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Since 1888, the Louisiana SPCA has been serving the people and animals of the New Orleans area community. We are committed to making a difference. 

Feral Cat Program


TNR is the most humane and effective way of controlling the feral cat population in your neighborhood. No matter how aggressive, animal control laws will never solve the feral cat problem. As quickly as feral cats are removed, other cats, or other species, will fill the territory. Nationwide, the best solution to manage feral cat issues is TNR. Here' how it works:

Trap: Using humane traps, trap each unaltered cat in the colony.
Neuter: Take the animal (in the trap) to a veterinarian to be spayed or neutered, given vaccines and eartipped (a universal symbol that the cat has gone through the TNR process).
Return: Return the cat to its original outdoor home. By controlling the feral cats' ability to reproduce, the population in your neighborhood will decrease and prevent disease from spreading.

Click here for the feral cat TNR fees.

Feral Cat Free TNR

Adopt a working cat!

Porch Cat: Do you want to have a cat of your own, cannot do so because allergies, sensitivities, or other issues prevent you from having an indoor pet? If so, a porch kitty could be for you! Porch cats are accustomed to outdoor life, but enjoy being around people. In exchange for food and care, they will be a companion to keep an eye on your yard while you are gone, and greet you at your gate when you arrive home.

Barn Cat: Do you have a property or business that is at risk of being overrun by rodents? If so, adopting one or more barn cats can help get your vermin problem under control. These are feral cats who are accustomed to hunting for meals, and have not had experience with human companionship. By providing them with one meal a day and safe shelter, they will go to work removing rodents from their new homes.

All working cats have a $0 adoption fee and will spayed or neutered, vaccinated and ear-tipped!

Help us continue to provide care for feral and community cats in our area!


Did You Know?

Did you know Louisiana SPCA Humane Officers responded to more than 11,000 calls for service in 2016?

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Do You Care?

A $15 donation can provide a microchip to one of our shelter animals and help reunite them if they ever get lost.


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Our diverse programs and services advance animal welfare and foster the human-animal bond.