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Your donations stay local and go directly towards the Louisiana SPCA's mission of helping more than 70,000 animals each year. 

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We are coordinating transports across the state to other parts of the country to prepare for in-take of Texas animals affected by Hurricane Harvey.  By transporting adoptable animals out of Louisiana we are creating much needed space to take-in these animals. We’re not only transporting animals from our facility, but animals from all over southeast Louisiana. Please consider donating to the transport program below by making a monetary donation to our transport program  or sending us an item from our Disaster Wishlist. Texas shelters will soon be overrun with rescue animals and strays ... they need our help! The more animals we can transport now, the more animals we can take-in from Texas. 

For the most up-to-date information about our upcoming transports click here

As we all come together to help our neighbors in Texas, please know that our area is still in the midst of hurricane season. All physical donations collected will go to the area of greatest need and impact; currently Texas.


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Atlanta Humane Transport - Hurricane Harvey

Scout was a kitten on our first transport to Atlanta Humane Society in anticipation of Hurricane Harvey's affects on Houston. 

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