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Saving just one animal won't change the world, but surely it will change the world for that one animal. 

Foster Program

They’re not asking for forever ... just right now! Being a foster parent is one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities that we have to offer. You get to cuddle with cute baby kittens and puppies, care for animals during their medical treatment and help find them homes! Don’t fret, we’ll provide you with everything you need to care for your foster animal, like this Behavior and Training Guide for foster dogs, and set you and your furry foster up for success! If you’re interested in becoming a foster, our program coordinator will help you determine which type of foster will be the best fit for you! 


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Different Types of Fostering 

Fast Track provides adoptable dogs a unique opportunity to meet potentialFoster t-shirt adopters in the community. Foster parents are tasked with making the animal visible in the community by going on walks, visiting the park and celebrating happy hour in true New Orleans style! 

Kitten Krewe is by far our most popular foster group in New Orleans, especially during kitten season! Because kittens must be at least 2 lbs. before they can be spayed or neutered, we need fosters to care for them until they get big enough. We do try to keep litters together when possible so expect to care for at least one or more kittens. 

Behavior fostering is one of the most rewarding foster opportunities but also the most difficult. Some of our animals require socialization before they can be made available for adoption. These animals benefit from spending time outside of the shelter in a calm home environment. These animals may be scared or shut down in the shelter environment, and need your love and care to show their true selves!

Medical foster helps animals that need extra time to recover from either a prolonged illness or special surgery. These animals can grow stronger and heal faster outside of the shelter environment, which can sometimes be stressful.

Ringworm fostering is a vital part of our operations that allows us to find homes for more animals. You can help us care for animals with this treatable condition and ultimately save their lives! Ringworm is contagious, but by the time these animals make it to your home they are halfway through treatment. Curious about how our amazing ringworm fosters keep themselves and their animals ringworm free? Reach out to for more information.

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Did you know the Louisiana SPCA helped more than 3,000 animals find their forever home in 2017?

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