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Resources for Educators

Humane Education Programs teach students how to be responsible citizens. From caring for their families' animal companions to taking action to prevent animal suffering, students become active participants in helping animals and others. Humane Education reinforces character development skills such as kindness, compassion, empathy and responsibility.  Enhancing a student's understanding that animals are living, feeling beings that need to be treated with respect and compassion is a very important lesson in empathy and respect for others. 

If you are interested in any of the below classroom resources please contact us at 504.762.3321 or email education@la-spca.org


Online Resources

Service Learning

Classroom Presentations

Trips for Home School Educators


Online Resources


Service Learning

There are numerous opportunities to fulfill service-learning requirements with the Louisiana SPCA. Teens 16 years and older can apply to become youth volunteers. Becoming a volunteer requires dedication, commitment, initiative, hard work and patience.  In order to ensure all of our animals receive the best volunteer attention, applicants will be invited for an interview prior to being accepted into the program. For those that are under the age of 16, we have a great list of ways to get involved


Classroom Presentations

Our educational presentations are available at no cost to all educators and classrooms in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. Topics include but are not limited to animal safety and bite prevention, responsible pet guardianship, pet overpopulation and Pit Bull specific presentations. Students enjoy an opportunity to learn about these topics as well as interact with a dog in this controlled environment. The Show and Tail dogs have been temperament tested and health checked before the volunteer presenter comes to the class.


Field Trips for Home School Educators and Schools

From basic tours that offer an overview of animal welfare in our community to more in-depth topics such as animal health, the Louisiana SPCA offers a variety of field trip options. 

Basic Field Trip: The Louisiana SPCA offers field trips in the form of guided tours to organizations and school groups. Both fun and educational, our field trips provide an opportunity for children to see adoptable dogs and cats and learn about animal welfare in our community. 

Basic Companion Animal Health: What are the most common parasites and diseases dogs and cats contract? What are the symptoms? This class discusses the spread of diseases and how we can keep our pets healthy, the life cycle of parasites, how they can be prevented, and the special health concerns of animals living in the gulf coast region.  This is available for grades 5 and up. 

Animals in the Arts: Learn about companion animal symbolism in the history of  visual art and create a dog or cat work of art. Students will also read poems with companion animal themes and then create their own. ($10 Supply fee per student) This is a full day class limited to 12 children for grades 6 and up.

History and Cultural Significance of Companion Animals: This class explores the human animal bond; how animals have been treated throughout history and differing cultural views on animals. This is available for grades 5 and up. 


Did You Know?

Did you know that Louisiana SPCA volunteers logged more than 20,000 hours in 2017?

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Do You Care?

A $500 donation can save a life by providing heartworm treatment for one of our adoptable dogs.


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