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In 2018,  New Orleans Humane Law & Rescue responded to over 8,000 calls about animals in need, and rescued over 1,100 abused and neglected animals.

Feral foster application

Another way to help feral cats is to foster those that have been trapped, but are either too small to be spayed/neutered, or need some extra time to recover from injury or illness. The greatest need is for foster families who can take in underage kittens - and it’s a great way to assist community cats with minimal effort. Caring for feral kittens usually just requires feeding and cleaning twice a day. No socialization time is required, since the kittens will be released back to their original home once they weigh 2 lbs and can be spayed/neutered. This is an ideal way for busy professionals and others who need to spend most hours of the day away from home to help feral cats!

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Did you know Louisiana SPCA Humane Officers responded to more than 9,000 calls for service in 2017?

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A $15 donation can provide a microchip to one of our shelter animals and help reunite them if they ever get lost.


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