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August 29, 2005, a community and its animals were irrevocably and tragically altered. Hurricane Katrina, one of the deadliest and strongest hurricanes ever recorded, exacted a devastating blow to the Gulf Coast leading to the loss of thousands of lives, both human and animal. Amid the chaos, emerged one of the most enduring of bonds, the human-animal bond. In our relationship with animals, it became painfully clear that we need them, as much as they need us.

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Hurricane Katrina

katrina dogs & animal rescue stories

Hurricane Katrina

On August 29, 2005, a community and it's animals were irrevocably and tragically altered. Looking back, it's almost unimaginable that we were able to not only survive the unprecedented hardships, but also overcome them. 

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 Rescued Hurricane Katrina dog

Personal Reflections

"The experiences learned through Katrina altered the entire countries perception and importance of evacuation planning when it comes to the human-animal bond as well as the role of animals within a community." - Officer Eric Durcinka 

Q & A

Eric Durcinka

Jennifer Shirley 


 Michigan Humane Society volunteer

Katrina Photos

Browse through our library of contributed Hurricane Katrina photos from volunteers and first responders. 

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katrina dogs & animal rescue stories

Animal Rescue Facts

It's estimated that over 15,500 animals were ultimately rescued following Hurricane Katrina. At least 88,700 pets went unaccounted for. 

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Katrina Animal Rescue

Katrina Animal Stories

Below are a few of the many Hurricane Katrina animal rescue stories we'd like to share with you. From  families being reunited, stray dogs being rescued and transported across country for adoption to heroic rescue stories, these personal accounts will be sure to tug on your heart. 

Trap Jack: Dog Turned Hero

Chaz: Love Heals Wounds

Beanie Weeny: Transported Dogs

Tazz, Creech, Troubles: Reunited


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If you would like to schedule an interview with the Louisiana SPCA or with any of the individuals highlighted on our website click below. 

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Rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina

10 Years Later

In a community where animal overpopulation has always tipped the scales, imagine what it would be like if there wasn't a shelter where all animals are accepted regardless of breed, age, health or temperament. The Louisiana SPCA experienced a devastating loss but possessed a dogged determination to rebuild. 


Expansion Grand Opening


 Hurricane Katrina partner organizations

Treasured Colleagues

There are thousands of individuals, organizations and communities to whom the Louisiana SPCA is truly grateful. These colleagues played a huge role in rescuing an estimated 15,500 animals after Hurricane Katrina. 

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