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De-stressing Events

Are your coworkers overwhelmed by the stressors of corporate life? Is your workplace in serious need of a pick me up? Look no further than the Louisiana SPCA's corporate destressing service, a morale-boosting activity for workplaces of every size.

There are many benefits associated with allowing animals in a workspace, including boosting morale, decreasing stress, and increasing productivity. The Louisiana SPCA is happy to offer destressing events for businesses and workplaces in Orleans Parish and Jefferson Parish. 


To host a destress event, we request a donation of $500. Your donation can help us cover the cost of heartworm treatment for 1 dog, spay/neuter 4 shelter animals, provide 8 elevated dog beds or microchip 27 adoptable animals!

Before You Book

Please read the guidelines below for tips on how to prepare your office for an animal de-stressing event.

  • Do an office check. Talk with management and co-workers to find out if anyone is allergic, afraid of or opposed to your office hosting a de-stressing event with animals.
  • "Baby-proof" your workspace. Make sure your office environment is safe for dogs and cats. Remove posionous plants, hide and secure electrical cords and wires, and store away toxic items like correction fluids, permanent markers, cleaning supplies and other items. If your office has received any pest control/extermination services, ensure there are no remaining hazardous products accessible to animals.
  • Reserve parking for the Louisiana SPCA. Please ensure that there is complimentary parking available. If we cannot park, we cannot bring animals in to help your employees and co-workers de-stress.

Ready to Book?

Fill out the form below to request more information for your corporate destressing event!  Email us at info@la-spca.org if you have more questions.

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Please note: While we may be able to bring kittens depending on availability, we will not be able to bring puppies younger than 6 months old. This is to ensure the health and safety of the puppies in our care.

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