to be treated. There a volunteer Veterinarian, "Kathy," from Columbia, Maryland saw potential in Maggie and convinced the Office of Animal Health Services to allow her to take Maggie back to her home in Columbia, Maryland. She spent 4 months with Dr. Kathy in Maryland who nursed Maggie back to health, taught her how to ride in the car and climb stairs. Unfortunately, Maggie suffered from severe separation anxiety which made it difficult to leave her alone. Dr. Kathy decided to find Maggie a home where her anxiety could be curbed by other company.

While searching to add to our family, my husband found Magnolia Orleans (Maggie) on an American Bull Dog rescue web site. We were accepted as potential parents for her after an arduous adoption process and made arrangements to travel to Maryland to meet Maggie and her foster mom. On February 11th, 2006 the east coast was hit with a snow storm and as any expectant mother would be, I was anxious to get to Maryland to pick up my baby, praying the whole way that she would like Duke, our 1 year old Great Dane.

It was love at first sight, which made the snow storm a distant memory. Duke and Maggie spent some time getting to know each other and she quickly claimed the title of Alpha Dog. Dr. Kathy agreed that she had found the right family for Maggie, though it was a tearful good bye as we left. Maggie has been such an awesome addition to our family which now also includes another abandoned soul, Max, who we adopted just this past February. We are all doing just fine...happy and safe here in New Jersey. Thanks again for all you do for Gods creatures.




I worked disaster response in post Katrina New Orleans.  I came down with my then 8 yr old Great Dane, Buster.  As he got older we found ourselves adopting a puppy which was abandoned at a FEMA trailer.  She really captured our hearts before she was hit and killed by a car.  Because of Buster's very positive response to having another dog in the family, we attended the Dog Spa Day at Delgado College in Oct of 08.  There we met Byron, a box mix who was being fostered by Boxer Rescue.  He and a sibling had been surrendered to the Humane Society 6 mos earlier.  I applied to adopt him and we were accepted.  He was named Baron on the Humane Society paperwork, but he didn't have a strong attachment to either so I ran a couple different names past him, and was rewarded with the "Boxer tilt" when I called out Elijah....he's been that ever since.  Our volunteer facility closed in May of 09 and Buster decided he didn't want to leave I guess.  He had a stroke and was put to rest a week later.  Elijah and I continued on to Wisconsin and he is now a "Cheese-Head".  What a hoot he is to watch as he tries to keep his behind out of the snow!!!   Elijah graduated from clicker training from the LA/SPCA in March of 09 and I think he was the honor-role student....but then I am biased.  Thank you Humane Society, Boxer Rescue and LA/SPCA, I don't know how I would have gotten through this last year without Elijah!

Getting Ali Back Home

On November 10, 2009, I called LA/SPCA to help me rescue a kitten that was stuck in an alleyway between a parking lot wall, another building and a tree that was growing between both. The only thing I could see of "Ali" was her tiny white face and I told the rescuers that I wanted to adopt the kitten if it was possible.

I was called two days later to go to the LA/SPCA and put a "deposit" down on the kitten and they would let me know when she would be ready to adopt after the waiting period. I did so and was told that she was too small to spay so I would have to wait until she weighed 2lbs to have her spayed. I kept calling almost daily to see how she was doing. After a few weeks, I was called by the office and told that my kitten had been accidentally been given to the Atlanta Humane Society with 39 other cats and dogs!!! I was horrified! After crying about it to my family, I was encouraged to call the LA/SPCA to see what could be done to get Ali back.

Ana Zorrilla stated that she would be glad to help me with the costs if I wanted to go get her. I also asked her about flying Ali back and Ana stated that she would help financially if it wasn't too expensive. I then called Continental Airlines and got all of the information I needed and then called Ms. Peacock in Atlanta to make arrangements on their end. Ms. Peacock stated that Ali was still too small to spay and we would have to wait until she weighed 2lbs. I then started speaking with Gloria Dauphin at the LA/SPCA in New Orleans and she was a great help with keeping me updated on all the plans to get Ali back home.

After Christmas I got the call stating that Ali was in good health and has been spayed but now has the sniffles and is on antibiotics and will not be able to travel until better.

She was finally better and able to fly back to Louisiana! YEAH!!! Gloria called me on Thursday evening (1/14/10) at 9PM to tell me that Ali made it back safely and I could go to pick her up on Friday, January 15, 2010. I was sooooo excited!

I brought Ali home and she is a joy!!! She is still getting used to her surroundings and my Hungarian Vizsla dog, Kelsey (who is afraid of Ali! LOL). 

I am so grateful to everyone at the LA/SPCA and the Atlanta Humane Society for everything they did to complete our family! Thank you so much!!!


Madelyn O'Brien 


As a rescue volunteer from Lone Star Bulldog Rescue in Dallas, Texas I wanted to send you an update on a stray English bulldog you picked up and were kind enough to contact us about. "Meatball" rode here with a "pug caravan" and found himself at my house. I kept "Meatball" for two months. As he went through heartworm treatments, I renamed him "Bear", since many bulldogs named "Meatball", "Meatloaf', or "Meat" come into the rescue program. Bear brought me many laughs due to his constant chewing on toys, shaking his head, moving the furniture around, and trying to locate lost items. Hundreds of people wanted to adopt him due to his unusual black coat. After careful screening, Bear was adopted by a wonderful family with three kids, another bulldog, and lots of love to give Bear. He has moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bear's life will be wonderful now that he is getting the love, toys, and attention he deserves. I have enclosed Bear's pictures along with a big Texas thank you! Thank you for all your help and for all you do. Each of you has a very hard, thankless job; but it is a job that must be done. Bear sends you bulldog hugs and kisses!

Animal Control

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