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Happy Tails


He's so healthy! And not prone to scratching! And weirdly protective! It's great) and/or fostering turning into adoption. And I also just wanted to share with you how happy and ridiculous he is. That stretch is how he probably spends a third of every day. I think he's secretly a yogi.


Freddie is doing great! He enjoys his six other goat friends. Thanks for letting us adopt him.


This is Andy, adopted 2weeks ago today, testing out his new kitty condo.


I adopted Spork (formerly Mint) at a Petco adoption station a few months ago. One of my cats passed away suddenly earlier last year, and I wasn't sure I was ready to adopt again, but my other cat was lonely, and I kept seeing Mint's sweet face every time I went into Petco. One day I decided I couldn't leave without her. Thank you for Spork, and for the wonderful work you do.


As you can see she has settled into her new home quickly and has become friends with her sister Bila (laspca alum from 2009) already. She is the sweetest and we are so happy to have her!


I love her! She is such a sweet cat!


When I adopted Scarlett she was very thin but sweet and adapted to living with me very quickly. She has never NOT used her kitty box by the way. I did rename her and she didn't seem to mind. I named her Rose as in Second Hand Rose. (A song from Funny Girl sung by Barbra Streisand, in case you are too young to know that. ) I thought you might like to see a picture of this sweet girl. She makes "air biscuits" -sort of like air guitar, you know what I mean. :-) Anyway, thank you for what you do. Rosie and I are very happy.

The Farm

Thank you for all that you do and for making my farm babies available for adoption. Everyone is safe and sound at home here:)


Murray is a big boy now and happy here in California!


Almost 3 years ago, we adopted Ernie and we adore him infinitely! He's sweet, snuggly and energetic with a boisterous and idiosyncratic sense of humor. He is my first pet and since he was a rescue dog, we thought we would have to work extra hard to train him. However, we taught him half a dozen basic commands within the first month aided by his naturally food-motivated demeanor and he continues to learn more! Now he's the perfect companion for hiking trips and dog dates and kayak adventures and lazy park naps! Thank you, SPCA, for the work you do! It's changed our lives.


We adopted Cooper after meeting him at an adopt-a-thon at the Clearview Mall in August of 2013. Since that time, he has been such a wonderful member of our family. Please enjoy one of the pictures from our wedding- of course Cooper was a part of our family pictures. :) Thank you for all the work you do!


This is Brie (like the cheese). I adopted her as Aurora on March 21. She is so adorable and loving and full of life and joy and has been the most wonderful addition to our family. Her doggy and kitty brothers love her too. Thank you for connecting me to her, and for such a wonderful adoption experience!


Clyde has brought me so much joy! He has adapted very well. He has learned many commands, and he has me wrapped around his finger. Our walks have introduced us to my neighbors who generally just had a passing "Good morning" or "Hello" conversation. Now they come on our side of the block and play with him. He has really made a difference! Clyde knows when it's potty time and the belly rubs are never enough for him. His orange ball is a test of my ability to keep up with him. He has no 'off' switch! So thanks for Clyde. He has truly blessed my life.


Mimsy is my new furry baby. She is so awesome!!! She is fitting in so well!!! I love every thing about her and our journey to adoption was a wavy one for a little while but she is all mine now. Yeah!!!


She has been a real angel. She is so calm yet so playful. We also decided to keep the name. She's wonderful. Not a single accident in the house yet! My husband loves to unicycle and she follows him right along! And when she is in the house she loves running around with her new toys and looking out the window. Thank you all for your help and connecting us with her.


He is getting settled in very nicely. We love him so much!


Bama is a wonderful addition to our home. We love our couch potato!


He is adapting very well and, to our surprise, he is getting used to his new environment rather quickly. Going for walks can be an adventure, but it's always fun. He loves to play with his chew bone and certainly enjoys looooong naps (and that on top of shoes at times !?!?! Lol) Thank you for letting him become a part of our family. He is much loved and adored (aka spoiled) already!


I'm happy to report that Murray is taking the adjustment of Marla being gone in stride - he's a happy camper. I attached a few pics from this weekend for our "adoption" photo :-) he's a very photogenic fellah. I clipped his nails for the first time today and he just purred the whole time - ha!


I adopted Jackie (formerly known as Lula Landry) in October of 2014. She's the best little cat in the world! We'd like to say happy holidays to the staff and all of the pets waiting for homes, too. Thank you for taking good care of my girl and helping her to find me.


The Oak-King has found his throne! Although he definitely prefers to be mostly an inside cat - he enjoys making mischief out in the yard too.


Hi to all, I adopted Tex in February and wanted to send you a couple of pics. He is the best dog ever. We had our vet remove the growth from his eye, his senior blood panel was perfect, so his periodontal work was done. He was also on great meds to clear up his skin and all of his hair grew back. He is a fluffy marshmallow. We love him so much. At 11 years old, he is the perfect and happiest pup ever! His brother Ham loves him also. Please share with the workers and volunteers who loved him ♡ We are forever thankful!

Tiny Tot

We rescued Tiny Tot back right before Christmas and I thought I would share a couple of pictures with you all. She is such a joy and has helped me so much with my PTSD. She makes us so happy, she's so funny to watch her chase my husband's K-9 dog around but they both take up for each other when the cat comes around. I'm so glad we made the decision to adopt Tiny Tot she's my Angel.


As you can see, we're inseparable!