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Who we are

Established in 1888, the mission of the Louisiana SPCA is to promote, protect and advance the well-being of Louisiana's companion animals. 

Our History

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Chartered in 1888, the Louisiana SPCA is the oldest and most comprehensive animal welfare organization in the state. As an open admission shelter, we serve the Greater New Orleans community in many ways. As a private 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we are not affiliated with any other organization in the state.   


The Louisiana SPCA has grown from a desire to address the mistreatment of horses and mules to advocating for all companion animals. The history of our organization reveals that what can be achieved in a day, a year, a decade, or even in a century is not the work of one organization, but rather the work of an entire community of people who have come together over the years to provide a safe haven for all homeless creatures. 

Louisiana SPCA Historical Milestones

1884: Under the leadership of Eliza Poitevent Holbrook Nicholson, owner and manager of the New Orleans Daily Tribune, the Louisiana SPCA was created to stop the mistreatment of horses and mules in New Orleans
1888: The Louisiana SPCA is officially chartered
1924: The first Louisiana SPCA community clinic is opened
1958: The first Louisiana SPCA animal shelter is opened at 1319 Japonica Street 

1978: The first Louisiana SPCA Howling Success Gala occurs, giving the community more opportunity to get involved with helping the shelter.

1982: The Louisiana SPCA begins an annual celebration and fundraiser called Dog Day Afternoon to celebrate Louisiana companion animals.
1984: The Louisiana SPCA and Jefferson SPCA successfully persuade state legislature to approve a bill making dog fighting illegal in Louisiana 

1985: The original Louisiana SPCA Japonica Street Jingle was written in 1985 by Edward T. Haslam and sung by Allen Toussaint when the shelter was located on Japonica Street in the ninth ward.
2005: Louisiana SPCA assists state police with three dog fighting busts, including the raid of one of the largest Pit-Bull breeding and training operations in the United States
2005: Louisiana SPCA successfully evacuated 263 animals from the Japonica Street shelter for Hurricane Katrina. In the immediate aftermath of the storm, with the help of hundreds of volunteers and animal welfare colleagues, the organization led the largest animal rescue operation in the history of the United States.
2005: Japonica Street shelter is deemed a total loss and the organization sets up a temporary shelter in a warehouse. 

2006: The Louisiana SPCA launches the Phase 1 Capital Campaign on August 31.
2006: The Louisiana SPCA successfully lobbied the state senate for the passage of Senate Bill 607, the Pet Evacuation Bill. 
2007: Grand opening of the new Louisiana SPCA Dorothy Dorsett Brown Campus at 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd. 
2008: Cockfighting is banned in Louisiana 

2009: Louisiana SPCA celebrates the inaugural NOLA on Tap Beer Festival, which has now grown to become one of the largest beer fests in the Gulf South region.

2010: Louisiana SPCA introduces new jingles to help the New Orleans community know about the new location of the Louisiana SPCA post-Katrina. The  Mardi Gras Boulevard Jingle was written by Edward T. Haslam and sung by Armand St. Martin.   The New Louisiana SPCA Jingle was written by Phil Melancon and sung by Deacon John.
2010: Louisiana SPCA created the Gulf Coast Companion Animal Relief Program in response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. 

2011: Louisiana SPCA begins a new fundraising event called Dine Out 4 Paws to raise money to support homeless animals in our region.
2012: Paws on Parade public art project

2012: The Louisiana SPCA launches the Phase 2 Capital Campaign.
2013: More than 600 roosters seized in the largest animal seizure in Louisiana SPCA history
2013: Celebrates 125th anniversary and breaks ground on Phase II of the Dorothy Dorsett Brown Campus
2015: The Louisiana SPCA celebrated the grand opening of the Adoption, Resource Center & Clinic

2015: The Louisiana SPCA launched its re-tooled mission statement: To Promote, Protect and Advance the well-being of Louisiana's companion animals.

2015: The Louisana SPCA releases the Follow Our Lead campaign to promote knowledge of animal welfare services in New Orleans.

2016: Assumed ownership of NO Fleas Market 

2016: Partnered with HOPE the Food Pantry of New Orleans to provide pet food for pet owners in need in New Orleans East.

2018: The Louisiana SPCA successfully lobbied the state senate for the passage of Senate Bill 156, the Good Samaritan Bill. 

2020: The Louisiana SPCA assumes control of the Plaquemines Parish Animal Shelter, marking it their first expansion into shelter operations outside of Orleans Parish in their history.


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