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Make a difference in the lives of animals in our community by getting involved in our programs and events. 

classroom partnerships

The Louisiana SPCA is a proud classroom partner for schools in the greater New Orleans area! The students that participate in our classroom partnerships are given the opportunity to learn about animal welfare issues and how to be responsible pet owners. Our goal with these partnerships is to promote the humane treatment of animals, inspire compassion, and encourage students to stay in school. Programs are adaptable to fit the needs and schedule of the classroom and students. Opportunities include field trips, show and tail presentations, service learning partnerships, and Project Humane. Read below to find out more about each program.

Field Trips

Show and Tail

Classroom Service-Learning Partnerships

Project Humane

If you are interested in participating in Humane Education projects with the Louisiana SPCA or you believe your school would benefit from this program, please fill out this form to let us know.


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Field Trips 

Our Humane Education department offers field trips in the form of guided tours to organizations and school groups. Both fun and educational, our field trips provide an opportunity for children to see and interact with adoptable animals and learn about animal welfare and its function in our community.


  • Tours may be scheduled 7 days a week, based on availability
  • School groups may tour our facility at no charge. Donations are always welcome, and we encourage our groups to visit our wish list to view needed items.
  • Tour lasts approximately one hour and includes an education presentation and animal playtime
  • Tours are conducted for children in grades 2nd-12th
  • Children with severe allergies to cats or dogs should not attend
  • Groups must have at least one adult chaperone for every 8 children present. Accompanying adults are asked to help with class management throughout the visit.

Schedule a tour here!

Show and Tail

Our Show and Tail program consists of a 30-60 minute presentation brought to you by our staff and volunteers. Presenters will bring dogs who are behavior tested and health checked to act as demonstration dogs. Each presentation begins with an overview of the Louisiana SPCA - who we are, what we do, and the services we provide - followed by an opportunity for students to pet and play with the dog. 

We ask that you limit the group size to 30 students; you will be required to provide adequate supervision of your students to maintain order and safety. We look forward to arranging a visit to your school!

Show and Tail Topics

  • Responsible Pet Ownership | Grades K-4
    • Demonstrates the time and care required to properly raise a healthy, happy pet. Includes a disccussion on the importance of spaying/neutering and microchipping our pets.
  • Being Safe Around Animals | Grades K-4
    • Discusses why animals behave the way they do, how they communicate, as well as how and when to properly approach both familiar and unfamiliar animals.
  • Responsible Pit Bull Ownership | Grades 5+
    • This presentation educates students on the facts of the pit bull breed, how to be a responsible owner and how to help others become ambassadors for the breed. Includes a PowerPoint presentation or video.

For all Show and Tail presentations, we bring a sociable canine friend for students to practice appropriate dog greeting procedures. If you cannot accomodate a pet in your space, please let us know at the time of scheduling.

If you are interested in scheduling your group for a Show and Tail, click here.

Classroom Service-Learning Partnerships

Classroom partnerships are three-part classroom projects designed to teach students about our shelter and animal welfare while engaging the students in a service-learning project to help the shelter.

Part One

Students travel to our shelter for a field trip. We give your students an introductory presentation providing an overview of our shelter, its purpose and mission, and our needs. The presentation engages students in problem-solving strategies, thinking about ways to improve aspects of shelter life for homeless animals or ways to improve shelter operations.

Part Two

Students take their knowledge gained from the introductory presentation and design and implement their service-learning project. With help from their teachers, students will spend designated class time using their problem-solving skills to identify a project they can work on to help the shelter and the animals living there, then designing the project for implementation at the shelter. The project is determined by the students with assistance from their teachers.

Part Three

Students bring their hard work to the shelter for a final field trip to see in person how their project will help the animals at the shelter. We will set aside plenty of animal playtime to reward the students for their hard work!

Past Classroom Partners

Isidore Newman School

Mildred Osborne Charter School

St. Benedict the Moor School

If you and your classroom are interested in participating, click here.

Project Humane

Project Humane is a 4-session educational program in cooperation with schools and youth organizations in the Greater New Orleans community. Students spend time learning about animal welfare issues in our community and get hands-on experience with the animals in our care. The goal of the program is to foster empathy and humane responsibility in our community's youth. Project Humane is open to students in grades 6 and up, and is free for qualifying schools and organizations.

Past Participants

Apex Youth Center

Youth Empowerment Project

Arthur Ashe Charter School

Community Works of Louisiana

Renew McDonogh #28 - City Park Academy

For more information or to sign your student group up for Project Humane, click here.

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