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In 2018,  New Orleans Humane Law & Rescue responded to over 8,000 calls about animals in need, and rescued over 1,100 abused and neglected animals.

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Feral Cat Assistance

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While community cats are protected under Orleans Parish laws, we understand that many people feel that the incursion of feral cats onto their properties is unacceptable. We will do our best to help you with these issues, but it is important that you understand that parish laws prohibit the Louisiana SPCA from picking up and removing feral cats unless they are seriously ill or gravely injured. Please provide as much detail as possible in the following fields, and we will work with you and your neighbors to try to resolve any feline issues you are experiencing.
Personal Info
Cat Info
Caretaker Info
Please include the caretaker/feeder information below if available.
Complaint Details
Please describe what issues the cats are causing.
Under Orleans Parish Ordinances, Section 18, complainants against feral cats are required to prove that cats roaming free in their neighborhood are a public or private nuisance. Proof is considered photo or video documentation showing neighborhood cats causing physical damage to your property. A nuisance is considered a complaint regarding tangible acts that a cat or many cats are causing which result in damage to your home or property, particularly when steps have been taken to guard against such damages.
What steps, if any, have you taken to prevent damages and deter the cats? Check all that apply.

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Did you know Louisiana SPCA Humane Officers responded to more than 9,000 calls for service in 2017?

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