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Where are we going?

On Wednesday, January 14, 15 dogs from the Louisiana SPCA and Terrebone Parish, along with 10 of our own cats, will begin their journey to the SPCA of Texas in Dallas to find their forever homes. This transport will take more than 14 hours, cover nearly 1,100 miles and cost roughly $2,000.

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Transport FAQ's

What are transports?

We transport 25-100 animals from our shelter in a specially designed trailer, outfitted for animals, to other shelters or adoption facilities across the country. There is an immediate opportunity to save more lives through our transport program.

Who participates in transports?

We work with reputable shelters to match them with dogs and cats that will be adopted by their residents. We've received funding from national organizations such as the ASPCA, HSUS, and VCA. Our current transport partners are Atlanta Humane Society, Animal Humane Society, Kentucky Humane Society, WARL, AWLA, HSSM, SPCA of Texas and Richmond SPCA. We are always looking for new transport partners! If your shelter or rescue group is interested in participating in transports, contact us at

Are the animals safe?

Yes, the animals are transported in our transport vehicle specifically equipped for their needs. It is video monitored, air-conditioned and our drivers follow all regulations. Each animal travels with a health certificate and has a thorough vet exam prior to leaving the shelter to ensure no contagious diseases will be spread during the trip.

How much does a transport cost?

Transports are impactful but expensive. They can range from $2,000-$10,000 depending on the needs of the animals. The Louisiana SPCA will usually see an average cost of $8,000 per transport and the average of $150 per animal being transported.

How often do they happen and can we do more?

Transports happen as often as we can make them happen! We usually schedule at least one per month. Pet overpopulation is a problem throughout the southern states which means, some of our transport partners already have a larger supply of pets then their demand for adoptions. Finding the right balance of transports and adoptions is our goal. 

How can I help?

Please donate to our Transport Fund - Lolly's L.E.A.S.H.!




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