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Who we are

Established in 1888, the mission of the Louisiana SPCA is to promote, protect and advance the well-being of Louisiana's companion animals. 

Advocacy council


Advocacy Council members are mission-based voices of influence connecting the Louisiana SPCA to a greater constituency and supporting the governance of the Louisiana SPCA Board of Directors by guiding the direction of animal welfare and serving as organization advocates to the Greater New Orleans community. 

2020-2021 Members

  • Lynn Coatney, Co-Chair

  • Ellen Kempner, Co-Chair

  • Jackie Shreves, Co-Chair

  • Mike Atwater

  • Sara Barnard

  • Marty Brantley

  • Julia Breaux

  • Ondina Canales

  • Emma Crumley

  • Charlotte D'ooge

  • Margaret DuBos

  • Rachael Dyer

  • Eleanor Farnsworth

  • Nene Glenn Gianfala

  • Charline Gipson

  • Clem Goldberger

  • Julie Miller Hart

  • Nita Hemeter

  • Susan O. Hess

  • Angela Hill

  • John D. Hopper

  • Lisa Irons

  • Kathryn Knight

  • Suzanne Lanks

  • Cheryl Lemoine

  • Melissa Leselle

  • Maline Levy

  • Virginia F. Lovell

  • Malin Matrejean

  • Michael Morris

  • Carole Neff

  • J. Coller Ochsner

  • Margaret Orr

  • Stephanie M. Prunty

  • David Radlauer

  • Alli Raynor

  • Bill Reeves

  • Sally Reeves

  • Kendall Winingder Schindler

  • Erica Seeman

  • Paulette Stewart

  • Ruth Stone

  • Emily Sucherman

  • Michael Todd

  • Thomas P. Westervelt

  • Deedra Wing

  • Lynda Woolard

Your Impact

You help save animals and make an impact with every gift.