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Every pet is different, but every pet is exceptional and exceptional pets deserve exceptional owners.

Meet our dog Trainers

Hollie Gomila, CTC

Hollie gomila louisiana spca dog trainer

Hollie Gomila is the Behavior and Training Coordinator at the Louisiana SPCA. She is an Honors graduate of the renowned Academy for Dog Trainers, run by Jean Donaldson. She shares her life with her Cocker Spaniels, Coco and Roger, and Basset Hound, Josie. Hollie also holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and brings her astute critical thinking skills and thirst for knowledge to the department. She is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a Shelter Affiliate Member of the IAABC.  She continues her professional development by attending workshops and seminars taught by the experts in the field.  Her approach toward training and behavior is rooted in the sciences of animal learning and dog behavior, which supports force-free methods that are fun and rewarding for dogs and their people!


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Courtney Bayer

courtney bayer louisiana spca dog trainer

Courtney is a Canine Behavior and Training Associate and began working with dogs as a teenager at a board and train facility in Bothell, Washington, and volunteering as a dog walker for Seattle’s Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). As a student at Loyola, she acquired the first dog of her own, a puppy named Gracie from Boxer Rescue, who turned out to be a loveable mess of behavioral issues. Thirteen years of training with Gracie, and four years with her pit bull Bishop, have given Courtney experience with various methods all leading to the belief that positive reinforcement is the best way to communicate with our dogs. Courtney has been active in rescue and shelter volunteering in New Orleans since 2007, and she and Bishop share their home with a boxer-pit mix named Fiona and two “Katrina Kitties,” Cosmo and Newman.  Courtney is currently studying counseling and behavior modification under Jean Donaldson with the Academy for Dog Trainers.

Kathy Brooks

Kathy Brooks louisiana spca dog trainer

Kathy Brooks is a contract trainer and a 2014 graduate of Animal Behavior College. Kathy has been an integral part of the Louisiana SPCA volunteer team as an in-shelter volunteer since 2011 and a dedicated foster family since 2013. Focusing on fosters with severe medical issues, Kathy’s passion for training developed when she fostered a deaf and blind puppy through the shelter. Through assistance from the shelter’s Behavior and Training Supervisor, Kathy learned how to communicate with her foster puppy in a force-free and efficient way that forever sparked her interest in animal learning and behavior. Kathy has a passion for helping shy and fearful dogs find their confidence through positive reinforcement and she shares her home with two Louisiana SPCA alumni, Casey and Minerva. 

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