Fire Safety for Your Pet

These tips will help keep you, your pets, and your home safe. 

  • Do not leave open flames, particularly candles, out where pets can knock them over.
  • Prevent your pets from chewing on cords, which can leave electrical wires exposed.
  • Make sure pets and flammable pet toys are kept clear of space heaters and furnace vent covers.
  • Teach pets not to jump on counters near hot stove burners that may light their fur on fire.
  • Pets which are kept crated/caged should be kept in a single area of the home so they can be quickly evacuated if needed.
  • Make sure all pets have tags and/or microchip ID, even if they are inside only, just in case of emergency.
  • Mark front and back doors with a fire decal that indicates you have pets in your home.
  • Consider enrolling in a Pet First Aid/CPR course so that you can be prepared in the event of an incident.


In the Event of a Fire

  • Evacuate ONLY those pets that you can carry as you make your own escape.
  • Do not try to rescue pets elsewhere in the home. When you escape, leave the door or window open so your pets may find their own way out.
  • Notify responders that animals are inside. Lifesaving measures may be used to aid your pet once the fire is controlled. 

If Your Pet is Missing Following a Fire

  • Contact your parish animal shelter and file lost pet reports. Also notify local veterinarians in case your injured pet was brought in.
  • Revisit the burned home daily and leave fresh food, water and a piece of clothing that has your scent on it. Familiar scents and sights will have been disturbed by the fire, smoke and water so it is critical to let the pet know where home is.
  • Ask all neighbors to check their yards, sheds, garages, and underneath raised homes for your pets. Injured or frightened animals often hide. 




















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