Becoming a foster parent is a great way to get involved with the LA/SPCA.There are a variety of situations in which an animal can benefit from the personalized care that a foster home offers. Learn about some of these situations and how important foster care is to the mission of the LA/SPCA. To learn more about foster care, please contact us at or click below to download an application and get started!

Check out our Views from a Foster Parent blog to learn more about how rewarding being a foster parent can be.  

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Fast Track Foster Program

Our Fast Track program provides adoptable dogs a unique opportunity to meet potential adopters in the community. Foster parents are tasked with making the animal as visible as possible in the community by going on walks, visiting the park, and even celebrating happy hour with the animal. Each fast track dog is outfitted with an orange "Adopt Me" vest which draws attention. Since many dogs do not truly come out of their shell in a shelter environment, this program allows each dog the best possible chance of finding a forever home. As a Fast Track foster parent, you'll be given tips and advice on the best way to meet potential adopters. All Fast Track foster parents will be provided with food, a crate, a bright orange "Adopt Me" vest, a collar and leash, medical support, and tips on ways to maximize the animal's exposure. Contact us at  to learn more.


Kitten Krewe

There is always an abundance of kittens at the LA/SPCA. Cats must be 2 lbs before they can be put in our adoption room, so there is always a need for kittens to go into foster care while they are growing to this weight. We strive to keep each litter together during this stage, so please expect to foster a litter of 3 or more kittens at once. All Kitten Krewe foster parents will be provided with food, litter, a bottle and formula (if bottle feeding is required), a carrier, medical support, and extremely cute kittens. Contact us at to learn more.


Socializing and Wellness Fostering

Sometimes an animal may require socialization before being available for adoption. In this case, the animal can benefit from spending some time in a home environment and engaging in extra human interaction. An example may be a semi-feral kitten who has not had human interaction before coming to the LA/SPCA. Additionally, an animal may require foster care during recovery from a medical condition.. Often times, the shelter environment is not the best place for these animals as they require extra TLC during recovery. Foster care may be short or extended depending on the condition. All foster parents will be provided with food, litter, medications, a crate, medical support, and anything else required for the animal's care. Contact us at for more info. 


Transport Fostering

The LA/SPCA regularly schedules transports which bring animals from the New Orleans area to partner shelters around the country, such as Atlanta Humane Society, SPCA Tampa Bay, St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey, and Animal Humane Society in Minnesota. In order to open space in the shelter in anticipation of the transports, we need foster homes for the transport animals for several weeks before each event. Every animal will be healthy and will have passed a behavior evaluation. The foster period will be short; about 2 weeks. We need foster parents who are open to any breed of friendly, healthy dog for several weeks. Contact us at to join the Transport Foster distribution list.










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