The LA/SPCA Community Clinic is open Monday-Friday providing preventative care including wellness appointments, vaccinations, microchipping and affordable spay/neuter services.  The LA/SPCA Community Clinic performed more than 6,000  spay/neuter surgeries in 2013 and is excited to continue this work towards ending pet overpopulation in our region. Please select the service below that you are interested in.



Wellness, Vaccinations, and Microchips


Spay It Forward

Since 2012, the LA/SPCA has spay/neutered more than 16,000 animals helping prevent unwanted litter, suffering and euthanasia. The LA/SPCA has the only high volume spay/neuter clinic in the region. Making a donation to the Spay/Neuter fund in any amount can help us control the pet overpopulation in our area.  






Bissell Partners for Pets

Lost Pet USA


Animal Control

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