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Pet Lovers

Here in Louisiana, pets are part of our lives as much as anything else. Let the Louisiana SPCA help you care for your pet! 

Lost and Found 

Lost a Pet

Losing a pet is a terrifying experience that we hope you never find yourself in. However, if you do get separated from your pet there are a few things you need to know. The first is that in Orleans Parish there is an ordinance requiring all stray animals be held for a 3 day stray hold period. In Plaqeumines Parish the stray hold period is 5 days. This hold period is designed to allow you time to find your pet. 

  • File a Lost report. Come to the Louisiana SPCA or your local animal shelter in-person with a photo of your lost pet, your pet's vet records and a government issued photo ID. If you can not come to our rescue center, please fill out this online lost pet report. Here is a list of recommended locations to check for lost pets in the Greater New Orleans area.

  • Call your microchip company. If your pet is microchipped, call your microchip company to ensure your information is current and correct; and still be pro-active in your search. 

  • Search your neighborhood. Notify your mail carrier and others who work in your neighborhood. Take daily walks and check possible hiding places. Dawn and dusk are the most active times for lost pets.

  • Post "lost pet" flyers. Put these flyers in your neighborhood and inform your neighbors. Download a template.

  • Post a "lost pet" ad. You can post these ads at NOLA Lost Pets, Plaquemines Parish Lost & Found, and as well as your area newspapers.

  • Call area vet offices. If you notify nearby vet offices, boarding and grooming facilities it's a chance they might be able to identify your pet if someone else brings it in. 

  • Leave food and water outside. Leaving resources outside for your pet as well as an article of your clothing, toy or a bed your pet uses might help your pet find it's way home.

  • Check small areas. Ask your neighbors to check their garages and sheds, especially for cats. Cats can become trapped in inconspicuous places.

WARNING: Sometimes unfriendly citizens will use forums to prey on people. We urge you to use caution if you are contacted by someone claiming to have found your pet and asks you for a reward in exchange for the animal. This is a common con and should be reported to your local law enforcement.


Reclaiming a Pet

If we've found your pet there are a few steps you need to follow to reclaim him/her.

  • Bring proof of ID. A government-issued photo ID is required to redeem your animal.

  • Proof of ownership is required. (i.e. vet records with your pets name and description and your contact information, photos, microchip identification) 

  • Please be aware that no animal shelter may release an animal without current proof of rabies within the past 12 months, so be sure to bring your pet's vaccination records.

  • There will be fees involved as shelters incur costs for housing and treating your pet. Fees will vary depending on your pet's spay/neuter status, vaccinations and the nature of the intake.


Found a Pet

If you found a pet contact the official local animal shelter in the parish where you found the animal and file a found report. Once you file a found report there are additional steps you can take to help reunite the pet with it's owner. 

  • Fill out our online found pet report.

  • Make flyers and post them where you had found the animal.

  • Post an ad on NOLA Lost PetsPlaquemines Parish Lost & Found, and

  • Walk the pet around the neighborhood, especially after work hours.

  • Take the animal to your local vet clinic or shelter to have it scanned for a microchip.

  • If you plan on bringing in a found animal to a shelter, you must bring the animal to the Parish shelter where you found the animal. The Louisiana SPCA is the Orleans Parish and Plaquemines Parish animal shelter. We charge $35 per animal for out of parish strays.

WARNING: Sometimes unfriendly citizens will claim ownership of a pet. Please be sure that those claiming ownership provide proof with either  photos and/or vaccination records.

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