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Established in 1888, the mission of the Louisiana SPCA is to promote, protect and advance the well-being of Louisiana's companion animals. 

Animal-Related Legislation


Each legislative session the Louisiana SPCA Government Relations committee works with state representatives to draft and support animal-related legislation. Help us protect the animals in our state by becoming their voice. Sign up for our legislative alerts below to know when we need your support! 

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2018 Legislative Session


Act No. 360 (previously SB 156)

Authored by Senator Troy Carter, the Good Samaritan Law provides immunity from liability for property damage or trespass to a motor vehicle if the damage was caused while the person was rescuing a minor or animal in distress. Read Act No. 360 here

Role: Drafted, proposed and helped pass


Act No. 360, also known as the Good Samaritan Law, goes into effect on August 1, 2018. Here's what you need to know:

Image describing steps to take if you find an animal abandoned in a hot car.

If you find an animal trapped in a hot car, there are several steps you need to take to ensure the animal's safety. 

  • First, call out for the animal's owner. Explore in a 30-foot radius around the car to search for the owner.
  • If you cannot find the owner, next you should call 911 or Humane Law & Rescue at 504.368.5191 to alert emergency services of the situation.
  • Enter the vehicle to remove the animal.
  • Once the animal is safe in your care, write a note to leave for the vehicle owner stating that appropriate authorities have been contacted and leave your contact information, your reason for entry into the vehicle, and the location of the animal.
  • Once you have completed these steps, remain in a safe location with the animal while you wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

Act No. 360, also known as SB 156, protects you from liability in the event of a necessary animal rescue if you follow these steps. We encourage you to read the law in its entirety here.



Act No. 485 (previously SB 236)

Creates the crime of sexual abuse of an animal. Read Act No. 458 here

Role: Supported


Act No. 148 (previously SB 160)

Prohibits tying or tethering a dog or cat in extreme weather conditions. Read Act No.148 here

Role: Supported


2016 Legislative Session


Act No. 618 (previously SB 337)

Prohibits pet stores from selling dogs that do not come from USDA licensed breeders with clear inspections 3 years prior. Read Act No. 618 here

Role: Supported


Act No. 381 (previously SB 216)

Requires municipal animal shelters to register with the Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission by February 1st of each year.  Read Act No. 381 here.

Role: Supported 


Act No. 585 (previously SB 435)

Provides for penalties relative to the theft of a pet. Read Act No. 585 here.

Role: Supported

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