Image of a LASPCA Veterinarian administering an annual wellness exam to a dog in the community clinic.

Saving Lives

In 2019, our Community Clinic provided veterinary services to over 22,000 animals in our community!

TNR Trapping Request

Fill out this form if there are feral cats in your area, and our volunteer trappers will review it. If action is necessary, they will head to your area and trap the cat.

Feral Cat Assistance Form

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Feral cats exist everywhere, from rural areas to urban settings. In Orleans Parish, community cats are protected by law. Therefore, the Louisiana SPCA does not pick up and remove feral cats unless they are gravely ill or critically injured. Removal of feral cats is an ineffective method for attempting to create a cat-free area. Because of a phenomenon known as the "vacuum effect," new cats would enter and settle in the territory of the removed cats, since the colony location is a source of food and shelter. Instead, the Louisiana SPCA provides a TNR, or Trap-Neuter-Return, program to mitigate issues caused by feral cats and prevent colony growth. After completing this form, our volunteer cat trappers may contact you and hopefully will be able to TNR the cat(s) you have indicated.

Do You Care?

A $150 donation can help save lives of homeless animals by providing a spay/neuter surgery for an adoptable animal?


Did You Know?

Did you know that in 2019 the Louisiana SPCA Community Clinic helped over 22,000 animals through appointments for wellness, spay/neuter, and more?

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